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Meet me at the Mere

Meet me at the Mere

Looking for a neat place in Cheshire, near Knutsford to indulge in all of your adult affairs? The Mere Golf Resort makes for the perfect getaway spot, whether you like golfing is rather irrelevant, as long as you are inclined to get it in a few holes, this is the perfect place to bask in the company of a courtesan.

The beautiful little town of Knutsford is one of Cheshire’s most affluent districts, featuring sprawling mansions, graceful countryside lanes & picturesque streets.

It is the part of the country where Porsche’s could be found on every road, if all of the houses weren’t hidden away behind massive acres of gardens.

On the outskirts of Knutsford, among the beautiful Cheshire fields there is one of Cheshire’s most refined Golf resorts, The Mere Golf Resort & Spa.

This golf course in particular we shall be talking about today, because we regularly spend a many hot weekday during the Summer at this establishment.

The Mere is a millionaire’s playground, anyone who is anyone in Cheshire has a membership at this renowned resort.

The Exclusive Company Knutsford Escorts regularly visit to relax in the heavenly spa and treat themselves to their divine afternoon tea whilst their clients enjoy a round of golf.

Golf Course at the Mere
Image: The 18th Hole on a Sunny Day at the Mere

Perfect for a weekend retreat with companionship

The Mere Golf resort is in a perfect setting, situated alongside the beautiful Mere Lake, on the outskirts of one of Cheshire’s finest towns, and is only a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of the cosmopolitan city of Manchester and in reach of the historic town of Chester, it has the best of both worlds. Accommodation at The Mere is luxurious to say the least, their rooms and suites overlook Meres lush gardens and golf course and offer discerning guests everything they could wish for. They have ten luxury suites that are fit for a king or queen, the Exclusive Company Knutsford Escorts stay there regularly and are always treated like royalty by Meres attentive staff.

When dining you are spoilt for choice, The Mere offer its guests four options, the finest being Browns at The Mere, a double AA rosette restaurant that serves the most fabulous food. Browns is at the heart of the resort, they use only the finest local ingredients to create simple yet refined and delicious cuisine that will explode on your taste buds. They also do fabulous cocktails, poire royale is the escorts in Knutsford favourite. They also have three other bars that serve delicious food and drinks, you are simply spoilt for choice.

The Mere is renowned for being a world-class championship golf course, designed by James Braid and set over one hundred and fifty acres of Cheshire woodlands, its beautiful and challenging at once. The course at The Mere draws golfers from far and near and membership there is highly prized, the escorts In Manchester often accompany their discerning guests on a pleasurable outing that combines the gentlemen’s two loves, Golf and beautiful women. While the gentlemen plays the Exclusive lady heads to the spa to be pampered and prepare for a passionate evening with her discerning companion in one of their fine suites.

Credentials: Research the Mere and read reviews

In this day and age nobody goes anywhere without doing a little research first. When it comes to booking a room at a golf spa & resort for the first time, you’d better do a decent background check! We have collected some useful information from across the web about the Mere for perusal at your behest:

  • The Mere on Trip Advisor – Trip Advisor is a staple part of the leisure industry, and you can always get a good idea of the overall feel of an establishment by reading some reviews. As you can see, the Mere actually has fairly high acclaim on Trip Advisor, which includes fairly rare certificate of excellence.
  • The Mere on – Nobody at Devbuild likes Nobody. It’s a bloated site that tries to monetize itself too much. However, it still retains a fair few reviews from people who have visited the Mere and enjoyed it.
  • The Mere on Golf Breaks – As a Hotel the Mere is successful. As a Golf Course, according to sources like Golf Break – it is outstanding. Highly recommended for golfers.
See inside the Lake View Room at the Mere
Image: The Guest Lake Room View at the Mere Resort.

Fancy a room? Get in touch with the Mere

General enquiries line: 01565 830 155


The Mere Resort,
Chester Road,
WA16 6LJ

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how on earth does Google rank websites?

how on earth does Google rank websites?

One of the things that I often wonder about is how on earth does Google rank websites? I have been looking this up everywhere on the net and would love to know the answer to this.

Google Page Ranks

For years and years, I just took for granted what I saw on my screen was a given, it was just there, but now I wonder what is it that puts it where it is. Through my research I have learnt a lot, I have also picked up a few terms along the way and now I do really sound like that I know what I am talking about.

An image taken from Google showing an animation of page ranks.

My interest started in this a few months ago, a friend of mine started a website, she had opened a London escort agency and all that she could talk about was getting to the first page of Google for various terms, I had no idea at all that she was going on about, to me it was simple, the idea was basic, you searched Google gave. I had never given any thought to how the rankings worked.

This is what I have learnt, and no, if you are thinking it, I do not use the services of the London escorts my friend has on her books, although some of them are very lovely and great ladies!

The Other Search Engines

The people at Google never give away anything as to how their search engine works, I guess that if they did they wouldn’t be at the top of the pile and it is Google that everybody cares about, no one seems to give any of the others, Bing, Yahoo or such like a second thought. If you think about it no matter what search engine we all use the common term for looking something up on the net is “ Google it”.

The banner image of the Yahoo search engine.

There are many different “algorithms” each of these has a special little rule which once all added up ranks the website, for the websites to make it to page one, even the very sexy London escorts ones, you are going to need to tick a lot of the boxes. Of the many sites and forums that I checked out it seems that Google is mainly looking for websites which are user-friendly, this means the ones that give the end user, that’s us, the best experience and I guess that you couldn’t really look for anything else.

An image taken of the Bing logo.

It’s a simple conclusion but is the best one that I can give and I guess that it is the most honest, you wouldn’t believe how many hours I put into it to find that one out.