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Why You Should Visit Kent with an Escort

Why You Should Visit Kent with an Escort

Kent is a wondrous place, and many people make their way to the area throughout the year. I am here to talk about why you should visit Kent, and of course why you should visit the area with sexy Kent escorts.

There are countless of agencies who have a range of stunning Kent escorts available and anyone can take them out for a date, although when you’re taking an escort out, where would you take her? In this blog I will discuss recommendations of what you can do in Kent with escorts in the area.

Why book Escorts in Kent?

Kent itself is a gorgeous area, and has a charm about it that will certainly make you appreciate the area, experiencing this beauty with gorgeous escorts will only amplify your escorting experience when out in the glorious area of Kent.

Not forgetting the vast array of attractions that anyone can enjoy and you can find them all in Kent. In this next section I will go through the recommendations on what I believe makes a great night out when booking escorts in Kent.

The Mulberry Tree – This gorgeous country restaurant and bar is a superbly well run, relaxed and calm restaurant that happens to have a very comfortable atmosphere. Dining out for some, is a main priority, and this restaurant should definitely meet your needs and requirements, The cuisine is a modern British & European and uses seasonal, free range produces with most if not all being organic. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and will certainly be a great venue for a diner date with Kent escorts of your choice.

The Mulberry Tree Kent

The Hush Heath Winery – This vineyard has character flowing through it like a river, and offers a luxurious tour of one of Kent’s finest vineyards. Not forgetting the Escorts at Sexy Kent Escorts love their wine, and will certainly appreciate a tour around this elegant and charming vineyards. It also offers a warm and welcoming walk around a gorgeous plot, and to get you really excited there is also wine tasting included!

The Hush Heath Winery Kent

This concludes the recommendation for a night and a day out in Kent, and rest assured, your chosen escorts in Kent will be over the moon with the attraction you will see, or the cuisine you get to experience. Make sure you visit their website for more information on the Kent escorts available, this will help you before you decide what to do in this beautiful area.

An exciting alternative to booking escorts – VR Porn!

An exciting alternative to booking escorts – VR Porn!

Warning: This post is NSFW. I know most of our posts aren’t suited for work, but this article, in particular, contains some fairly raunchy images from the Virtual Porn Website. User discretion is advised!

Have you heard of VR porn? Or are we too late?

A recent discovery by the Devbuild escorts team has set the office reeling. Virtual Reality Porn. We actually weren’t aware of its existence up until recently, when a leading UK Porn business got in touch with us requesting an article.

You may have heard about the Oculus Rift and other Virtual Reality (VR) products popularity soaring in recent years; can you guess why? Porn! That’s right. In fact, according to sources, the premise of VR technology was sold to Japan on Porn potential alone.

Now, at Devbuild we’re big on real, authentic & tangible women. That’s why we throw around our paychecks at cute agency girls instead of masturbating like a regular dude. There’s just no comparison of real promiscuity to watching a smutty sex video scene, wouldn’t you agree? The qualities of spending time with a real woman is indisputable, if not a little expensive.

Well, with the Virtual Porn industry the lines just got a whole lot more mixed up. Slap on a Google Cardboard or HTC Vive and boot up some raunchy stuff from a Virtual Porn Video Website, you will see exactly what we mean.

VR Porn gallery

Take a look at VR Porn for yourself

Inspect the goods: We’d recommend visiting the Virtual Porn Website if you want to get your hands on a few trailer videos and check out VR Porn for yourself. If you like what you see, you can always buy a couple of videos and try them for yourself, it isn’t that pricey.

Why do we recommend this website? The Virtual Porn Website is the only VR Porn company in the UK, which is where we are based, and where you guys all book your escorts. They still seem to be getting off the ground, but they are already putting out exceptional Virtual Reality porn, groundbreaking stuff that matches and even beats companies like Naughty America. Plus, they are also cheaper!

If you have already beat us to the punch and dived headfirst into the VR Porn industry ages ago, do you have any sites to recommend us? The best site we have so far is the Virtual Porn Website, and we can’t find one better than these guys yet. Leave us a comment if you have suggestions!

Machine VR Porn Scene

Why does Devbuild like VR Porn videos?

Not all of us do, in fact putting on a VR headset makes one particularly old & frisky colleague violently sick. It honestly isn’t for everyone. You may find yourself more confused, sick, or overwhelmed than aroused.

However, as a website claiming to be adult industry experts, we wouldn’t consider ourselves a credible source of information if we hadn’t got to grips with Porn’s latest advancements. Thus, we made it a goal to get everyone in the office to give adult VR a try. It turns out grabbing a couple of videos or a subscription from ANY site will last longer and is significantly cheaper than booking ANY escort. Our money supply is not endless, only our libido!

After a few laughs and conversations with the newest and greatest authorities in the industry, we managed to obtain a couple of headsets to give VR Porn a whirl. See what we found below.

The upsides and downsides of using Virtual Reality Porn

The Devbuild Escorts team has had VR headsets in the office for several weeks now, and almost everyone has ordered Google Cardboard (The boss bought an HTC Vive because he is rich!), and while we have not bought it specifically to watch porn, our eyes have been opened to the wonders & potential of Virtual Reality technology.

NSFW VR Porn image

We have compiled a fairly encompassing list of advantages and disadvantages to using Virtual Reality Porn based on our experience. If this article is piquing your interest so far, this is our favourite bit.

Here’s a general overview of what we think are advantages of VR Porn:

  • Far cheaper than booking an escort. It’s £3.99 for a video from the Virtual Porn Website. It is £600 to book from our favourite London escorts agency. You can get Google Cardboard for next to nothing too, all you need is a smartphone.
  • Instant gratification. How many times have you had to wait longer than you wanted to meet and enjoy your escort? VR Porn can be accessed wherever you have an internet connection.
  • Completely safe, there’s no need to travel outside of your home or put yourself in harm’s way. The worst thing that could happen is you accidentally buy the wrong video or get overcharged.
  • For some people, it is very immersive and feels very real. While it still doesn’t compare to actually having sex, a good VR Porn video is significantly more arousing than a typical porn vid.
  • With an Oculus Rift or any other top of the line Virtual Reality headset, the porn quality in HD is immense! You need to see it for yourself to believe it.


However, it can’t all be awesome. VR Porn has a few downsides when compared to booking an escort:

  • A decent VR Headset is very expensive (£500 minimum for a decent piece of tech).
  • Some Virtual Porn Websites are trying to cash in, instead of making high-quality videos.
  • There’s a chance the whole Virtual Reality Scene won’t work or immerse you (like my poor colleague).
  • You can get fairly cheap but extremely professional (and beautiful!) escorts for £100 an hour from Bubbles, which is less expensive than buying a decent piece of VR tech.


So what does this mean for the escorting industry?

Absolutely nothing really. Escorts will always be popular, and the joke about prostitution being the oldest profession in the world still applies. I’m sure as a connoisseur of gorgeous courtesans, you will heartily agree on us with this. Escorts will not be losing any business to Virtual Porn anytime soon. Not noticeably, anyway.


Naughty VR videos still have a long way to go

The early development stages of VR make full immersion in a digital sex scene pretty impossible, if not potentially steamy and arousing at the same time. Until they manage to implement a more interactive version of Virtual Porn (Getting closer every day), the divide between booking an escort and immersing yourself in some X-rated scene on your VR headset is still very large. While a couple of members at Devbuild Escorts now spend one night a month in a locked room with a bunch of lube and their headset, we can only see a few escort booking customers leaving for more virtual pastures.

With big name companies like Sony latching on to VR & making it as accessible as possible on Playstation (see Playstation VR headsets), Virtual Reality becoming the pinnacle of technology advancement seems a certainty. Do we have porn to thank for this? Yes. Tell that to your Grandma the first time she tries out VR.

However, the Virtual Porn Website has taken a step in the right direction: while they aren’t as popular as big industry names like Badoink or Naughty America, the videos produced are at the same standard, if not better.

The most enticing adult performances in Bournemouth with Hardy’s

The most enticing adult performances in Bournemouth with Hardy’s

Bournemouth makes for a fantastic retreat location away from London, which is why the Devbuild team often recommend gentlemen to take a weekend away in Bournemouth if they are looking for top-notch adult entertainment, lots of activities for tourists and holidaymakers, and a few amazing local escort agencies, including our favourite, the illustrious Hardy’s Angels.
Today we will be writing about the many benefits of taking a short vacation to Bournemouth, we aren’t going to lie to you and say it is the best place in UK for a quick holiday (We call Brighton, Blackpool or London for that one), but nobody drives away from a few evenings at this Seaside Resort feeling disappointed. Well, you might do if you risk booking a companion from one of those dodgy looking local agencies, but that’s why we’re throwing the Hardy’s Angels hat into this article – they won’t waste your time or money.
So, assuming you are slightly open to the idea of visiting Bournemouth for an evening – come and read about some of the upsides & hotspots in the local area. We’ve included all of Devbuild’s favorite places, we do strongly suggest you invest an evening at the Smokin’ Aces bar below, it’s quite unique.


Some of the bars in Bournemouth

Promotional graphic for Smokin' Aces

Our top pick – Smokin’ Aces –
While we’re not sure if the Smokin’ Aces bar in Bournemouth chose the name after the film or just because it sounds cool, we’re not going to judge because it is the best & brightest bar in Bournemouth. We were so happy with the drinks & mixology masterclass last time we were going to leave a positive review on Google, looks like everybody else in the world already got to it before us.
If you are spending any stretch of time in the local area and don’t mind a beer or two, Smokin’ Aces is our top recommendation over our two slightly less dazzling, but lovely nonetheless Baroptions below.

Bar So Bournemouth website image

Bar So –
Bar So is the place to go in Bournemouth if you like loud music and a competent nightlife atmosphere – clubbers & ravers indeed need apply. Anyone booking a more party oriented escort from Hardy’s Angels will find Bar So the ideal venue to go and get your dance on. Recommended more for the younger crowd.
The Bar So often hosts rave-eque events and so if you are the type to wrap yourself in glowsticks and jump around in a room full of flashing lasers – go here.
One warning – Bar So is not the place to purchase food! Go somewhere else if you are looking for a meal, the restaurant here is towards the lower end of the culinary food chain.


Coastal Comedy graphic

Coastal Comedy Bournemouth –
As an alternative to the two drinking haunts above, the Coastal Comedy Club offers beverages but also a lively evening atmosphere that is perfectly suited to bring a Bournemouth escort to. We aren’t going to make you any promises that the comedians will be funny, but we do admit to bringing a sum total of 2 escorts to the Coastal Comedy Club on two separate occurences – both of which were thoroughly memorable and highly enjoyable adult encounters.
Don’t pass up the Coastal Comedy Club because it doesn’t sound like the type of place to bring a companion, the banter makes for a great icebreaker and you will probably end up getting more out of your dinner date than you expected!


A Bournemouth restaurant that shouldn’t be missed

welcome to renoufs picture

There are lots of restaurants in Bournemouth worth glancing at, but only one truly perfect for an evening dinner date with a cute courtesan, and that is Renoufs. We are sorry to say that it is number one with a certificate of excellence on Tripadvisor, so Renoufs isn’t a hidden gem. It’s an extremely popular restaurant with a well deserved reputation.

If you have no aversion to hotspots, Renoufs makes for an enticing atmosphere, it feels like the prequel before there is more to come. Exactly the type of feeling you will share, if you bring one of the Hardy’s Angels with you along for the fun! Speaking of, the prize of best service for any type of adult encounter in the Bournemouth area:


The Hardy’s Angels – All of your Bournemouth escort needs

Image of the Hardy's Angels website

The Hardy’s Angels Bournemouth Escorts are the most reputable service for bookings in the local area, and there is a reason for that. They’ve been providinng an array of beautiful escort ladies throughout the Southern UK for years, and Bournemouth happens to be where many of the performers are based.
If you are indeed planning any kind of soiree that requires the deft skills and magnificence of an adult entertainer, incall or outcall – do get in touch with Hardy’s by phone, they don’t mind checking availability and helping you choose the right girl.


Rounding off the vacation – A few activities for your consideration

Aerial shot of Bournemouth
Spending a retreat away in Bournemouth doesn’t have to be all about one evening date, those of you more flush with cash may even be enticed to indulge in a longer arrangement. Gentlemen who enjoy the company of escorts for longer than a day will be happy to find Bournemouth the perfect place to enact all of their GFE fantasies.

  • Tower Park – Tower Park is a rather all encompassing entertainment center, you can always find something to do.
  • Bournemouth Beach & Pier – A pier filled with amenities and fun things to do, with one of the most favoured beaches to enjoy as desired.
  • Bournemouth Pavilion – Those of you who like to take in a show, performance or anything arty should visit the Pavilion’s site and see what’s on.
  • Oceanarian Bournemouth – The perfect place for a day trip, great addition to a sunny day out.

We honestly couldn’t list the sum total of things to keep you in busy while staying in Bournemouth, it would probably take you a while to get bored. Especially when given the right escort, whose company should definitely compliment the entire ride.

For a larger and more comprehensive list of things to do in Bournemouth, we recommend you visit this Adventure Connections guide, it is quite extensive and we don’t think it is necessary to make a more extensive list.

The Undisputable Truth of an Adult Performance in Cambridge

The Undisputable Truth of an Adult Performance in Cambridge

At a first impression Cambridge isn’t the sort of place you would expect to encounter a roving society of gorgeous adult entertainers, but it turns out the area itself is quite the regular haunt for ladies of the night. It isn’t like University students are top escort booking clients; aren’t they supposed to be partying and frolicking with nary a penny to spend? Besides, you don’t tend to pay or conduct a transaction for promiscuous activity whilst in education, it tends to come to you!

On a recent photograph shoot for a personal friend in Cambridge, I found myself alone in the city, without evening entertainment and absolutely nothing to do. As an individual who hasn’t personally booked many escorts before (I work in the industry Developing for Devbuild Escorts, but don’t really sample the merchandise), I thought this the perfect opportunity to book an evening dinner date, followed by a steamy session back at my hotel room.

I have been asked kindly by the Devbuild team to document and write about the evening I spent in Cambridge with one of the adult performers from Bee’s Angels, a new escort service wanting us to give their agency a chance and opportunity to shine. For ladies & gentlemen in Cambridge who engage in nefarious encounters with the fairer sex, this is the perfect read.


The escorts

Delivered by the Bee’s Angels agency in Cambridge

Having no prior notion of which local escort services and agencies were worth checking out in Nottingham, I received a text from a colleague who works on Devbuild recommended I try out the Bee’s Angels escort agency, the owner has contacted our team before requesting some help with promoting their site & improving the experience they provide. Having nothing to lose but some expendable income, I called up Bee’s to check availability and see if they had any ladies around for an evening dinner date. It was a Saturday, so I couldn’t expect any guarantees on the same day short notice.

Fortunately, there were a couple of ladies still available for a booking in Cambridge, more fortunately still I chose the astounding Lucy. Check out the image below to see her profile as it is on the Bee’s Angels site. Pretty, right?

Image of Lucy's escort profile and stats
Granted, the statistics aren’t 100% correct on Lucy’s profile above. Something Bee’s Angels has promised to look at in future.

Now personally, I’m not one for kissing and telling and feel fairly uncomfortable disclosing crude & lewd information – so I don’t feel it is appropriate to talk about the extracurricular activities we got up to, but I can say Lucy made me feel more than comfortable throughout the whole experience. She was perfectly friendly on the date and there was little to no language barrier, and by the time we had finished our meal we could barely wait to get back up to the hotel. Satisfied on all fronts. Good job Bee’s Angels, Lucy I might just have to call you again!

Want to try one of the Cambridge escorts from Bee’s Angels yourself? Visit the site or give them a call today on 07804309116 and they will be happy to introduce you to your favorite companion out of the gallery.


The venue

The Atrium Brasserie & Bar

Having never spent any stretch of time in Cambridge before, I initially wanted to try out one of the area’s top restaurants (Cotto or Midsummer House!), the tables around Cambridge were generally much less available than the ladies from Bee’s Angels! So I settled on some moderately upscale dining in the Atrium Brasserie & Bar, the restaurant in the hotel I was staying at (The Gonville Hotel, mentioned later).

Photograph of the Bar in the Atrium Brasserie
The Atrium interior is actually very pleasant. The food is above average too, not bad for a last minute choice!

What I would like to mention about the Atrium at this point is it was nothing too extravagant. Humble staff, an extensive menu of simple yet appetizing sounding meals, I felt quite relaxed there and Lucy herself also attested to the comfortable atmosphere. The staff were friendly & helpful enough and not invasive, I don’t have any complaints.

How this fairly enjoyable dinner date with Cambridge escort Lucy would compare up to one of the finer restaurant establishments in Cambridge I could not say, but the treatment at Atrium was more than adequate to set off sparks between me and Lucy.


The hotel

The Gonville Hotel

The Gonville is a 4 Star Hotel and actually one of the most popular places to stay in Cambridge. It adopts a somewhat rustic character from the outside whilst the interior has been refurbished to present all the modern amenities. Overall, I couldn’t say the Gonville Hotel stands out from the many others I end up staying at throughout the UK – but it did not let me down and there seemed to be absolutely no issues with me & Lucy getting back to our room.

Promotional image for the Gonville Hotel
The Gonville Hotel website isn’t completely helpful, I do suggest you call them up if you are considering booking a room.

The room I rented for the evening at the Gonville was a classic double, it had a nice bed and was well prepared for our entry. I did consider splashing out on a superior double considering I had an adult performer joining me for the night, but the in room valet system sounded like it would be intrusive and a mood breaker to me.

Phone: 01223 366611

Address: CB1 1LY

Want to learn more about the Gonville Hotel or the Atrium Brasserie & Bar? Additional information can be found on Gonville’s website.


Until next time?

This has been one of the most enjoyable articles I have had the pleasure of wrapping up. The only disappointment I encountered during 24 hours in Cambridge was not getting the table I wanted at Cotto! Usually far more goes wrong than that. Thank you Bee’s Angels, and especially thank Lucy, once again. In conclusion, the indisputable truth of an adult performer in Cambridge is yes, yes & yes.