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The Best Music Venues in Northampton

The Best Music Venues in Northampton

Northampton has a lot on the table in the way of amazing entertainment, there are so many music venues in Northampton that you will find a venue for just about any style and genre of music that takes your fancy. There are also many stunning Northampton escorts that visit these music venues that are known for their truly exceptional vibes, so here is a short blog on the best music venues in Northampton and where you can find what you’re interested in!

The Roadmender

A Photograph of the exterior to roadmender
The Roadmender

The Roadmender is your one stop in Northampton for DJ’s, bands and just about anything that these guys can get their hands on. This venue is a favourite of just about anyone in Northampton, as it plays multiple genres and is also a nightclub after the big bands have cooled down. You’ll find that there have been many famous faces and groups in this venue such as Enter Shikari, and much more that we know will blow your socks off. 1 Lady’s Ln, Northampton NN1 3AH

The Deco

A photograph of the interior of The Deco
The Deco

This venue was once an old cinema that has now been restored and is a dedicated theatre to all sorts of the arts, including of course the live music! You’ll find it to be quite spacious and full of the most interesting architecture that will ultimately lighten your mood as well, the Northampton escorts are avid visitors to this gorgeous venue known as the deco as there is always something truly impeccable going on in here and can always provide you with the lasting entertainment you’ve been looking for. Abington Square, Northampton NN1 4AE

The Picturedrome

A photograph of the exterior to The Picturedrome
The Picturedrome

As you can suffice this is yet another restored and remastered picture house known as the Picturedrome, however this was the first and was built in 1912 which has retained much of its original architecture, this truly accommodating theatre has had a lot of past with it as well as lot of famous faces move within its halls like Frank Bruno. You can tell that this luxurious building is visited by the Northampton escorts and their clientele regularly as they cannot truly get enough of the architecture and just the feeling that this building emanates. 222 Kettering Rd, Northampton NN1 4BN

Introducing London Hotties, a new London escort directory

Introducing London Hotties, a new London escort directory

The Devbuild team has become quite popular as of late. With a few of our team members going big on social media and some of our escort side projects going well, we have actually got followers! Now, that might not confound or astound you as much as it does us, but we never thought our escorting development blog would actually garner favor or audience with anyone. We’re glad to be wrong.

Because today, we have been asked very kindly by the London Hotties to publish a press release for their brand spanking new London Escort Directory. That means we are popular, right?

Having spoken to the owner personally about the development and publication of this new website, we’ve pulled together what we think is a pretty decent introductory post. Unfortunately he does wish to remain anonymous at this current time – which is entirely professional and fair in our business.

Whether you are a client browsing Devbuild Escorts for the latest adult entertainment news, or involved in the escort industry yourself like us: we think you can take away something positive from this article.

Screenshot of the London Hotties escort directory
Above: See the homepage of London Hotties, already filled with a few elegant ladies.

About the London Hotties

If you are one of those gentlemen who books escorts and has scoured the internet in search of the very best; you might have seen similar looking escort directories to London Hotties before. In fact, we have used this very same brand of site when booking our adult entertainment abroad in other countries! We have been told that this London edition of that selfsame website build is completely unaffiliated with the other websites, and therefore while the London Hotties shares that selfsame aesthetic – it is not being run by the same people.

The owners of London Hotties have promised to focus on one core goal whilst bringing their website to fruition and to the forefront of London’s adult industry, and that is connecting professional and reliable escorts with customers in the smoothest way possible. That is what the site promises; and exactly what we’re looking forward to seeing in the near future.


What does the London Hotties Directory offer?

