Month: July 2017

The Locations in London Suitable For Your Model London Escorts

The Locations in London Suitable For Your Model London Escorts

When you are in London you have a wide choice of things to do however during your stay in London if you don’t choose to indulge in some of the model London escorts this city is starting to become so well known for you really are missing out. With agencies like International Bunnies offering some incredible beautiful women for companionship also known as the Model escorts of London these are some of the most luscious and glamorous women in the entire city and they are available for you to spend quality time with whenever you want.

When you combine a city like London with one of the many beautiful ladies by your side you can some experiences that won’t leave you for the rest of your life. When you have browsed around the agencies that offer model London escorts and have chosen the companion in which you wish to spend your time with knowing where is going to be the best place for you and your companion isn’t easy because these women are some of the most sophisticated women in the city which means they deserve to be treated to the best of the best. If you are feeling like a gentlemen then you might take your model London escort to dinner in one of the finest restaurants that London can offer, a great place to enjoy a romantic experience with your companion is the Zuma restaurant which serves incredible Japanese cuisine for you to indulge in.

Most people prefer to get to know their model London escorts in a more discreet location which usually is in one of the incredibly luxurious hotels that London is so well-known for. Choosing one of these hotels can be difficult with all being so luxurious knowing which one is for you is the hard decision, the Grosvenor House is a location that anyone would love to stay at with rooms with endless luxury and simplistic yet modern design perfect for you and your model London escorts.

Movida Escorts: The best London escort agency?

Movida Escorts: The best London escort agency?

Are Movida Escorts the best agency around in London? Well my answer to that would be Yes with no questions asked at all. I am middle class businessman living in London and I have booked my girls from many different agencies across London and each time the girl hasn’t looked how she did in the pictures or they arrived late or simply were not interested or bothered at the fact I had paid a lot of money to spend time with them and appreciate their companionship to sort of get it all thrown back in my face.

So anyway I eventually came across a recently new London escort agency which had started up called Movida Escorts and well I was actually recommended here by a very good friend who has good relations with this agency. Eventually when I had browsed the girls pictures and profiles on site I spotted 3 gorgeous girls which caught my called Madison, Honey and Natali and I individually booked each of these girls all on different days and I have to say I have never been more satisfied and happy with a service I have received in a long time.

When each of these girls arrived at my outcall location I was simply shocked that I had actually received something I had paid for in terms of looks as they were perfect to how they looked in picture. Each girl had their own personality and characteristics about them but I have to say I have never met 3 girls as polite and professional as these girls were and that is something which is very hard to find in this day and age.

The girls actually showed interest in me and showed great companionship when I took them out for a drink and some dinner they all comforted me well and actually took an interest in to what I do for a living and also what things I enjoy outside of work ect.

Since discovering Movida Escorts I have actually not looked anywhere else for companionship in London as I was so amazed at the high class and professional service which I got from this agency.

If you are looking to book any girls in London then without a doubt book them from Movida Escorts as you know what you are getting and you will certainly be satisfied. We always like to recommend a girl to you here at Dev Build and so we asked the team together which girl they thought was best from this agency and there was quite clearly only one winner for us and that was Andra, 25 years old, 34C, Eastern European escort:

Does this girl not take your fancy? Well not to worry as there are another 150 beautiful escorts in London tucked away in their gallery page, you won’t be disappointed and you can thank our team later for providing you with this article

Eros Escorts: The Best London Escort Agency?

Eros Escorts: The Best London Escort Agency?

There is no better place to visit but the capital which is London, some times the weather doesn’t help but I guess that’s England for you and by now most of use are use to this… We are always blessed by rain, wind and sometimes even the cold snow which is beautiful but of course not pleasant when you go to the streets and it’s all ended up as slush but you can let this slide as London is a fantastic place to visit no matter what the weather is. But anyway moving on to a more happy and exciting topic is the adult entertainment industry (mainly the London escorts side of things) as this is a massive thing at the moment and it gets over 90,000 searches each month on Google so it is a very popular thing it seems and one agency in particular we would like to discuss is Eros Escorts, which is relatively new and is climbing the rankings fast as a top agency to deal with.

Eros Escorts is the new name in the London escorts industry and they are very excited to get things moving and become an icon in the industry for providing excellent rates, services and women and without a doubt they a great website with excellent functionality that you will love and have a great time with the most attractive models, there escorts in London are simply gorgeous and very sexy ladies and you will be definitely leaving with a big smile on your face, that is for sure!

The elite models which are found on Eros Escorts are gorgeous and very attractive models and you always find a way to have an excellent time with them which leaves and ever-lasting impression with you, elegance and class are major factors for any girl that want to register to this agency as you can tell by the selection already and there is a step by step process in place to ensure that only the best ladies are present for your bookings.

For those that are looking into hiring the services from this great and unique agency it really is as simple as picking up your phone and contacting the agency number which they have provided at the top of their website, if you are a little more nervous then you have the option to make your booking online through the online reservation form present on the website, so the choice is yours when it comes to arranging you London escorts booking.

So browse through the gallery full of elegant women and arrange your service today, you won’t be disappointed with what they have to offer you and you can thank us later for the great recommendation! To visit their website then follow the link provided…

Below is a picture of Olivia, a recent new recruit at the agency and she is described only as a blonde bombshell, a very busty and natural girl who takes a lot of time looking after herself and giving you the best body to treat yourself with, we have linked you to her profile so you can check out all her pictures but below is the one which we thought was best: