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A Review Of Agency Eternity Manchester Escorts

A Review Of Agency Eternity Manchester Escorts

Hello and welcome to my blog post. Let me introduce myself, I am the escort reviewer and I have been for many years, booking escorts up and down the country. I always review my experiences and give readers my honest advice on whether to book with the agencies I have used and the girls I have seen.

In my latest blog post, I will be reviewing Manchester escorts from an agency called Eternity Manchester Escorts. I have seen a number of Manchester companions over the years and sadly I have been disappointed, so I wasn’t holding my breath with these experiences. Unlike some reviewers, I do not compare girls, I judge whether the experience is value for money and had me wanting to book with that agency again.

First, let me start with the agency. The website looked very professional and the gallery was filled with some very sexy babes which did get me excited. The girl’s profile was complete with information, rates and even included reviews which were a nice feature. The images used were high quality and clear making choosing the girls to book relatively easy. I did also like how the site had an online booking form so those clients who don’t want to speak directly with the agency. For reviewing purposes I call Eternity.

When I contact agencies, I look if the receptionists are warm and friendly, whilst also knowing their stuff. When I called up the agency, the phone was answered immediately, which is always good. I spoke to a man who sounded foreign but spoke perfect English. I asked him for recommendations and advice on which Manchester escort to book and if he had any date ideas for me. The receptionist was extremely helpful actually. He recommended me, 3 girls. Of these 3 models, I chose to book Tanya, who I will now be reviewing. The process was extremely quick and easy and after 5 minutes on the phone, my booking had been taken.

The first time I used Eternity, after speaking to their team I was a little more hopeful for a good night but expected nothing special. The first girl I had booked was called Tanya. She was the most eye-catching to me when I scrolled through the gallery page as her busty imagery just jumped out at me. Her profile described her as being tall and slim, having a 34E bust. I must admit, I normally prefer booking petite babes but I thought I would try something new.

My Date With Manchester Escort Tanya

The actual booking took me by surprise. I had arranged for Tanya to meet me in a quiet lodge in Manchester, which I won’t reveal for safety reason, at 10 pm.To my glee, Tanya arrived early by a couple of minutes and oh boy was she even more stunning than her pictures suggested. She stood tall and slender in a light black dress and sexy black stockings. In her heels, she was pushing 5’10 but I still towered over her. She looked classy and not like some streetwalkers I have sadly seen.

She greeted me with a big smile and that is when the nerves kicked it. Even though I have been doing this for years, that feeling just never seems to disappear. She asked me how I was doing and if I had an amazing day, you know the standard small talk, but it was a pleasant conversation. I offered Tanya a drink and she accepted.

Over the cocktails we shared, she became much more chatty. She was actually very funny and quite a good listener as we got to know each other a little bit better. This is not something escorts in Manchester do often, so it was a nice touch, which I think benefited the night further down the line. The time talking definitely calmed my nerves and made the time fly by. Looking back on the date, it was a good job I booked 3 hours with Tanya.

About an hour had passed now before we moved from the bar up to the bedroom. By now, I was very comfortable in her presence and the conversation was following. I sat on the bed as she went to the bathroom to get ready. I chilled out on the double bed and turned on Match Of The Day. Now normally not much takes me away from football but when I double-taked Tanya coming out the bathroom in the sexiest blank bra and thong, she had my 100% attention.

She walked over to the bed, that I was now sat on the edge of like a catwalk model. I just remember thinking I wanted her long legs wrapped around my head. She kissed me and then pushed me back onto the bed, my heart was racing at this moment and leapt on me. On top, she took control as she ripped my pants off. This was so hot it was untrue.

I’m not going to describe exactly what happened whilst we were in bed but all I can say is it was easily one of the best night of my life. Tanya was wild, adventurous and had stamina which even I struggled to keep up with. That hour and a half flew by in seconds as I reached the peak of my pleasure. It was one of the most stress reliving experiences ever.

Unlike most bookings, this would be where you see them run out of the bedroom with heels in hand. Tanya stayed and chatted for a while longer as we just discussed life in general which may sound weird. We chatted until the 3 hours were up. Tanya kissed me and left. That is when I got my notepad out and wrote a few notes so I could write this review.

I wrote ‘gorgeous, tall, slim girl with a large bust has shared an unforgettable experience with me’ which say it all really. Tanya was not only all about looks, but she was beautiful inside as well and that is why I enjoyed the date so much.

When judging her based on rates, I am flabbergasted that her prices are so low. At £100 per hour, you would not expect anywhere near the level of service I received. The value for money on my booking, I don’t think will ever be rivalled. To think of the night I had and I only cost for 3 hours with Tanya half the price I have paid for sub-par London escorts, it really puts things into perspective.

Overall I never give out a rating of 10 because nothing is perfect. Tanya is going to get one of my highest ever ratings through at 9.6 which takes into consideration her appearance, personality, service and rates. All I can really end on is that Tanya is one of the very best escorts Manchester has to offer and I cant recommend booking her from Eternity’s escort agency highly enough.

I hope this review has helped you in your quest to find your perfect Manchester escort, come back next time to continue following my journey as we review escorts from all over the United Kingdom.
Signing Off

The Escort Reviewer

How to Impress High Class Escort Girls

How to Impress High Class Escort Girls

Mr Smith’s London works with some of the very best escorts in the business. High-class professional escort companions are generally extremely well educated and culturally aware, so rather than arranging a brief in call experience, you could consider something a little more refined and sophisticated. Some of the most popular high-class London escorts are often only available for longer bookings or out calls, so if you want to experience the very best kind of encounter and appreciate a touch of class, this type of escort could be a good option for you. Many punters who regularly book the highest calibre of escorts enjoy taking them out on dates at fine restaurants, theatres or exhibitions. This guide outlines a few potential dating ideas that could help you to impress your escort companion.

London is one of the best places in the world for live entertainment and the glittering West End features some of the most popular live theatre shows in the country. If you want to impress your escort companion you could consider taking her to one of all singing, all dancing performances that run throughout the year in this area of the city. Some of the most popular shows are the infamous and well-loved tragedy Les Miserables, the controversial but hilarious Book of Mormon and the long-running and incredibly successful Phantom of the Opera. If musicals aren’t really for you, you could consider a more traditional theatre performance. The Royal Shakespeare Company frequently put on productions of the bard’s classics such as Macbeth, Coriolanus and Othello. The Reconditioned Globe Theatre is an impressive venue that captures all of the history and heritage associated with the noble art of treading the boards and they also work in other venues across London. If that sounds a little too serious for you, there are a number of brilliant comedy clubs across the city and larger venue’s like the Apollo Theatre often play host to famous performers from well-known TV shows. An evening out seeing a show with one of London’s many high-class escorts is a great way to spend your time and making that little bit of extra effort may well impress companion.

London has some of the world’s very best restaurants and taking a high-class escort girl out to enjoy a fine dining tasting menu can be a real treat for both of you. Impress your companion by treating her to some of the best food in the capital, accompanied by some of the finest wines known to humanity. You will have no shortage of options when it comes to finding great places to eat. Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester, Bubbledogs in Fitzrovia and Picture in Marylebone are 3 of the absolute best the capital has to offer. If you are feeling particularly flush, one of the best ways to impress a high-class escort London companion is to combine both of these options. Seeing a great showed followed by a world-class meal could be the perfect way to start an evening of passion and pleasure.

Creating my First Escort Website

Creating my First Escort Website

My friends and I recently decided to capitalise on the adult entertainment market, we started by making an escort agency and realized that in order for us to receive bookings we were going to have to create a website. Neither of us were capable of doing this ourselves, however, I noticed an escort and adult web design company (Adult Creative) had made most of the websites on the market, so of course, I called them up!

Designing my Website

I’m no stranger to the world of business, however, this industry was new to me. Upon contacting Adult Creative I was given the choice between a template website or a bespoke design. As my family and friends will know, I like to be original, especially when it comes to business; this meant that there really was no alternative, I was going to purchase a bespoke website.

A Bespoke Theme

When asked what I’d like my website to look like, I had to have a long think about the colours, theme and design. I had to consider what users would enjoy, as well as what represents our agency best. I was planning on setting up a high-class London escort agency, tailored towards high-class gentlemen with plenty of cash to splash. With this in mind, it was imperative that my website would look sleek, stylish and high-end, perfect for my audience.

Creating a Highly Functional Website

I was next asked about functionality, I had a feeling that this would be my demise. As stated above, I had never been a webmaster before and knew little about what was involved from the functional side of things, however, I had used websites before and with a little market research I noticed that most escort agencies in the UK had websites with locations drop-downs, a blog section, a list of categories, sliders here and there, as well as girls profiles with semantic data such as statistics and images.

It was also important that I had a gallery which really stood out to the users of my website, as well as the branding, favicon, HTML Titles and Meta Descriptions. It was important that those elements were optimal so that users who visited my website would soon convert into bookings; how I would do this?

A Lesson in Traffic Conversion

My next step was to think about how I could encompass conversion rates into my concept for the theme and functionality. What exactly would make people click through? What would make people stay on my website? What would make people book?

We started by using the following techniques:

  • Ensuring that the images we use are high-quality, original and authentic:

From previous experience, we know that original content and media is always preferred over copied images. With this in mind, we also knew that visitors would much prefer some sort of signal to show that our ladies were real and not in fact just images of other agencies models.

  • Using Appropriate Terminology throughout the website:

Through the use of persuasive writing and calls-to-action, we were able to design content that was compelling, unique and able to convert readers into customers.

  • User-Friendly Website Architecture:

We aimed to design the website so that it tempted users to click through to the next page. It was also important that users were able to call or book from any page, this way they would never get lost.

  • Crafting Dedicated Landing Pages:

It was also important to us that users would land on the appropriate pages in order to make finding and meeting their perfect companion as simple as possible. Through this, we hoped to make the user-flow much more direct and would hopefully make it so that people would instantly find the right page.

  • Ensuring that load-speeds were on-point:

We’ve all been to a website that takes 10 hours to load and what did you do? Click back I assume! We wanted our users to have no trouble loading our website so we opted for a more sleek design, reduced image size, minified CSS and used GZIP compression to ensure that all resources were of an optimal size.

  • Fewer Distractions is Less Distracting (duh!):

We’ve all been there when we walk into a shop and suddenly get overwhelmed by choices. You spend 20 minutes walking around only to pick up a chocolate bar because by the time you have finished your appetite is gone. The same is true for any business, by dividing the attention of your visitors, you are also reducing the odds of them converting.

Fewer options are better and the same holds true for distractions. We designed our website in a way that simply gives the user what they want straight away with no questions asked and no need to read every page.

Setting up our website

When setting up our website, we went for a brand name in our URL instead of a keyword; this is because we figured that we would rather have visitors remember our brand and come straight back, than have to google the keyword every time to find us (and risk losing traffic to competitors on the search engine.)

Another thing that was important to me was that our website was HTTPS. As well as looking more professional, it also seperates the spam adult websites from those who truly work hard to ensure that their website is crisp and malware-free. By purchasing an SSL certificate I was able to display to my visitors that my website was free of viruses and safe to use.

My Website was Finally Built!

Finally, my website was built and ready to go. I hope that this blog helped you to set up your very own adult website and if you should have any trouble, I would highly recommend the services of Adult Creative who worked very hard to ensure that my bespoke website built was perfect!

How to create romantic atmosphere for your Luton escort

How to create romantic atmosphere for your Luton escort

Welcome to our latest article, here you can find our top tips on how to create a romantic atmosphere for your Luton escort or any upcoming date. We have some excellent and helpful tips so you can create an incredibly romantic environment without going over the top. If you are planning on booking a Luton escort for an outcall booking it might be a good idea to put a little extra effort into your booking to make a good first impression.

Escorts in Luton working alongside the top providers such as Angelic Escorts adore seeing that their clients have out a little extra effort in for their company. Making a romantic atmosphere for your booking can go along way and below you can find out how to get started.


After making a booking with a Luton escort give yourself a good amount of time to get yourself prepared. An obvious but good point well worth mentioning is to tidy up, make sure your place is clean and is looking presentable. This will be one of the first things your chosen Luton escort will pick up on so it is good to make start by tidying.

Look Appealing

Make sure you put a little effort into making yourself look appealing. Have a shave, put on some aftershave and make sure to wear something presentable, for example, a shirt would do just fine. Your chosen Luton escort will have put a lot of effort into her appearance so it is important you do the same.


An optional add-on to help you create a romantic atmosphere in your very own home to set up a few candles. The dim lights really help to make that romantic environment and you can find some very good scented candles which give a romantic vibe. Continuing with lovely smells you could even go an extra step and get some incense for your home. Incense has been used for many years to create a romantic atmosphere which is why we believe it is a very good option to prepare yourself to meet with a beautiful Luton escort.

Romantic Candles


When your escort in Luton arrives for your booking it’s important to make her feel comfortable in your relaxing and romantic atmosphere. Offer her a seat, get the conversation going, when booking from one of the leading agencies in Luton like Angelic Escorts you will find there will be no trouble in making conversation. This is because all of the available ladies from Angelic Escorts love meeting new faces and like to share interesting conversation with their clients.


