Month: March 2015

how on earth does Google rank websites?

how on earth does Google rank websites?

One of the things that I often wonder about is how on earth does Google rank websites? I have been looking this up everywhere on the net and would love to know the answer to this.

Google Page Ranks

For years and years, I just took for granted what I saw on my screen was a given, it was just there, but now I wonder what is it that puts it where it is. Through my research I have learnt a lot, I have also picked up a few terms along the way and now I do really sound like that I know what I am talking about.

An image showing page rank

My interest started in this a few months ago, a friend of mine started a website, she had opened a London escort agency and all that she could talk about was getting to the first page of Google for various terms, I had no idea at all that she was going on about, to me it was simple, the idea was basic, you searched Google gave. I had never given any thought to how the rankings worked.

This is what I have learnt, and no, if you are thinking it, I do not use the services of the London escorts my friend has on her books, although some of them are very lovely and great ladies!

The Other Search Engines

The people at Google never give away anything as to how their search engine works, I guess that if they did they wouldn’t be at the top of the pile and it is Google that everybody cares about, no one seems to give any of the others, Bing, Yahoo or such like a second thought. If you think about it no matter what search engine we all use the common term for looking something up on the net is “ Google it”.

The banner image of the Yahoo search engine.

There are many different “algorithms” each of these has a special little rule which once all added up ranks the website, for the websites to make it to page one, even the very sexy London escorts ones, you are going to need to tick a lot of the boxes. Of the many sites and forums that I checked out it seems that Google is mainly looking for websites which are user-friendly, this means the ones that give the end user, that’s us, the best experience and I guess that you couldn’t really look for anything else.

An image taken of the Bing logo.

It’s a simple conclusion but is the best one that I can give and I guess that it is the most honest, you wouldn’t believe how many hours I put into it to find that one out.