Month: March 2016

What Makes Manchester A Special City

What Makes Manchester A Special City

Manchester is one of the largest cities in the UK not quite as large as cities like Birmingham and London, anyone who has visited this city will be aware of all the incredible things this city has to offer. This city has some of the most beautiful Manchester escorts operating here, this industry is just growing and growing and shows no sign of stopping.

A photograph of Manchester City at Night.
City of Manchester

If you are taking a trip to Manchester then there are certain things you just have to try while here, if you are the kind of person that appreciates quality food then you are without going to love the city of Manchester. When visiting this city you are going to want to try some of the cuisines and there is a hell of a lot of choices for you to choose from. One of the finest restaurants in the city is the Albert’s Shed, Castlefield. This restaurant holds an incredible standard of food for you to enjoy and why not enjoy this incredible food with your stunning Manchester escorts to enhance your experience.

An image of the Alberts Shed Manchester.
Alberts Shed

Manchester is known by people in the area for having some brilliant accommodation for visitors to indulge in better than anywhere in and around the area of Manchester. The Light Aparthotel Manchester is arguably the most luxurious hotel you could ever ask to be provided in the city of Manchester and some of the views that are obtainable from the rooms that are provided. There are many different types of rooms provided by this hotel and each and every one is unbelievably luxurious this hotel might be one of the most luxurious outsides of the capital city. When staying at this hotel you could, without a doubt, be joined by the finest of Manchester escorts with how luxurious this place is, it makes for the perfect venue to enjoy your companion’s company.

Top 4 London Escorts

Top 4 London Escorts

London is one of the most affluent cities in the world and is the capital of the United Kingdom, it has a lot of pleasurable interests and the ladies are some of the most desirable in the world. As you may already know, the team at Devbuild are hedonistic heathens, and therefore spend large amounts of time browsing & booking local London working girls. Because of this, we’ve become quite the experts in the adult industry and very knowledgeable of which escorts are the best!

Today we’re going to flaunt that knowledge and inform you of our top 4 picks for London escorts (List last updated on: 14/12/2016). This guide is absolutely ideal for gentlemen who are looking to book the ultimate encounter. Beware, some of these escorts may be quite busy because they are considered the best escorts in London. However, we can inform you that booking one of the London escorts on this page is probably going to be one of the best punting encounters you’ve ever experienced.

How did we find and choose the top 4 escorts in London?

There are lots of variables we factored into choosing our top 4 girls. For starters, a background check on popular escort websites like TER and a little searching of their Adult Work history helped. We also took recommendations and advice from the local community from escort genie. After a hearty discussion and a lot of debate, we narrowed our list down to less than 15 London escorts. Following this, we proceeded to book each and every companion on the list and take notes (just kidding, but we did meet each lady).

Using this information, the Devbuild team has narrowed down a handy list of our top 4 escorts, truly the most sensational courtesans working in the city.


Want to see who we chose? Let’s go.

Here are our top 4 London Escorts, courtesans Devbuild recommends

4. Raissa – London Deluxe

London Deluxe escort Raissa
Above: One of the images from Raissa’s escort gallery

Incalls & Outcalls: Both

Location: London

Escort profile:

While I desperately wanted to spend more than a few hours with Raissa, unfortunately the budget for one of our articles doesn’t extend that far. This Blonde London escort offers dates at the typical high class rates, starting at £600 per hour. Whether you have booked from the high class range of ladies before or not, you will find Raissa very eager to please and entertain, and for the full hour you spend together you will have her full attention.

Should you book Raissa?

As number 4 on our list we can certainly say bookings with Raissa are definitely going to be enjoyable. Do you like the company of elite and luxurious escort ladies? Get a date in with Raissa and see if she leaves a lasting impression. But not before you check out the other four London escorts on our list!


3. Flavia – Casino London Models

Escort Flavia from Casino London Models
Above: Glamorous escorting image of the stunning Flavia

Incalls & Outcalls: Both

Location: Lancaster Gate

Escort profile:

First off, we’d suggest you take a quick look at Flavia’s London escort profile at the Casino London Models. Why? Because there you can see her full gallery and truly appreciate her beauty. Flavia is from Brazil and in London offering high class encounters at that popular £600 price tag per hour. Flavia boasts a modest 34C-24-34, the perfect figure. However, what makes her number 3 on our list of top London escorts is the exciting uniforms and costumes Flavia keeps at the ready.

Should you book Flavia?

We know you can’t find much information online about Flavia, we got most of our recommendations through word of mouth. Curious about this, upon spending an hour with Flavia we can understand the hype. Curvy, flirtatious, and an enticing personality that could seduce the most bold of men. Can’t knock it until you’ve tried it, and we’ve tried it and won’t knock it.


2. Caprise – London Escort Models

Top London escort Caprise
Above: Escort photograph of Caprise

Incalls & Outcalls: Both

Location: Queensway

Escort profile:

The lovely Caprise can only be found at the London Escort Models UK. As one of their exclusive escort babes, Caprise charges extremely moderate rates (£150 for an hour) for high class encounters. Blonde, thin & Eastern European, you will find nothing mediocre when it comes to a booking with Caprise. Caprise offers all the typical high class naughty services and is also onboard with parties and events, you can’t ask for much more from a professional escort than what can deliver.

Should you book Caprise?

As the second choice for our top London escorts list, we can honestly assure you that while bookings are more affordable with Caprise you will find she offers the same exceptional service as the other high class girls on this list! We enjoyed our time with Caprise so much we even used some of the leftover change to grab a meal together!


1. Karoline – Bubbles Escorts

Bubbles escort Karoline
Above: Photo of the beautiful blonde Karoline

Incalls & Outcalls: Outcalls

Location: Central London

Escort profile:

It feels a little anticlimactic to be at number one so soon, but our top London escort as of this date (14/12/2016) is Karoline! Please give a round of applause or bang your mouse loudly on the table. Karoline is from Bubbles escorts which is appropriate as it’s also one of the top escort agencies currently in the city.

Why have we chosen Karoline?

It’s a simple combination of the most important things. Beauty, service, rates, a good agency, attitude, and once again: beauty! Karoline is easily one of the most astoundingly pretty ladies we’ve ever seen, in her escort gallery and in person too. Wrap it all off with a kinky set of lingerie, and you’ll want to book Karoline to yourself for a couple of days!

Should you book Karoline?

Well, considering we’ve picked her as the official BEST escort in London, yes! All jokes aside, you will find our decision to choose Karoline the right one, because at £120 for the first hour and £750 for overnights, you’re not only getting a great deal on rates but also one of the most beautiful blonde ladies

Musicians Born in London

Musicians Born in London

London has and had a lot of famous faces born from within it and the most famous are its musicians so here is a short list of the most famous musicians born in London;

David Bowie

David Bowie has been said to been one of the biggest heroes to thousands of people across the planet, he was born in London and started his career in London quickly rising as one of the biggest pop and abstract hits of his time, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame in 1996 and made his final album just two days before his death shocking millions all over the world.

Pete Townshend

Famous guitarist of The Who was born in London in 1945, Pete began his solo career in 1972 with his first album Who Came First, eventually he met his group at college and soon evolved into The Who, who we all know has had a giant effect on rock and roll and he like David Bowie is now in the Rock and Roll hall of fame, he was known in The Who for his infamous antics as a guitarist and at the end of most shows and concerts he would destroy his guitar.

John LydonJohn Lydon - 2010.jpg

Best known for his influence as lead singer in the sex pistols and being awarded a number of awards to which some he personally turned down, John Lydon to many in the UK is a hero and has made a huge contribution to the music industry and with his old band the Sex Pistols they’ve gained much notoriety and have all been nominated for many awards.

Not as Famous but Quite Close

The London escorts are known throughout London for being the most beautiful escorts around and have the most perfect figures and beautiful busts, these girls are available 24/7 in and around the London area, these girls are the best of the best at their profession proving time and time again with their many returning clientele that these girls can out perform anyone In this profession. So be sure to visit our girls for a truly exquisite night of lust and beauty, as these babes are truly the best of the best in their profession.

Prime Places In London To Enjoy Your Tantric Massage

Prime Places In London To Enjoy Your Tantric Massage

If you are looking to book a tantric massage from one of the most trusted providers like Love Tantric London then there are many locations that are suitable for you to enjoy the experience of a lifetime. Choosing a location to enjoy your massage is one of the hardest decisions besides choosing your perfect masseuse, luckily enough in the capital city you have a wide variety of locations that are suitable. London is the home of some of the most beautiful tantric masseuses in the whole of the country and they aren’t just beautiful they are also some of the skilled masseuses available in our country.


When looking to book a tantric massage London you should put some serious thought into where you are going to enjoy this massage, a lot of people choose to go with hotels and London is home to some of the most luxurious that’s for sure. If a hotel room with a gorgeous tantric masseuse sounds like the sort of venue you would enjoy then you should try one of London’s most luxurious hotels that is known by the name of the Shangri La Hotel At The Shard, this hotel gives you the chance to experience one of the best views you can get of the capital city one like no other hotel can provide.

shang ri la

The Shangri La Hotel At The Shard isn’t the only high class hotel that you can enjoy your incredible tantric massage London can provide with many companies offering beautiful and skilled masseuses. London has a wide variety of hotels that are all incredibly luxurious in their own way another hotel that is ideal for you and your masseuse is The Goring Hotel, this is one of the finest hotels that you will find anywhere in the city of London. This hotel gives off an extremely elegant vibe as well having a homely relaxing feel which makes it perfect for your tantric massage London

the goring hotel