Month: August 2015

Cheshire’s Affluent Escorts

Cheshire’s Affluent Escorts

The county of Cheshire is one of the most affluent in the country, there are more millionaires per square mile than anywhere else in the UK. Indeed, all it takes is a glance at any article regarding the rich individuals of Cheshire to see the sheer amount of money around this area of the North West.

Some of the United Kingdom’s most expensive roads can be found in Cheshire. It has been home to countless lords and ladies for generations and has some of the finest stately homes and grounds.

Cheshire rich families want for nothing, they live in sprawling mansions, drive luxurious cars and have seven figure bank balances.

Their children are educated at the best private schools and attend the country’s most prestigious universities. They lead privileged lives that most could only dream of.

At least, that’s the impression most people will get upon a visit to this rural area anyway.

Why Become an Escort?

In recent years Cheshire’s high class escort agencies have seen more and more of Cheshire’s privileged daughters become escorts. These girls are from some of Cheshire’s richest families and could if they so wish to live off daddy for years to come, but instead have decided to use their beauty to create an income & enjoy themselves!

These young ladies have left university with first class honours degrees and secured themselves highly paid jobs with successful companies. So why would become an escort? There are plenty of reasons, actually!

A professional image of Anna from Exclusive Company

These beautiful young women decide to become escorts for the high-flying lifestyle it can provide them with. By day they work with blue-chip companies and by night they transform into sexy glamour pusses that are wined and dined in Cheshire’s finest restaurants, stay in the most luxurious hotels, and are jetted off to the world’s most luxurious hotspots.

The gentlemen they see treat them like goddesses, they shower them with gifts and want to please her sexually as much as she wants to please him.

They have explosive passionate sex with these highly successful men, before bidding them farewell until next time. They then go back to their day job, with the nights exhilarating events in their minds and a bank balance that is bulging.

In reality, becoming an escort in Cheshire is not only a good way to make money, but it is also a way to rub noses & network with Britain’s elite.

Where does one book Cheshire’s elite escorts?

Cheshire’s most renowned escort agency Exclusive Company Escorts works with many sensationally beautiful young women from Cheshire. As a business that recruits only the most elite females for clientele to rendezvous with, Exclusive Company connects many people with adult entertainment in the Cheshire area.

We have made a gallery below featuring a variety of different Cheshire escorts, all of these ladies can be found and booked for dates using the Exclusive Company website.

They have a catalogue of high-profile clients that include, celebrities, footballers and millionaires. These gentlemen tend to pay a high price to spend time with a beautiful woman, and will treat her like a queen.

People seeking to book a professional adult performer will find this agency one of the best for Cheshire escorting arrangements. This is because many of the ladies representing Exclusive Company are based in Cheshire, allowing them to quickly respond and set up meetings.

A professional photograph Elkie from Exclusive Company

Cheshire’s affluent young women become escorts for the thrill, the money and the lifestyle it provides. Their clients are rich and good looking and they never know what delights await them from week to week, exclusive Cheshire escorts live a life most ladies could only dream of.

Best Nightlife In Paddington

Best Nightlife In Paddington

The Café De Paris club in Paddington is a must visit. If you plan on visiting this club on a Saturday be prepared to see someone you will recognise because every Saturday at the Café De Paris is celebrity Saturday with celebs coming from far and wide to enjoy a night at the club. A must visit if you’re in London looking for a nightclub to have an incredible night out at, this is the place to be and not only that there is a possibility of meeting a star. You can rest easy knowing that you’re going to be accompanied by one of the most gorgeous girls that you could ever wish for, as our truly perfect babes are one of a kind, making sure that every second with one of the truly gorgeous babes here is going to make this venue seem the best that you could possibly ever wish it to be.

A picture taken of the interior to Cafe de Paris

The Pearl Liang cocktail bar in the capital is one of the best in the area. This relatively new establishment is one of London’s top destinations to enjoy an incredible cocktail. The bar has an oriental feel, it’s very stylish and low-lit giving it a relaxing atmosphere. The bar offers private functions with no hire charge! When it comes to cocktail bars it doesn’t get much better than this in the capital city. This is a perfect location to be accompanied by a stunning Paddington escort. So you should really check out this truly incredible bar if you’re looking for some high class fun with a truly exceptional escort from Mayfair Girls. We’re sure you cannot wait to explore this truly excellent venue with a Paddington escort, the romance that you will both share in one of London’s most prestigious bars is truly what you’re going to want from our one of a kind beauties.

The logo for the Pearl Liang bar in London

The Victoria Pub is the perfect location to visit for a relaxing after work pint. The pub has won Fuller’s pub of the year in 2007 and 2009, the Victoria pub dates back to 1838 and legend has it that Queen Victoria stopped off in the pub on her way to Paddington station and from there forward it was named after her. In its time the pub has had many celebrity regulars such as Liam Gallagher, Claudio Ranieri and Keira Knightley all being regulars at one point. The pub is rich in history, the most famous British author of all Charles Dickens spent time writing Our Mutual Friend in this establishment. If rugby is your sport there is no doubt this is the pub to be at, showing all games you could ever want to watch as well as incredible audio and huge TV’s is as good as it gets outside the stadium. Visit the Victoria Pub if you’re looking for one of the most exquisite nights out in London, wrapped around the arms of one oof the most excellent babes that you could ever wish to have as your company.