To get your romantic evening with a Luton escort off to a good start it may be a good idea to offer her a drink. A glass of wine in the romantic atmosphere you have created is an excellent way to charm your escort in Luton and can go a long way. It may be worth asking Angelic Escorts what kind of drinks your chosen escort likes before booking so you can prepare for meeting her.

Romantic Glass of Wine

Avoid distractions

During your booking, it’s important to avoid all distractions. Your chosen escort will be very attentive and will focus entirely on you so you can enjoy her exquisite company. A common distraction we recommend avoiding is to have your phone is turned off to avoid distractions during your valuable time with an escort in London.


The last way you can create a romantic atmosphere is to get your chosen escort a little gift to show your appreciation. Some recommendations Luton escorts from Angelic Escorts adore when it comes to gifts are flowers, chocolates and perfumes. All very good options for impressing your sexy escort in Luton.

Romantic Flowers

We hope you now understand and take on board some of our helpful tips for creating a romantic atmosphere for your Luton escort, all that is left do is to book some extraordinary company for your evening by getting in contact with Angelic Escorts.

Dine with Maidstone Escorts

Dine with Maidstone Escorts


If you are looking for escorts in Maidstone, you will be amazed at the diverse selection of sexy ladies available for your pleasure. This part of the UK is well connected to other major cities and has great transport links, so if you want to book  Maidstone escorts for an outcall appointment, which involves her coming out to visit you in your home or hotel room, this won’t be a problem. Many punters enjoy meeting their gorgeous escort companions in a great restaurant as this allows them some time to chat and get to know their date before they retire to somewhere a little more private for some intimate adult fun. This guide outlines a few of the best places to try in the Maidstone area:

Vesuvius Restaurant: Maidstone Escorts Favourite

Named after the restless volcanic mountain that famously erupted during biblical times, this classic Italian provides the kind of simple, rustic cookery that is often quite difficult to find. The emphasis here is on the great quality ingredients and the fantastic taste of the food. Though the presentation is definitely well taken care of, the chefs here understand that a focus on flavour means so much more to most people than simply making things look pretty. Punters who enjoy dining out with their Maidstone escort companions could make Vesuvius top of their list if they enjoy classics like pannacotta, bruschetta and pizzas.

Narai Thai Palace: Eat a Curry with Escorts in Maidstone

For a taste of the exotic flavours of the far east, Narai Thai Palace is one of the best options in Maidstone. Punters and their escort companions will adore the delicate, fragrant flavours on offer at this fantastically well managed and beautifully presented Thai restaurant. Classics such as Prawn Tempura and the vegetarian alternative are generously sized and very well cooked. Though there can be a short wait when you first arrive, the reviews speak for themselves and the quality of the dishes is almost always excellent. Main courses include the ever popular Thai Red Curry and the delicious Penang Chicken. Whatever you order here, it is sure to be outstanding.

Bill’s Restaurant, Maidstone.

This great all-rounder is one of Maidstone’s unsung heroes when it comes to great quality food. Men who enjoy entertaining escorts in restaurants will be pleasantly surprised by the diverse and well-balanced menu, which caters for practically every taste. Whether you fancy sampling some of the gorgeous breakfast pancakes with maple syrup and bacon or perhaps a spot of brunch such as a lightly toasted sandwich, you will always be able to find something that you will enjoy. The evening meal selection is quite extensive and you can choose from a range of very reasonably priced steak dishes, burgers, fish plates and vegetarian options. There is also the option to order large sharing platters if you are in a small group or can manage quite a bit of food between the two of you. There is a mixture of private booths and tables, so depending on your mood, you could get nice and cosy, away from everybody else, or sit out in the open and enjoy the ambience.

My Experience with Newcastle Escorts from Geordie Girls Newcastle

My Experience with Newcastle Escorts from Geordie Girls Newcastle

One of my favourite memories when visiting Newcastle is by far the gorgeous Newcastle escorts that I booked. I was looking for an experience like no other and that’s exactly what I found, although I’m no rookie, I booked three Newcastle escorts and each one brought something new to the table, and one even brought a new table.

There are an array of services that you can receive when booking escorts and one that really put a smile on my face was, of course, the groups. Although there are many other services that can be tailored to ensure you have one of the best experiences you will never want to forget. In this article, I will be talking about the escorts I booked and why you will want to book them as well.


This escort was one of my favourites as I am a big fan of curves and this gorgeous lady has them flowing throughout her and that’s not all, as she has plenty of assets to ensure your eyes widen which is exactly what happened with me. Charlie made me feel comfortable and was well acquainted with the other ladies which made my time with even better.


A hot and saucy mix of elegance and charm with is something I am now definitely into, Lacey has it all from the gorgeous breasts to a slim yet curvaceous figure but it’s nothing compared to her amazing top-notch banter that made my night one to remember. She made me feel very comfortable and would be happy booking her again.


This one made the night for me as she was nothing less than magical, it’s hard to describe just how she made me feel, but the mess that was made speaks a thousand words. Her attention to detail made the difference leading to me feeling nothing less than bliss while on the hotel bed. Her personality is also one to match her assets, loving her was easy although this is escorting and my hour was up.

To conclude, I have had one of the best nights I have ever had when booking with Geordie Girls Newcastle. I highly recommend these escort ladies to escort you on your erotic journey and with plenty more on offer you will struggle for choice, make sure you visit the website for more information on the Newcastle escorts they provide.

Benefits of Red Wine

Benefits of Red Wine

It’s been doing the rounds of the magazine and newspaper health pages for decades now. In fact, it’s written about so often that sometimes our eyes glaze over when we see yet another piece about how red wine is good for you. But it’s the story that won’t go away for a reason; there’s increasingly proper research and substance to it, so it’s more than just filler for lazy editors looking to fill pages. In fact, there’s so much going for it that you could do worse than to have a glass the next time you’re enjoying male massage London.

Male Massage and Red Wine go Hand in Hand

So what is it exactly that makes this grownup beverage so good for the body? Well, researchers based at Washington University, St. Louis, in Missouri, have now discovered that for women looking to get pregnant, a daily glass of red wine boosts fertility. This information may be of little use for single men or men in same-gender relationships, but it’s a breakthrough all the same. Prior to this, we already knew that there was something special about the drink and that it mainly came down to one ingredient – resveratrol. This is an antioxidant that occurs naturally in cocoa, blueberries and, you guessed it, red grapes. This wonder-substance has a neat trick up its sleeve; it acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, getting to work on the inflammation-causing molecules in the body and suppressing them. And that’s not all – resveratrol also tinkers with the parts of the blood that can play havoc with the production of insulin, helping to keep them in check. It’s also thought to increase life-expectancy. No small feat.

Visit Tantric Soul Today!

Additional research by the NWRI (National Wine Research Institute) advises that a little red wine – an amount roughly equivalent to a glass or two a day – can do absolute wonders for cardiovascular health. This translates to a thirty per cent reduction in the likelihood of heart disease. It’s all about moderation; if you find yourself knocking back two bottles a day or drinking it in the morning, then it’s time to look for help. But if, like most people, you use red wine as a pleasurable companion to meals and socialising, rather than as a crutch or an escape, then it’ll do you lots of good. Perhaps you can complement the benefits by drinking it in along with regular male massage London.

Wonderful Massages and Drinks All Around

The list of this magic drink’s benefits goes on and on. Did you know, for example, that it sets to work on the bacteria in your mouth, helping to keep your teeth in good health? Even more surprisingly, it helps maintain motor health in the elderly, so that they’re less likely to develop problems with balancing and mobility. So if you’re booking male massage London, why not pour yourself a glass of this miracle drink at the same time, kick back and let the healing begin? 

Why Book London Escorts From Crush Escorts?

Why Book London Escorts From Crush Escorts?

London is a city full of the hustle and bustle that comes with the busy lives of the worlds elite. With the capital generating over 20 percent of the United Kingdoms GDP and rivaling New York for the most important location for international finance, you can see how the 8.8 million residents that live in the city can become stressed. However, stress is no good for anyone and is one of the biggest causes of depression, which is why you need to find your stress release method today.

Are you one of these businessmen going home after a busy day at work to a wife and children who demand all of your time and grind you down into the floor? Well, the London escorts who represent Crush escorts can release all of your stresses and strains within seconds of being in their company.

The best London escorts are found at Crush Escorts

Crush Escorts is a professional agency based in London who has earned a reputation over a number of years from providing exclusive services performed by breathtaking companions. With an unrivaled selection of ladies that range from petite teens to bust mature ladies, if you are looking to escape, there is no better place to run, than into the arms of a gorgeous girl whose  sole aim is to fulfill your wildest fantasies.

Each girl has a personality which sets them apart from the crowd. When you are looking to release stress a bubbly, fun-loving, friendly lady is essential. With the ability to hold a conversation, listen to your problems and make you laugh, the high-quality companionship levels extend to much more than just staring at the stunning girl who is in front of you.

Book Adventurous Escorts in London

If you are bored of the same old routine you have fallen into which consists of work and pleasuring other people and you want to escape the stresses that weigh you down, call 07478770704 today. Crush escorts want to be the companions who put you first. No matter what your deepest and darkest secrets may be, you will have an experience you will not forget in a long time whenever you are in the company of a London escort who will make you feel like the only person in the world who matters

Put yourself first and book a Crush London escort today! Have your eyes opened to the world of possibilities that await?

Why are Reading Escorts so Popular

Why are Reading Escorts so Popular

Reading is one of the best places in the South of England and is famous for its amazing music festival, among other things. Located close enough to London for many of its residents to commute to the capital, this small but thriving town is also a great place to meet incredible escort girls. Reading escorts are some of the most accommodating, beautiful and open-minded girls you will find in the UK. This blog explains just some of the reasons why escorts in Reading are so popular. The list is certainly not exhaustive, but it might give you an idea why so many punters like to spend time with the city’s tantalising professional female companions.

  • Variety

The South of England is a very diverse and multicultural area with girls from all four corners of the world available for you to spend quality time with. Asian babes, Japanese hotties, Latin lovelies or British beauties, the choice really is endless. If you enjoy the thrill of meeting and spending time with hot girls, Reading is one of the best places in the UK to find incredible escort companions.

  • Kinky and unusual

If you have some unusual tastes when it comes to getting intimate, you may find it difficult to find partners who share your proclivity towards the kinkier side of life. Reading escorts are not very easily shocked, so if you want to explore your fetish or kink in a safe environment with somebody who won’t judge you or make you feel uncomfortable, this could be a really good option for you.

  • Stunningly attractive

Escorts in Reading are some of the most beautiful women in the world. Booking a session with one of the many gorgeous girls who work around the city will always be a satisfying experience and one that you will treasure for a long time to come. Many men don’t get the chance to party with pretty girls who are young and attractive, so arranging an appointment with a professional female companion can be a great way to treat yourself.

  • Practice makes perfect

If you have been going through something of a dry spell when it comes to dating or relationships, you may feel like you are a little out of practice. Taking to pretty girls can sometimes be a little daunting, especially for men who don’t often come in to contact with them on a regular basis. A booking with a reading escort will allow you to get comfortable while spending time in the company of a gorgeous girl, so if you do feel like getting back in the game, it may be a little easier for you.

  • A smoking hot date

If you need a date for your next social function, booking a beautiful escort from Reading to accompany you can be a good choice. You will find that escorts are polite, charming and great company, no matter what the situation, so don’t turn up to your next party alone, consider booking a delicious Reading escort to accompany you.

High Class Escorts at One Model London

High Class Escorts at One Model London

Finding gorgeous companions and high class escorts in London is actually quite easy if you understand the best places to look. When it comes to booking sexy high class London escorts we recommend booking from an agency over an independent. There are many reasons for this but one we would like to highlight is that in London you will find agencies specialising in this field. Providers such as One Model London have some of the most refined high class ladies you can meet by booking with their agency.

Below you can find some of the highly recommended beautiful high class London escorts who are available now at One Model London.


Starting off is the gorgeous luxury companion Antonia who is a stunning Eastern European lady featured in the high class escorts gallery at One Model London. Antonia is a tall, slim and sexy brunette lady taking bookings in Gloucester Road, London. If you wish to meet Antonia there is a minimum requirement when booking which is 2 hours, this is a common feature among the high class London escorts. Antonia is a well-travelled, well-mannered and polite young lady perfect for any social occasions you have.


Amanda is another outstanding and eye catching high class escort, a very good option if your preference is blonde women. Amanda is in her early 20’s and is from Brazil, she provides a passionate service too. She is a busty open minded young lady with a shapely figure and pretty face. Meet with the alluring Amanda for your next booking with a high class escort by getting in touch with One Model London, you can visit their website and dive into the full selection of models, VIP’s and high class ladies available for booking this evening.


The last of the high class escorts at One Model London on our list is the exotic beauty, Taylor. Taylor is a fabulous brunette model with an unforgettable figure. Tall, sweet and sexy you can expect a very good service from this desirable high class escort. From her model like figure to her jet black hair, Taylor is one of the most seductive high class companions available in the capital city. To book this Brazilian model call One Model London to arrange your booking in advance.