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A Bounty Of Blue Eyed Escorts From Crush

A Bounty Of Blue Eyed Escorts From Crush

Well Well Well, here we are again, craving gorgeous London escorts and needing to book one. Let’s face it, we all know of that one escort that blew us away and they always 9 times out of 10 have blue eyes. For me, it’s blue eyes all the way and in this article, I will be talking about my favourite London escort agency, Crush escorts and why you should book those with oceans for eyes.

I have booked many escorts from Crush over the years and below I will list a few recommendations of sexy blue eyes escorts that may be the ticket to an erotic breakthrough. Bear in mind there are blue eyes girls of all shapes and sizes so I will try and choose a diverse selection to give the best perspective to new punters when trying to find the very best London escorts.


My Top 3 Blue Eyed Escorts


Name: Ala

Bust Size: 34D

Ala is just one of those girls, has short hair and makes it look absolutely amazing. This gorgeous strawberry blonde is 24 and has a bounty of features that will simply wish you had booked her before. Of course, she has those gorgeous blue eyes but that’s not all that will get you excited. Her slim and athletic figure is full of curves including a pair of 34D breasts that compliment her beauty.

It’s not just her figure that will make you smile as her beauty flows through into her personality and she can quickly make your experience an enjoyable one. If you would like more information about Ala or any of the escorts mentioned her then make sure you visit the website to find the gallery.


Name: Cleopatra

Bust Size: 34E

As you can tell by the name you know exactly what you’re in for, and I have personally experienced Cleo’s erotic side. A sex goddess and nothing less which is truly a memorable experience and one I will obtain again. Although let’s face it how can that be a difficult decision when she harbours an array of sexy features, from long dark brown hair that covers her amazing 34E breasts which are needed to complete her curvaceous figure.

Cleo can be anything you wish her to be but her real self is warm and welcoming and even offers a DUO experience with another escort from Crush. If this is something you are interested in then you can find more on the website.


Name: Naty

Bust Size: 36D

I couldn’t complete a top 3 without including a gorgeous smile, here we have Naty and she has exactly that. Combined with the blue eyes she can easily make your eyes widen when she’s in luxuries lingerie. With this being said it’s only a bonus that her figure is amazing, slim, & curvaceous topped with a pair of 36D breast that will definitely keep your hands busy.

To conclude these escorts in London can really give you a special time and their blue eyes will only amplify your experience. Gaze into them and ride the carpet of bliss, the herb of romance is nothing compared to the love of ocean eyed escorts. Find your true calling, and visit Crush escorts today.


Why High Class Escorts Make Some Of The Best Companions

Why High Class Escorts Make Some Of The Best Companions

The rumours are true: toffs are the least evolved of individuals when it comes to intimacy and expressing their emotions. Demonstrating your feelings towards a woman – in the physical idiom – has been discouraged by the previous generation; all that matters is maintaining strict composure, even in the presence of one of the most beautiful VIP escorts London has to offer. Due to the general stiff approach to love amongst male toffs, their female counterparts have grown to be some of the most licentious of creatures – I say!

That’s right, posh (that irritating word) totties need an outlet which is why there are so many university students in escorting. Many of these elite escorts are from the upper echelons of society. Other young women may have even skipped university to attend a prestigious finishing school in Geneva before indulging in escorting. Whatever the reason, Octavia, for name’s sake, wants to have fun and when she steps through the door as an escort, you will be astounded…

This elite VIP escort has long Sloaney blonde hair, flawless skin and ruddy cheeks that developed from weekend getaways at her country estate – she’s the ultimate English Rose. She is dressed in a luxe blouse, opulent heels and flattering trousers. Makeup? She doesn’t need, or like, it.

This London elite escort is finishing her final year at Imperial, where she studies Spanish and Politics. Dumas and Eliot are her favourite authors and she is also fascinated by musical ontology and ‘other things like that’. She likes to hunt and play piano and is hoping to pursue a career in art valuations. Nevertheless, she’s here to have fun and her penchant for luxury travelling as well as her own expansive interests build her as a true – part-time – elite escort in London.

The irony is that the more you dress a particular subject – in this instance, love – as controversial, hyperbolic and even perilous, the more desirable it will be to explore. Women need attention and if they don’t get it, they will seek it elsewhere. The difference is that some require different levels of adulation than others. This leads me onto the ‘posh’ escort who has spent most her years hushed at the dinner table or told that she cannot associate with that rugged Romeo who lives in that dangerous country which has a Sainsbury’s instead of a Waitrose. She has had to accept invitations from that Etonian boy with egg stains on his collar who courts her for marriage, even though he still hasn’t developed the ping pongs to hold her hand in public [clutches pearls]. It’s no wonder she seeks respite from her predictable routine, carved out by authoritarian figures.

Elite escorts from a particular breeding are the most fun and naughty of individuals. As my friend once said in a cut glass British accent: “I need to make up for lost time darling.”

If you’d like to book your very own high class London escort then head over to Lilith Escort today!


Massage Health Benefits

Massage Health Benefits

Sometimes, complementary therapies really have to fight their corner to be given due credit and taken seriously. So much is written that casts doubt on them or tries to play them down, leaving people with the impression that only conventional medicine and pharmaceutical solutions have any worth. But rest assured, if you’re on your way to your first gay massage appointment, you’re about to receive a treatment with a panoply of health benefits. Not only does it lower your heart-rate, it diminishes the release of harmful stress hormones, too. Now, fortunately, redoubtable Time Magazine has stepped in to remind its readers that massage is a powerful health tool, by highlighting some recent research.

Gay Massage is Better Than Therapy

Firstly, an Australian study, published in NATA journals, shows that just ten minutes of massage can reduce muscle soreness by 30 per cent. Another study demonstrated clearly that amounts of the stress hormone, cortisol, lessened by 31 per cent after massage, while desirable hormones including serotonin and dopamine went up by around 30 per cent. That’s why, when you have gay massage London, you will notice before the appointment is even halfway through, that you’re noticeably less worried about life, and are instead feeling buoyant and cheerful. It’s those two feel-good hormones doing their job.

Male Massage at Tantric Soul

Additional research is beginning to suggest an improvement in immune system strength following massage. What makes massage such an effective treatment is that we all have pressure receptors under our skin. When these are stimulated, all sorts of wonderful things start to happen. There’s an increase in blood-flow to the parts of the brain associated with mood and stress. The vagus nerve, part of the nervous system that affects digestion, respiratory health and heart-rate, becomes more active.

A professional picture of Charles from Tantric Soul

Think about it. All through life, from early childhood onwards, when you’ve banged a knee or bumped a shin, wasn’t your first instinct always to rub the affected area? It’s instinctive. Our bodies are built to respond to massage. Research is looking into just why it is that when we rub a sore point, the soreness lessens, but it’s thought to be partly because our brain is unable to fully register the pain if the touch receptors are activated by rubbing or massage at Tantric Soul.

Leicester Christmas Market – Everything You Need to Know

Leicester Christmas Market – Everything You Need to Know

Leicester is famous for a number of things and during winters, it is the Leicester Christmas Market that people look forward to visiting. If you happen to stay close to Leicester and looking for a fun thing to do, you need to plan your outing in a way so that you can attend the market. If you are worried about being left alone, you can hire the most attractive and gorgeous Leicester escorts here to give you company and keep you entertained throughout your stay here.

All the necessary details that you need to know about the Leicester Christmas Market are discussed below –

Christmas Market

Christmas might be still a little far away to come but the most wonderful time of the year will have an early start with great fun in the festive season. Not only the Christmas lights are being switched on in and around the city centre but also the first ever dedicated Christmas Market of Leicester will be opening for the public. You would be able to experience thousands of glittering lights which would make the city just sparkle.

Opening of the Christmas Market

The Christmas Market which is also known as the Festive Fair is open to the public from the 23rd of November 2017 from 11 am in the morning. There are more than about forty stalls that are set up in adorable chalets, and this free event promises to be one of the highlights of the Christmas calendar in the city of Leicester. The market will be till the 23rd of December 2017 which is the final day of trading, and the timing will be 11 am to 7 pm from Monday to Wednesday, 11 am to 8 pm from Thursday to Saturday and from 11 am to 5 pm on Sundays.

What to Buy?

This market gives you the perfect opportunity to purchase some gifts from artisan gifts to tasty treats. The traders that are based in Leicester, as well as the internationally inspired ones, will be selling a vast variety of things.

Food and Drink

The market will consist of a large variety of food and drink stalls where you can refuel yourself completely after all your shopping is complete. Apart from the food stalls, there would be a fully stocked bar offering a great variety of drinks to the market goers.

If you are excited about your visit to Leicester to attend the market, you will be even more excited once you take a look at our new escorts in Leicester who are waiting to meet you. There is no way you will find escorts who are more beautiful with great bodies. They are aware of their needs and yours too so that the time spent with you is worth the wait. All you need to do is go online, browse through their Leicester gallery and pick the one that you feel most attracted too. All the photos used in the gallery are regularly updated so that you can be sure to get what you book.
Do not wait for a second more and book your appointment with the high-class escorts today before we are all booked out!

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