Month: April 2017

Introducing London Hotties, a new London escort directory

Introducing London Hotties, a new London escort directory

The Devbuild team has become quite popular as of late. With a few of our team members going big on social media and some of our escort side projects going well, we have actually got followers! Now, that might not confound or astound you as much as it does us, but we never thought our escorting development blog would actually garner favor or audience with anyone. We’re glad to be wrong.

Because today, we have been asked very kindly by the London Hotties to publish a press release for their brand spanking new London Escort Directory. That means we are popular, right?

Having spoken to the owner personally about the development and publication of this new website, we’ve pulled together what we think is a pretty decent introductory post. Unfortunately he does wish to remain anonymous at this current time – which is entirely professional and fair in our business.

Whether you are a client browsing Devbuild Escorts for the latest adult entertainment news, or involved in the escort industry yourself like us: we think you can take away something positive from this article.

Screenshot of the London Hotties escort directory
Above: See the homepage of London Hotties, already filled with a few elegant ladies.

About the London Hotties

If you are one of those gentlemen who books escorts and has scoured the internet in search of the very best; you might have seen similar looking escort directories to London Hotties before. In fact, we have used this very same brand of site when booking our adult entertainment abroad in other countries! We have been told that this London edition of that selfsame website build is completely unaffiliated with the other websites, and therefore while the London Hotties shares that selfsame aesthetic – it is not being run by the same people.

The owners of London Hotties have promised to focus on one core goal whilst bringing their website to fruition and to the forefront of London’s adult industry, and that is connecting professional and reliable escorts with customers in the smoothest way possible. That is what the site promises; and exactly what we’re looking forward to seeing in the near future.


What does the London Hotties Directory offer?

London Hotties Gallery image

Since a fairly formal request was sent to us regarding this London Hotties press release, we wanted to do our due diligence in this post. Therefore, we asked the owner of London Hotties: what can your website offer anyone over the competition? We’ve broken down his response into a bullet point list for

  • Verified & unverified escorts – Why roll the dice on a new provider when you can pick one of the verified London Hotties which guarantees a pleasurable punt?
  • Escort Categories – Looking for a particular type of companion? Search for the ladies who provide the exact London escort service you want.
  • Independent and Agencies – At Devbuild we like our agencies but there is always a market for the independent girls!
  • Regular updates & trimming – To keep the site filled with actively escorting ladies, London Hotties will be consistently maintained.
  • Free listings & adverts – People wanting to post their escort services will have no hassle, it’s easy unless you want to be verified.
  • Mobile Friendly – Shopping for London escorts on the fly on your phone? Not a problem.


How can you benefit from using London Hotties today?

The benefits of using a London escort directory are pretty self explanatory for customers, it is a great third party place to look for escort entertainment in the capital of the United Kingdom. You cannot trust anything on an escort agency or independent escort website, it is designed to draw you in to arrange a booking and spend your money. Escort directories are a little more useful than that; because they generally don’t get anything no matter who you book. This means they tend to be more scrupulous, which is the same impression we are getting with London Hotties (They asked us to do a press release, no scam artist bothers to do that).

On the other hand if you are an escort, you can hop onto London Hotties and sign up pretty easily. No muss, no fuss. As we aren’t escorts ourselves we couldn’t say how it compares to other directories, we don’t spend all day signing up to escort directories.

What London Hotties promises to do is become one of the top London Escort Directory services for both clients and escorts. Easier said than done, but if you wanted an answer to how London Hotties can benefit you; this is how. Get in on the ground floor and take advantage of this website before everybody else does. Because if it does turn out to be one of the major London Escort Directories, you will wish you had used it earlier!


Other Escort Directories in the London Niche

We feel a little horrible linking to some of London Hotties competitors in the same article, but it’s important for you to see the current competition. We would also never sacrifice the integrity of our website for a simple press release, paid or not. Here are some of the currently popular London Escort Directories that we use at Devbuild, we’re putting them at the end as so not to be rude:

  • London Punt – We have always liked London Punt and we are glad to see it is finally gaining traction for bookings in London.
  • Escort Genie – Always happy to see the array of beautiful women on Genie, they never fail to impress.
  • London UK Escorts – This directory has been around for years, and while it isn’t the best it certainly does the trick if you need a companion.

If London Hotties doesn’t sound like your cup of tea (yet), maybe one of these already established London escort directories can fulfill your needs. However, we think London Hotties is quickly going to become the new contender on the London escort scene.