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Are Essex Escorts just like the women on T.O.W.I.E?

Are Essex Escorts just like the women on T.O.W.I.E?

The short answer is no, although in this article I will be talking about the escorts found in Essex and why you will want to get to know them. I will also be talking about the Essex escorts at Sparkles and how you can find more than just your stereotypical Essex girl.

Firstly its good to note that you can find a woman of all ages and sizes at Sparkles as it is an agency of variety. From warm chocolate brunettes to vibrant redheads you really are spoilt for choice although each and every escort has character with many of them originating from overseas. Romanian, Russian, Eastern European the list can go on.

This is only a bonus when it comes to booking these Essex escorts because you’re not just getting local Essex babes. Below I will recommend 3 gorgeous escorts that are all unique in their own erotic way.


Lola from Sparkles Escorts

Here we have a gorgeous golden blonde escort that is your classic Essex girl which is something many of us are into and I thought it would be a great place to start when recommending escorts from this agency. Lola has everything you would want, from long curly hair to a curvaceous figure and she even has a hint of Spanish in her which is a trait that can make things perfect for you.

At size 12 she certainly has the curves to keep your hands entertained, just long enough until you notice her gorgeous 36E breasts that are 100% natural. If you would like to experience a true Essex girl then make sure you book Lola.


Alice from Sparkles Escorts

This stunning escort has the ability to make your eyes widen and jaw drop and there is nothing hiding her amazing beauty. Many clients have commented on her looks and why wouldn’t they Alice is a real model in the making, slim yet athletic figure with chocolate brown hair long enough to cover her delightful 34B breasts she is definitely a treat for any man. More importantly, she is Romanian and brings hints from her culture which can turn your evening from fun to unforgeable.

Alice offers an array of services and is available to both Incall & Outcall, so if this is something you’re interested in them to make sure you visit her profile for more on how to book.


Hannah from Sparkles Escorts

A Russian with beauty like no other, and that’s a tagline she can use anywhere. Hannah has a lot of things going for her but by far the most noticeable is her English rose skin and her dreamy red hair. A beauty that echo’s through each and every curve. At just the age of 22, she has the beauty of youth with her and she uses it in a way to ensure you have an amazing experience while at the hands of her.

To conclude you can find escorts of all sorts at Sparkles which is a great thing, just make sure you find the right companions and you will have the best experience, one you will never want to forget. This is me talking from experience so take my advice and book Essex escorts from Sparkles, as they’re not all the stereotypical Essex girl.

6 Tips to Help You Impress Your Escort

6 Tips to Help You Impress Your Escort

Welcome once again to my escort blog where I have been joined by a couple of the ladies from one of London’s newest up and coming escort agencies by the name of Confidential Models. I’ve been joined by the incredible Alice and the gorgeous Amelia for the sake of this blog and we’re going to be talking about how you can impress your escort and make sure she feels like going the extra mile to ensure your booking goes exactly how you’d like it to. We’re going to be putting our heads together to give you 6 simple tips which will make sure you’re your escort’s new favourite client.

If you struggle with confidence with regards to dating you might find this video helpful.

Read on below and find out what we recommend you do in order to get the most out of your escort booking quite easily. I also recommend that you check out Alice and Amelia’s profiles on Confidential Models as they were extremely helpful in providing me with the information to write this article and I can’t thank them enough.

Here is where you can find Alice.

And here is Amelia’s profile.

Be Articulate

Many girls find a well-spoken man to be quite attractive, you don’t need to put on an accent or voice to achieve this. Take your time and annunciate your words clearly, from the moment you pick up the phone and it couldn’t be any easier to make a positive first impression which is undoubtedly a great way to ensure that your escort will enjoy her time with you almost as much as you enjoy yours with her.

Making a good first impression will always have you well on your way to a better booking experience and being articulate is one of the best ways to do this. It even applies to emails, you should always try to use proper grammar and write in a sophisticated manner for the same reason. Of course, this alone isn’t going to be enough to become a favourite of your chosen companion, but it’s definitely the way to start.

Dress to Impress

man dressed in suit

A point that should be obvious is that if you want to impress an escort you should look the part. This does go a little beyond simply dressing up, you need to make sure you’ve showered right before the booking, shaved and tidied up your hair so that you look and smell the best you possibly can. If you’re not willing to make the effort to be the best you possibly can, why should your escort bother?

It’s important however that you do dress in an appropriate manner and the more you dress up the better the impact of doing so will be. Put on your best suit, get that expensive aftershave out (but don’t drown yourself in it, a bit on the wrists and behind the ears will do the job) and make sure you’ve made the effort to look amazing. This can often be the biggest factor in impressing your escort and you should try to do so wherever possible.

Demonstrate Intelligence, but Not Your Ego

Every lady loves a man with an aura of intellect, a man who is full of knowledge that has an interesting input on every conversation topic and as such it’s important that you demonstrate your intelligence when making your booking with your escort. Escorts are likely to respect a man who is deserving of said respect, so if you have the intelligence to show off you should definitely take the opportunity to do so.

The exception to this is when you become egotistical, don’t brag about your intelligence or try to put other people down for being less intelligent as this won’t impress anyone, escort or otherwise. It’s vital that you are modest about any of your other talents as well, by all means demonstrate your abilities and gifts but don’t be vain about them and you should be good to go.

Be Considerate

man giving woman gift

If you expect respect from your escort, you have to be respectful in return. Don’t think you’re going to be able to just treat her like some object who is only spending time with you because she has to, because she doesn’t. It’s important that you remember that she is under no obligation to be there with you and there’s no reason why paying for her time means you can be rude or obnoxious. It’s important to think about the lady who’s accompanying you, treat her kindly and pamper her like you would with any other date.

Of course, gifts are always welcome and will definitely please your escort, however surprises aren’t as well-received and you should definitely run anything you’re going to give her as a gift by her first. You might think you’re being nice by buying her some expensive chocolate, however you don’t know if there’s a particular reason why she can’t eat chocolate. Just ask her before buying any gifts and make both your life and hers easier and you’ll be fine.

Turn Up On Time


If you can’t manage to turn up on time your escort will certainly not be pleased. She’ll work hard to ensure she’s ready and looking her absolute best for you in time for your booking, so if you turn up late this is basically telling her she wasted her time and this is quite likely to make her quite annoyed. If you’re going to be late you should know at least some time in advance and you should definitely be trying to make sure you’ve let her know beforehand.

The same goes for turning up way too early. You agree upon a booking time for your encounter and this is the time you should be aiming to meet her at.  A few minutes early won’t be an issue, but if you’re going to turn up 15 minutes early for an hour long booking it looks like you’re either trying to get extra time or that you’re way too keen.

Making the right impression is important, so make sure you turn up at most 5 minutes early, but preferably right on time.

Read her Profile

Rebecca's profile

Nothing annoys an escort more than hearing a question, be it about a service, rates or anything else if the answer to said question is already clearly shown on her escort profile. You should always read her advert or profile carefully wherever you’ve found it and perhaps look for more information elsewhere if the advert contains a link to her profile on another website. Escorts tend to be quite transparent regarding their boundaries and rates but very there are very few ladies for whom this is negotiable.

For example, if you were to ask your escort how much it is for a 3 hour booking, when her profile quite clearly states a price for this time she’s going to start getting irritated.

Never try to haggle either, this is extremely rude and will probably end up with your booking being declined early on. You have to remember that escorting is her job. To put it into perspective, consider how annoyed you’d be if payday was to come around only for your boss to call you and ask “how much do I pay you again? Can you do with less?”

Booking an Escort in London

Now that you’ve got the tips necessary to impress these ladies, it’s time to start getting. Obviously I’m going to be recommending the agency which has been so kind as to help me with writing this. If you’re looking for a 24 hour London escort agency, Confidential Models is an excellent choice with many different girls to choose from. They have busty brunettes, petite blondes and everything in between available around the clock for your convenience and I highly recommend them if you’d like to find a perfect model for your needs.

Just give them a call and a member of their reception team will be more than happy to help you arrange your booking. They’re very helpful and know London really well, so you can ask them for advice on where to take your lady and they’ll be able to give you sound advice. That’s all for today, thanks for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed.

If you’d like to read more of my work, I also wrote an article recently which was more specifically talking about impressing high class escorts, which I recommend you read if you want more advice. You can find this article at the following link.

You might also be interested in an article our team wrote on how to create a romantic atmosphere for your escort booking which also applies in London. You can find the article below.

That’s it for today however, we look forward to writing more posts for you to enjoy in the near future and if you have any suggestions for topics you’d like us to cover be sure to let us know. We’ll be happy to provide you with any information that can help you as a punter to enjoy the best escort services possible.

Treat Yourself To A Tantric Massage This Christmas

Treat Yourself To A Tantric Massage This Christmas

Our choice for the best tantric massage London has available


As a quick start to this blog, we thought we’d start off with a quick mention of Pamper Tantric. With all the different agencies offering their tantric services it’s almost impossible to find a genuine agency that is certain to deliver on their promises and upon your desires. So we thought we’d take the time out to look at all the different massage parlours in London available this Christmas and give our opinion on who we recommend.

For us, it can be none other than Pamper Tantric so be sure to check out their website!

With that out of the way let’s jump straight into today’s blog…

The holidays can be hard for everyone… It seems silly since they were originally celebrations in order to help us cope with the long and hard winters but between holiday shopping in places like London where there are so many people looking to score the best gifts or even figuring out what to take to Christmas dinner more and more the holidays seem to be a nightmare rather than a celebration.

This is not to hate on Christmas either but for some reason, something that was supposed to be about fun has turned into a monster.

Relax with a tantric massage in London


Image result for christmas massage

What you need is a break, a break from all the holiday cheer and the shopping and to do something for you, in private that makes all of this worth it. Something that makes you feel like you’re doing something naughty but also knowing that it is a nice thing for you to do.

What you need is a tantric massage London.

Whether you are in London or anywhere else in the country instead of shopping and having to deal with all the holiday consumerism take the time to give yourself a true experience that will be worth a lot more than the pain it is to get it. In fact, there is no pain in booking a tantric massage at all. All you need is a phone number, email and internet connection and you will be ready to receive the real holiday spirit right to your front door.

Bask in the joy of sensuality and the satisfaction of being touched with purpose. Don’t let anyone take the fact that the holidays are supposed to get you through to spring away from you and instead do something that is truly going to be magic. What you will feel during your tantric massage in London will be nothing short of hopeful for you; it will energize you, invigorate you and make you not just hold on to spring but wish for it… as long as there is another tantric adventure in London waiting for you there.

Are you feeling a bit lonely tonight? Or maybe you are feeling a bit naughty and want to share that with someone? There is nothing wrong with that and honestly, it makes you a perfect candidate for a tantric massage in London this evening. This is, after all, the season to be naughty because nice is just so boring.

Unlike most things in London with us you don’t have to worry about booking in advance, as long as you give us enough of a time frame for our masseuse to arrive at your house you will be able to enjoy your massage even if you have just decided on it today.

What you get with a high-quality London tantric massage

But what is a tantric massage? Makes your willingness to be naughty perfect for it? Well, we can start by saying that a tantric massage in London is not a booty call. You are not hiring a prostitute but a trained masseuse to come and give you the most amazing massage of your life. This is also not a happy ending massage… not in the strict sense of the word.

When people think of something as a happy ending they tend to think that they will be getting a massage that ends with an orgasm. While orgasms can happen and they most certainly are welcomed in Tantra it is not the main objective… at least not that kind of orgasm.

A tantric massage is an erotic massage that has the purpose to teach… What the lesson depends on every person that gets it. Perhaps it is to teach to have sex for longer or to teach how to add emotions into sex; perhaps you are looking for a spiritual connection and want to know how to achieve it through London tantric massages. It all truly depends on what you need.

So, whatever it is, even if it just wanting a good sexy massage, don’t be afraid to come over and join us in London or anywhere else in London. You’ll get the pleasure of feeling so very naughty while doing something so very nice… even if it just wanting a good sexy massage.

Finding a date in Surrey

Finding a date in Surrey

Finding a date can be one of those things that seems incredibly hard however in this day and age finding a date is not all that hard as long as you know where to be looking. There are countless apps and websites you can use to find a date in your local area. Websites and apps like Tinder have become huge over the recent years and you can find a date using their or any other similar service.

The problem when using a dating website or app is that there is no guarantee that you can find a date, let alone a good one. You can spend hours and hours looking for a date on countless dating websites and in the end just lose out on your own time. In some cases you could find a date online but never actually get to meet your date in person only resulting in you being disappointed in the end.

To help you and give you some dating advice we wanted to help those in the Surrey area find a date by introducing you to a very good service which is an alternative to using dating websites. Of course when it comes to finding a date nowadays a good place to start is by looking online, rather than going through a whole bunch of dating websites we recommend using an escort service to find a date in Surrey.

Arrange a discreet date in Surrey today with Pandora’s Little Secret, a new escort service based in Surrey and the surrounding area. Just because you are meeting with an escort does not mean that it is not a regular date, in fact the ladies you will find at Pandora’s Little Secret ( are like dating experts. There are various benefits to booking a date with a Surrey escort rather than trying to find one elsewhere online.

To start you will not need to have any worry of being rejected from your date and you will get to choose from the variety of ladies working alongside Pandora’s Little Secret to meet with for your date. If you are struggling to find a date in Surrey, Pandora’s Little Secret is a very good option to help you boost your confidence to a point where you can speak with any beautiful lady showing confidence.

By using a Surrey escort service you will be able to find a date without having the hassle of using various dating websites. Instead you can meet with any of the available ladies at Pandora’s Little Secret at short notice, quickly and easily. All that is need for you to arrange a date is to call their agency once you have decided which one of their ladies you would like to meet with for your booking/date.

We hope we have helped open you up to new options in the Surrey area so that you can now find a date with ease. No matter if it’s in the near future or last minute we are sure Pandora’s Little Secret will be able to help you by setting you up for an extraordinary dating experience.

Discover Yourself With a Tantric Massage In Marylebone

Discover Yourself With a Tantric Massage In Marylebone

Welcome back! Today is a rather special blog as we’re giving the spotlight to someone looking to take you through how tantric massages have changed their life, and how it helped them explore who they really are.

As ever, before we jump in, we’d like to give a shoutout to our erotic massage agency of choice London Tantric. With by far, the best tantric massage Marylebone has to offer there’s no one else we can recommend more than the services of this incredible agency. Check out their website for more info.

Now, as promised, we’ll hand things over to James:

It’s surprising how easy it is to lose yourself as an adult. When I was younger I remember thinking I had it all figured out and that nothing was going to get in my way of me achieving everything I wanted to achieve. However, I found myself looking at my comfortable life in Marylebone as an adult and I found that I had suddenly become both complacent and was yearning for adventure again.

It seems cliché to think that a man of 40 would suddenly go stir crazy and want something new in his life. Call it a midlife crisis if you will but it was what happened to me.

Instead of buying a sports car or dating a woman half my age I decided what I needed was a real way to reconnect with the person I used to be. I remember being 20 and carefree and simply able to enjoy being in the moment. I didn’t worry about what others thought and I knew that if I worked hard at something I would achieve it. To get my vitality back I decided to do the craziest thing I could think of.

Discovering tantric massages

Yes, an erotic massage was my first step toward finding myself and I’m here to tell you that it not only worked to have a great no-strings-attached good time (and in my Marylebone home no less) but also it helped to remind me what I loved about life. Not sex, although that’s pretty good too, but actually the idea that at any minute things could be exciting. It reminded me that I didn’t have everything figured out, that the world still had ways of dazzling me and I didn’t even have to step a foot outside of Marylebone to feel it.

Maybe you’re bored with your sex life, maybe you’ve lost that zest for life you used to have or simply you have nothing better to do… whatever brings you to tantric massages let me assure you of this: you will have not only a great time but a time that will change the way you view life, sex and relationships.

I’ve been a self-made man since I was very young. Working from home just kind of came as second nature to me. I remember being very young and in the Marylebone flat I had rented and thinking this was it, I was going to make it. Except I had no idea how! So here is one of the less conventional things that helped me make it as my own boss and keep my sanity while I was at it. Spoiler alert: tantric massages and erotic massages are a must, keep reading to find out why.

The golden rule of working from home is NEVER work in your bedroom and specifically, don’t work in bed. Seriously, this sounds like such a no-brainer and yet so many people do it. Where you sleep should be sacred, it should be the place you disconnect—your man cave. At first, if you can only afford a one bedroom shared with other people then find a place to work that is not your bed.

This is where tantric massages come in. Not only were they important to keeping the mood I wanted in my bedroom but also helping me stay focused. You might be thinking when I say I wanted a certain mood in the bedroom I mean a sexy mood but actually what I was looking for was a peaceful mood and a revitalizing mood. Sure, erotic massages are plenty sexy but the truth is that they’re also calming and focus driving. The added blood flow to your brain makes it easier for you to think clearly but also the hormones make it so that you find sleep easier.

Outcall services available throughout London

Another amazing thing about tantric massages is that you can have them anywhere in London so you can pick any room and make it your tantric room.

All in all when people ask me the secret to my success as a freelancer I smile and talk about ambition and dedication but honestly my best-kept secret is the tantric massages that helped me achieve all that I wanted… including an amazing sex life, of course.

Extra Info

If you yourself would like to learn more about the sacred & sensual art of tantra to help improve your sex life then here’s a book I recommend to anyone: