Month: February 2016

Booking in Advance Vs Spur of the Moment

Booking in Advance Vs Spur of the Moment

Booking in Advance Versus Booking on the Spur of the Moment!
Should you Call Tantric Massage London on the Spur of the Moment?
Do You Feel Like Indulging in a Tantric Massage London Right Now?!

Guilty Pleasures Tantric Massage take bookings between 10.00 and 1.00am. Clients that wish to see a specific girl on a particular day are advised to book in advance. Which means of course that when you know the booking is made, you are free to get on with making other plans safe in the knowledge that a deliciously sensual massage with your favourite lady awaits you, at your convenience. And just imagine how the anticipation will build as you think about the feeling of a glorious toned body stroking against yours!

We are happy to take advanced bookings as we understand that you may have a particularly good bond with someone you have seen before, with someone you trust and knows just how to touch you to really take you to where you want to go! If you would like a four handed massage, it is also a good idea to book in advance so that we can provide two tantric beauties that work well together, and are sensitive to one another’s energies so they can work on your hidden energies and provide the ultimate erotic experience.

On the other hand however, we understand that plans change, and so do feelings. Since we have girls located throughout central London, we can easily arrange for you to be with a masseuse in your area in 20 minutes or less, or for a tantric goddess to visit you at your hotel within about 30 minutes. We have a fantastic variety of girls and as well as having different looks and techniques, they work different hours, meaning we can nearly always fulfil your request at short notice. Call or email our reception to arrange a tantric massage London at your convenience – whether you desire the touch of a tantric masseuse later today or later next week!

What Makes Manchester So Special

What Makes Manchester So Special

Manchester is one of the UK’s most well-known cities for its sheer size, not many people are aware of the great things this city has to offer for its every visitor. If you are a newcomer to the city of Manchester then you won’t know of the wonderful establishments that are based in this city or even the growing Manchester escort industry and the beautiful companions that are available to spend time with when you got to a trusted and reliable agency like Candy Shop Escorts.

A banner image of Candy Shop Escorts a Manchester escort Agency.
Candy Shop Escorts

No matter what it is that you are looking for in Manchester the likely hood of you finding it is very high, if when taking a trip to a city you enjoy to indulge in the finer things in life then you will love some of the restaurants based in this city, one great restaurant that is based in this city and definitely worth your hard earned cash on is named The Lime Tree. This restaurant is about as good as they come for British cuisine in the city of Manchester and better yet this establishment is one of the highest class around and perfect for Manchester escorts to accompany you too.

A photograph of the exterior of Lime Tree in Manchester
The Lime Tree Restaurant

Manchester is a city that boasts some brilliant accommodation, if you planning on taking a holiday in this city or even a visit then there a few hotels that stand above the rest in Manchester which is worth knowing about. One that stands out in this city is the Townhouse Hotel Manchester, this is one of the few 4-star establishments in the city so you know you are guaranteed luxury of the highest order. This hotel provides rooms for its customers like no other hotel in the city they really are as luxurious as they come in this city which makes it ideal for Manchester escorts to indulge in your company for hours on end.

What Makes Nottingham So Special

What Makes Nottingham So Special

Nottingham as a city is quite the place to be if you have never been to this city then you won’t have any idea what this city has to offer, even though this city doesn’t get the publicity of maybe a city like London it certainly doesn’t mean the city of Nottingham doesn’t have some incredible things to offer for its each and every visitor, except Nottingham escorts of course. When choosing a city to visit a lot of people look into certain things like cuisine, accommodation and nightlife the city has to offer. Nottingham ticks all three of those boxes. So book your Nottingham escort experience tonight and we can trust that you will never look back, as the gorgeous and busty babes here at Vivia La Paradise will surely excite and tantalise you in every single way.

Best Places to Eat in Nottingham

A professional photograph of Monica from Viva La Paradise

If its cuisine your after in Nottingham then you got quite a choice on your hands, depending on what cuisine you’re looking for Nottingham has multiple establishments for all types of cuisine. One great restaurant that is based in Nottingham is the Memsaab restaurant, this restaurant is known city wide by the residents for serving the best Indian food around. The quality of the food isn’t what makes this restaurant so special however it does contribute, the staff here are brilliant at their job and making every person that attends this restaurant feel equally important and being on hand whenever needed to make sure your stay is of the highest order. It doesn’t get any more perfect than this establishment to enjoy the company of Nottingham escorts.

Accommodation is Key

Nottingham is also blessed with some of the finest accommodation in the area, if you planning a break away from things then you are obviously going to want a luxurious hotel because why settle for second best? One hotel Nottingham boasts is the Hilton Nottingham Hotel, everyone is aware of the Hilton brand and how luxurious every one of their hotels is. This hotel is perfect for you and your Nottingham escorts to enjoy a luxurious night in one of Nottingham’s finest hotels. Other than this you have an abundance of hotels to choose from that i’m sure you can find through google, trip advisor or something else. So take a look around and make sure that you and your chosen Nottingham escort are extremely happy about where you’re both staying for that romantic night.