Top 3 Classiest Istanbul Escorts

Top 3 Classiest Istanbul Escorts

Istanbul is a great city that never stops moving and the Istanbul escorts are the most classiest women to go out with in  Istanbul, so here is a short list of the most classiest Istanbul escorts;


Bety is an absolutely stunning Istanbul escort with a drop dead perfect figure and beautiful bust to die for, this girl is one of a kind in physical beauty and outshines almost all girls in Istanbul, she is also a social goddess proving this time and time again with her clientele as they always say she is a charm at dinner and a real socialite at the bar. Her personality is absolutely amazing and accompanied with her great smile really does charm the gentlemen where ever she is and later in the night she turns into quite the kinky tiger.


An absolute babe this girl really does stun most of the men with her huge bust, this blonde hair and blue eyed beauty is definitely one of a kind and loves getting to know her clients on a very personal level so when it comes to the end of the night you both become infused with each other’s company, she loves to learn the desires of her clients so she can fulfil them and see the happiness she can create with you. If you’re thinking of going on a dinner date with this girl then we suggest somewhere classy because this girl is definitely a girl that loves her fine foods.


Julleta is a great example of a slim figured beauty, she loves her clients to tell her how beautiful she is and will compliment you fully in return as well as stroke your ego, with a super beautiful smile and perfect personality for any client she is truly a beauty to behold, like her and all our Istanbul escorts our girls love to be respected the way they truly deserve and at dinner this beauty really does have an etiquette unlike any other you’ll ever meet as she really does fit the social criteria for intellectually gorgeous.

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