London Hotties Gallery image

Since a fairly formal request was sent to us regarding this London Hotties press release, we wanted to do our due diligence in this post. Therefore, we asked the owner of London Hotties: what can your website offer anyone over the competition? We’ve broken down his response into a bullet point list for

  • Verified & unverified escorts – Why roll the dice on a new provider when you can pick one of the verified London Hotties which guarantees a pleasurable punt?
  • Escort Categories – Looking for a particular type of companion? Search for the ladies who provide the exact London escort service you want.
  • Independent and Agencies – At Devbuild we like our agencies but there is always a market for the independent girls!
  • Regular updates & trimming – To keep the site filled with actively escorting ladies, London Hotties will be consistently maintained.
  • Free listings & adverts – People wanting to post their escort services will have no hassle, it’s easy unless you want to be verified.
  • Mobile Friendly – Shopping for London escorts on the fly on your phone? Not a problem.


How can you benefit from using London Hotties today?

The benefits of using a London escort directory are pretty self explanatory for customers, it is a great third party place to look for escort entertainment in the capital of the United Kingdom. You cannot trust anything on an escort agency or independent escort website, it is designed to draw you in to arrange a booking and spend your money. Escort directories are a little more useful than that; because they generally don’t get anything no matter who you book. This means they tend to be more scrupulous, which is the same impression we are getting with London Hotties (They asked us to do a press release, no scam artist bothers to do that).

On the other hand if you are an escort, you can hop onto London Hotties and sign up pretty easily. No muss, no fuss. As we aren’t escorts ourselves we couldn’t say how it compares to other directories, we don’t spend all day signing up to escort directories.

What London Hotties promises to do is become one of the top London Escort Directory services for both clients and escorts. Easier said than done, but if you wanted an answer to how London Hotties can benefit you; this is how. Get in on the ground floor and take advantage of this website before everybody else does. Because if it does turn out to be one of the major London Escort Directories, you will wish you had used it earlier!


Other Escort Directories in the London Niche

We feel a little horrible linking to some of London Hotties competitors in the same article, but it’s important for you to see the current competition. We would also never sacrifice the integrity of our website for a simple press release, paid or not. Here are some of the currently popular London Escort Directories that we use at Devbuild, we’re putting them at the end as so not to be rude:

  • London Punt – We have always liked London Punt and we are glad to see it is finally gaining traction for bookings in London.
  • Escort Genie – Always happy to see the array of beautiful women on Genie, they never fail to impress.
  • London UK Escorts – This directory has been around for years, and while it isn’t the best it certainly does the trick if you need a companion.

If London Hotties doesn’t sound like your cup of tea (yet), maybe one of these already established London escort directories can fulfill your needs. However, we think London Hotties is quickly going to become the new contender on the London escort scene.

Why You Should Visit Kent with an Escort

Why You Should Visit Kent with an Escort

Kent is a wondrous place, and many people make their way to the area throughout the year. I am here to talk about why you should visit Kent, and of course why you should visit the area with sexy Kent escorts.

There are countless of agencies who have a range of stunning Kent escorts available and anyone can take them out for a date, although when you’re taking an escort out, where would you take her? In this blog I will discuss recommendations of what you can do in Kent with escorts in the area.

Why book Escorts in Kent?

Kent itself is a gorgeous area, and has a charm about it that will certainly make you appreciate the area, experiencing this beauty with gorgeous escorts will only amplify your escorting experience when out in the glorious area of Kent.

Not forgetting the vast array of attractions that anyone can enjoy and you can find them all in Kent. In this next section I will go through the recommendations on what I believe makes a great night out when booking escorts in Kent.

The Mulberry Tree – This gorgeous country restaurant and bar is a superbly well run, relaxed and calm restaurant that happens to have a very comfortable atmosphere. Dining out for some, is a main priority, and this restaurant should definitely meet your needs and requirements, The cuisine is a modern British & European and uses seasonal, free range produces with most if not all being organic. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and will certainly be a great venue for a diner date with Kent escorts of your choice.

The Mulberry Tree Kent

The Hush Heath Winery – This vineyard has character flowing through it like a river, and offers a luxurious tour of one of Kent’s finest vineyards. Not forgetting the Escorts at Sexy Kent Escorts love their wine, and will certainly appreciate a tour around this elegant and charming vineyards. It also offers a warm and welcoming walk around a gorgeous plot, and to get you really excited there is also wine tasting included!

The Hush Heath Winery Kent

This concludes the recommendation for a night and a day out in Kent, and rest assured, your chosen escorts in Kent will be over the moon with the attraction you will see, or the cuisine you get to experience. Make sure you visit their website for more information on the Kent escorts available, this will help you before you decide what to do in this beautiful area.

An exciting alternative to booking escorts – VR Porn!

An exciting alternative to booking escorts – VR Porn!

Warning: This post is NSFW. I know most of our posts aren’t suited for work, but this article in particular contains some fairly raunchy images from the Virtual Porn Website. User discretion is advised!

A recent discovery by the Devbuild escorts team has set the office reeling. Virtual Reality Porn. You may have heard about the Oculus Rift and other Virtual Reality (VR) products popularity soaring in recent years; can you guess why? Porn! That’s right. In fact, according to sources, the premise of VR technology was sold to Japan on Porn potential alone.

Now, at Devbuild we’re big on real, authentic & tangible women. That’s why we throw around our paychecks at cute agency girls instead of masturbating like a regular dude. There’s just no comparison of real promiscuity to watching a smutty sex video scene, wouldn’t you agree? It is undisputable, if not a little expensive.

Well, with the Virtual Porn industry the lines just got a whole lot more mixed up. Slap on a Google Cardboard or HTC Vive and boot up some raunchy stuff from a Virtual Porn Video Website, you will see exactly what we mean.

VR Porn gallery

Take a look at VR Porn for yourself

We’d recommend visiting the Virtual Porn Website if you want to get your hands on a few trailer videos and check out VR Porn for yourself. If you like what you see, you can always buy a couple of videos and try them for yourself, it isn’t that pricey.

Why do we recommend this website? The Virtual Porn Website is the only VR Porn company in the UK, which is where we are based, and where you guys all book your escorts. They still seem to be getting off the ground, but they are already putting out exceptional Virtual Reality porn, groundbreaking stuff that matches and even beats companies like Naughty America. Plus, they are also cheaper!

If you have already beat us to the punch and dived headfirst into the VR Porn industry ages ago, do you have any sites to recommend us? The best site we have so far is the Virtual Porn Website, and we can’t find one better than these guys yet. Leave us a comment if you have suggestions!

Machine VR Porn Scene

Why does Devbuild like VR Porn videos?

Not all of us do, in fact putting on a VR headset makes one particularly old & frisky colleague violently sick. It honestly isn’t for everyone. You may find yourself more confused, sick, or overwhelmed than aroused.

However, as a website claiming to be adult industry experts, we wouldn’t consider ourselves a credible source of information if we hadn’t got to grips with Porn’s latest advancements. Thus, we made it a goal to get everyone in the office to give adult VR a try. It turns out grabbing a couple of videos or a subscription from ANY site will last longer and is significantly cheaper than booking ANY escort. Our money supply is not endless, only our libido!

After a few laughs and conversations with the newest and greatest authorities in the industry, we managed to obtain a couple of headsets to give VR Porn a whirl. See what we found below.

The upsides and downsides of using Virtual Reality Porn

The Devbuild Escorts team has had VR headsets in the office for several weeks now, and almost everyone has ordered Google Cardboard (The boss bought a HTC Vive because he is rich!), and while we have not bought it specifically to watch porn, our eyes have been opened to the wonders & potential of Virtual Reality technology.

NSFW VR Porn image

We have compiled a fairly encompassing list of advantages and disadvantages to using Virtual Reality Porn based on our experience. If this article is piquing your interest so far this is our favorite bit.

Here’s a general overview of what we think are advantages of VR Porn:

  • Far cheaper than booking an escort. It’s £3.99 for a video from the Virtual Porn Website. It is £600 to book from our favorite London escort agency. You can get Google Cardboard for next to nothing too, all you need is a smartphone.
  • Instant gratification. How many times have you had to wait longer than you wanted to meet and enjoy your escort? VR Porn can be accessed wherever you have an internet connection.
  • Completely safe, there’s no need to travel outside of your home or put yourself in harm’s way. The worst thing that could happen is you accidentally buy the wrong video or get overcharged.
  • For some people, it is very immersive and feels very real. While it still doesn’t compare to actually having sex, a good VR Porn video is significantly more arousing than a typical porn vid.
  • With an Oculus Rift or any other top of the line Virtual Reality headset, the porn quality in HD is immense! You need to see it for yourself to believe it.


However, it can’t all be awesome. VR Porn has a few downsides when compared to booking an escort:

  • A decent VR Headset is very expensive (£500 minimum for a decent piece of tech).
  • Some Virtual Porn Websites are trying to cash in, instead of making high quality videos.
  • There’s a chance the whole Virtual Reality Scene won’t work or immerse you (like my poor colleague).
  • You can get fairly cheap but extremely professional (and beautiful!) escorts for £100 an hour from Boss London Escorts, which is less expensive than buying a decent piece of VR tech.


So what does this mean for the escorting industry?

Absolutely nothing really. Escorts will always be popular, and the joke about prostitution being the oldest profession in the world still applies. I’m sure as a connoisseur of gorgeous courtesans, you will heartily agree on us with this.

The early development stages of VR make full immersion in a digital sex scene pretty impossible, if not potentially steamy and arousing at the same time. Until they manage to implement a more interactive version of Virtual Porn (Getting closer every day), the divide between booking an escort and immersing yourself in some X-rated scene on your VR headset is still very large. While a couple of members at Devbuild Escorts now spend one night a month in a locked room with a bunch of lube and their headset, we can only see a few escort booking customers leaving for more virtual pastures.

With big name companies like Sony latching on to VR & making it as accessible as possible on Playstation (see Playstation VR headsets), Virtual Reality becoming the pinnacle of technology advancement seems a certainty. Do we have porn to thank for this? Yes. Tell that to your Grandma the first time she tries out VR.

However, the Virtual Porn Website has taken a step in the right direction: while they aren’t as popular as big industry names like Badoink or Naughty America, the videos produced are at the same standard, if not better.

The most enticing adult performances in Bournemouth with Hardy’s

The most enticing adult performances in Bournemouth with Hardy’s

Bournemouth makes for a fantastic retreat location away from London, which is why the Devbuild team often recommend gentlemen to take a weekend away in Bournemouth if they are looking for top-notch adult entertainment, lots of activities for tourists and holidaymakers, and a few amazing local escort agencies, including our favourite, the illustrious Hardy’s Angels.
Today we will be writing about the many benefits of taking a short vacation to Bournemouth, we aren’t going to lie to you and say it is the best place in UK for a quick holiday (We call Brighton, Blackpool or London for that one), but nobody drives away from a few evenings at this Seaside Resort feeling disappointed. Well, you might do if you risk booking a companion from one of those dodgy looking local agencies, but that’s why we’re throwing the Hardy’s Angels hat into this article – they won’t waste your time or money.
So, assuming you are slightly open to the idea of visiting Bournemouth for an evening – come and read about some of the upsides & hotspots in the local area. We’ve included all of Devbuild’s favorite places, we do strongly suggest you invest an evening at the Smokin’ Aces bar below, it’s quite unique.


Some of the bars in Bournemouth

Promotional graphic for Smokin' Aces

Our top pick – Smokin’ Aces –
While we’re not sure if the Smokin’ Aces bar in Bournemouth chose the name after the film or just because it sounds cool, we’re not going to judge because it is the best & brightest bar in Bournemouth. We were so happy with the drinks & mixology masterclass last time we were going to leave a positive review on Google, looks like everybody else in the world already got to it before us.
If you are spending any stretch of time in the local area and don’t mind a beer or two, Smokin’ Aces is our top recommendation over our two slightly less dazzling, but lovely nonetheless Baroptions below.

Bar So Bournemouth website image

Bar So –
Bar So is the place to go in Bournemouth if you like loud music and a competent nightlife atmosphere – clubbers & ravers indeed need apply. Anyone booking a more party oriented escort from Hardy’s Angels will find Bar So the ideal venue to go and get your dance on. Recommended more for the younger crowd.
The Bar So often hosts rave-eque events and so if you are the type to wrap yourself in glowsticks and jump around in a room full of flashing lasers – go here.
One warning – Bar So is not the place to purchase food! Go somewhere else if you are looking for a meal, the restaurant here is towards the lower end of the culinary food chain.


Coastal Comedy graphic

Coastal Comedy Bournemouth –
As an alternative to the two drinking haunts above, the Coastal Comedy Club offers beverages but also a lively evening atmosphere that is perfectly suited to bring a Bournemouth escort to. We aren’t going to make you any promises that the comedians will be funny, but we do admit to bringing a sum total of 2 escorts to the Coastal Comedy Club on two separate occurences – both of which were thoroughly memorable and highly enjoyable adult encounters.
Don’t pass up the Coastal Comedy Club because it doesn’t sound like the type of place to bring a companion, the banter makes for a great icebreaker and you will probably end up getting more out of your dinner date than you expected!


A Bournemouth restaurant that shouldn’t be missed

welcome to renoufs picture

There are lots of restaurants in Bournemouth worth glancing at, but only one truly perfect for an evening dinner date with a cute courtesan, and that is Renoufs. We are sorry to say that it is number one with a certificate of excellence on Tripadvisor, so Renoufs isn’t a hidden gem. It’s an extremely popular restaurant with a well deserved reputation.

If you have no aversion to hotspots, Renoufs makes for an enticing atmosphere, it feels like the prequel before there is more to come. Exactly the type of feeling you will share, if you bring one of the Hardy’s Angels with you along for the fun! Speaking of, the prize of best service for any type of adult encounter in the Bournemouth area:


The Hardy’s Angels – All of your Bournemouth escort needs

Image of the Hardy's Angels website

The Hardy’s Angels Bournemouth Escorts are the most reputable service for bookings in the local area, and there is a reason for that. They’ve been providinng an array of beautiful escort ladies throughout the Southern UK for years, and Bournemouth happens to be where many of the performers are based.
If you are indeed planning any kind of soiree that requires the deft skills and magnificence of an adult entertainer, incall or outcall – do get in touch with Hardy’s by phone, they don’t mind checking availability and helping you choose the right girl.


Rounding off the vacation – A few activities for your consideration

Aerial shot of Bournemouth
Spending a retreat away in Bournemouth doesn’t have to be all about one evening date, those of you more flush with cash may even be enticed to indulge in a longer arrangement. Gentlemen who enjoy the company of escorts for longer than a day will be happy to find Bournemouth the perfect place to enact all of their GFE fantasies.

  • Tower Park – Tower Park is a rather all encompassing entertainment center, you can always find something to do.
  • Bournemouth Beach & Pier – A pier filled with amenities and fun things to do, with one of the most favoured beaches to enjoy as desired.
  • Bournemouth Pavilion – Those of you who like to take in a show, performance or anything arty should visit the Pavilion’s site and see what’s on.
  • Oceanarian Bournemouth – The perfect place for a day trip, great addition to a sunny day out.

We honestly couldn’t list the sum total of things to keep you in busy while staying in Bournemouth, it would probably take you a while to get bored. Especially when given the right escort, whose company should definitely compliment the entire ride.

For a larger and more comprehensive list of things to do in Bournemouth, we recommend you visit this Adventure Connections guide, it is quite extensive and we don’t think it is necessary to make a more extensive list.

The Undisputable Truth of an Adult Performance in Cambridge

The Undisputable Truth of an Adult Performance in Cambridge

At a first impression Cambridge isn’t the sort of place you would expect to encounter a roving society of gorgeous adult entertainers, but it turns out the area itself is quite the regular haunt for ladies of the night. It isn’t like University students are top escort booking clients; aren’t they supposed to be partying and frolicking with nary a penny to spend? Besides, you don’t tend to pay or conduct a transaction for promiscuous activity whilst in education, it tends to come to you!

On a recent photograph shoot for a personal friend in Cambridge, I found myself alone in the city, without evening entertainment and absolutely nothing to do. As an individual who hasn’t personally booked many escorts before (I work in the industry Developing for Devbuild Escorts, but don’t really sample the merchandise), I thought this the perfect opportunity to book an evening dinner date, followed by a steamy session back at my hotel room.

I have been asked kindly by the Devbuild team to document and write about the evening I spent in Cambridge with one of the adult performers from Bee’s Angels, a new escort service wanting us to give their agency a chance and opportunity to shine. For ladies & gentlemen in Cambridge who engage in nefarious encounters with the fairer sex, this is the perfect read.


The escorts

Delivered by the Bee’s Angels agency in Cambridge

Having no prior notion of which local escort services and agencies were worth checking out in Nottingham, I received a text from a colleague who works on Devbuild recommended I try out the Bee’s Angels escort agency, the owner has contacted our team before requesting some help with promoting their site & improving the experience they provide. Having nothing to lose but some expendable income, I called up Bee’s to check availability and see if they had any ladies around for an evening dinner date. It was a Saturday, so I couldn’t expect any guarantees on the same day short notice.

Fortunately, there were a couple of ladies still available for a booking in Cambridge, more fortunately still I chose the astounding Lucy. Check out the image below to see her profile as it is on the Bee’s Angels site. Pretty, right?

Image of Lucy's escort profile and stats
Granted, the statistics aren’t 100% correct on Lucy’s profile above. Something Bee’s Angels has promised to look at in future.

Now personally, I’m not one for kissing and telling and feel fairly uncomfortable disclosing crude & lewd information – so I don’t feel it is appropriate to talk about the extracurricular activities we got up to, but I can say Lucy made me feel more than comfortable throughout the whole experience. She was perfectly friendly on the date and there was little to no language barrier, and by the time we had finished our meal we could barely wait to get back up to the hotel. Satisfied on all fronts. Good job Bee’s Angels, Lucy I might just have to call you again!

Want to try one of the Cambridge escorts from Bee’s Angels yourself? Visit the site or give them a call today on 07804309116 and they will be happy to introduce you to your favorite companion out of the gallery.


The venue

The Atrium Brasserie & Bar

Having never spent any stretch of time in Cambridge before, I initially wanted to try out one of the area’s top restaurants (Cotto or Midsummer House!), the tables around Cambridge were generally much less available than the ladies from Bee’s Angels! So I settled on some moderately upscale dining in the Atrium Brasserie & Bar, the restaurant in the hotel I was staying at (The Gonville Hotel, mentioned later).

Photograph of the Bar in the Atrium Brasserie
The Atrium interior is actually very pleasant. The food is above average too, not bad for a last minute choice!

What I would like to mention about the Atrium at this point is it was nothing too extravagant. Humble staff, an extensive menu of simple yet appetizing sounding meals, I felt quite relaxed there and Lucy herself also attested to the comfortable atmosphere. The staff were friendly & helpful enough and not invasive, I don’t have any complaints.

How this fairly enjoyable dinner date with Cambridge escort Lucy would compare up to one of the finer restaurant establishments in Cambridge I could not say, but the treatment at Atrium was more than adequate to set off sparks between me and Lucy.


The hotel

The Gonville Hotel

The Gonville is a 4 Star Hotel and actually one of the most popular places to stay in Cambridge. It adopts a somewhat rustic character from the outside whilst the interior has been refurbished to present all the modern amenities. Overall, I couldn’t say the Gonville Hotel stands out from the many others I end up staying at throughout the UK – but it did not let me down and there seemed to be absolutely no issues with me & Lucy getting back to our room.

Promotional image for the Gonville Hotel
The Gonville Hotel website isn’t completely helpful, I do suggest you call them up if you are considering booking a room.

The room I rented for the evening at the Gonville was a classic double, it had a nice bed and was well prepared for our entry. I did consider splashing out on a superior double considering I had an adult performer joining me for the night, but the in room valet system sounded like it would be intrusive and a mood breaker to me.

Phone: 01223 366611

Address: CB1 1LY

Want to learn more about the Gonville Hotel or the Atrium Brasserie & Bar? Additional information can be found on Gonville’s website.


Until next time?

This has been one of the most enjoyable articles I have had the pleasure of wrapping up. The only disappointment I encountered during 24 hours in Cambridge was not getting the table I wanted at Cotto! Usually far more goes wrong than that. Thank you Bee’s Angels, and especially thank Lucy, once again. In conclusion, the indisputable truth of an adult performer in Cambridge is yes, yes & yes.


How Tantra Can Improve Your Relationships With Yourself and Others Around You

How Tantra Can Improve Your Relationships With Yourself and Others Around You

When re-watching one of my favorite TV shows I saw a grown man completely have an emotional meltdown over being told repeatedly to be open.

He simply had no idea what that meant and when he was asked to do it more than a couple of times he yelled at the producers “What does that even mean? What do I have to do to be emotionally open?” before completely walking off the set in order to ‘calm down.’

While many people might see this as reality television being scripted the fact that many adults don’t know how to be emotionally open is quite troubling.

So what can you do to be emotionally open? It’s something that’s highly important in order to be able to have successful relationships with people so it’s important to know how to get there. In lieu of that we’ve come up with a list of simple exercises and activities you can do to achieve this emotional openness:

  • Write your feelings down: For some people talking is the problem because when we verbalize our feelings we feel we’re given them power over us. Instead take your time to write down how you feel and show someone you trust.
  • Have a tantric massage session: Tantric massages use physical contact to bring out the feelings from within. Sometimes a hug, a pat or even a glance can be the first steps to being emotionally open. Through Tantra you also learn how to take that openness and turn it into pleasure and not pain.It’s also quite fun and doing something that’s so out there will take your mind off the fact you’re actually stepping outside your comfort zone and learning something new.

    There are many tantric massage agencies out there such as Bespoke Tantric which are well suited to helping you open your emotions. One of our favourite agencies out there is London Tantric, which you can find on their website at We’ll cover a couple more of these in a later article though, so don’t worry about this for now.

  • Meditate together: tantric massages often offer a meditation beforehand so be sure to ask your masseuse but you can also simply meditate at home.Just take a couple of minutes to hold someone’s hand and sit in silence together. You might feel this is contrary to communicating but just being able to share a space with someone and hold their hand is a good way to start the process.

Now That We’ve Covered Being More Open, Let’s Discuss how You Can Make More Time for Yourself

As we all know, it’s easy to get a little out of touch after the Christmas period after having so much free time to do whatever you like, but now that the holidays are over for most it’s time for us to settle back down into our daily routines.

Work comes first usually but considering the fact that this is a new year, perhaps it’s time to start factoring in some time for ourselves where the most important person is no one else but you. Yes, this sounds rather selfish but sometimes we need to be selfish if we want to be healthy.

Saying no for a couple of hours while you lose yourself in a guided path of seduction is not going to make anyone love you any less or make your work thumbnailany less important. What it does is make you the number one character in your life for the time being.

Tantric massages are wonderful that way, in just a couple of hours a week you can have the relaxation you’ve been waiting for your entire life. It’s a wonderful way to get close to someone and have your time be focused on nothing other than you and your needs.

When you start to feel the masseuse’s hands and body simply glide all over you and take you with them on a journey of satisfaction and sexual discovery you’ll be able to shut off everything else in your life for long enough to remember what the important things are.

Who is the most important person in your life? Well, for the duration of your massage you will stand tall and be able to proclaim that you and no one else is the king of your time for now.

This activity should be factored into your time as not only will it help you wind down and relax during it but thanks to the teachings you will get from it you’ll begin to see changed both in your work and in your personal life.

You’ll begin to open up, to connect and to accept and give more pleasure, joy and tranquility than you’ve ever had before. This is all possible if you just set aside a couple of hours in your busy schedule for yourself and for someone to come and teach you the ways of tantric massages.

So How Can a Tantric Massage Help You?

So after reading all that, you’re thinking about getting a tantric massage, awesome. However you might be wondering what a tantric massage can do for you- other than the obvious seventh heaven of pleasure you’re going to be feeling.

Well of course there are benefits but it’s important to remember just one tantric massage will not be enough to get all the scope of benefits described here, that’s like eating a kale salad once and thinking you’re going to lose 5 pounds and have glowing skin. Thankfully, unlike kale salads, tantric massages are completely enjoyable and will often keep you coming back for more. So here are a couple of ways in which tantric massages can help you other than sexually.

For your health

It’s not a secret that people who have more satisfying sex lives also have better health and there are plenty of studies to back this up. The reasons for this are highly scientific and not sexy at all but in short when you feel good your body knows it and starts producing chemicals that signal your organs to work better and your immune system to get a little boost. So feel good on the outside will mean feeling good on the inside too.

For your mind

Along with your health being improved your mind will also be getting a cocktail of good chemicals and also oxygenation and relaxation. You know what it’s like being at work and being completely overwhelmed to the point of not doing anything?

Or being so stressed that the idea of reading yet another email from your kids’ school makes you want to hurl or the fact you have yet another assignment due and can’t even start it? Well once you’re relaxed those things stop being such a hassle and you can find creative ways to solve problems. It’s just another reason people who have great relationships take less time off of work.

For your self esteem

Finally, your self-esteem will get quite the rim job… Oh yes, it seems that having a beautiful woman completely devote her time and energy to make you feel the best you can feel can have quite the positive effect on you.

Not to mention that the release of energy you get from tantric massages just feels amazing. When you see what your body can do and the effects it has in every other area of your life you will be hooked right away and want to always keep coming back for more.

A Guide to Booking Model Escorts

A Guide to Booking Model Escorts

So you have managed to pluck up the courage and have decided that you want to go out and meet an absolutely stunning lady. With the sheer amount of gentlemen looking to spend an evening being charmed by an attentive and attractive young lady many turn towards escort agency’s to help them find the perfect companion.

Inside our guide to booking model escorts you will find some of the best ways to find reliable providers and the best girls who are available for affordable rates. This is because although you may find a reliable provider of model escorts the girls they have available may not be what you are looking for due to the location they are in or the rates which they charge.

In this guide to booking model escorts you will notice that you don’t need to break the bank to be accompanied by an incredibly beautiful companion, you just need to be looking in the right places. It is important that you have an understanding of what a model escort is and how they differ from a regular escort.

What is a Model Escort?

A model escort is a lady with a gorgeous model like appearance but that is not all what makes them a model escort is because on top of providing escort services they will often work as a part time model or do some kind of part time modelling. Examples of this could be that there are model escorts who work in part time fashion such as lingerie or perhaps they are featured in glamour magazines showing of their phenomenal physiques!

On the other hand a regular escort will often work full time as an escort dedicating themselves to escorting. When you compare a regular escort to a model escort you will notice that typically the models rates will be higher, this is because modelling for these girls is essential and looking glamourous is a speciality every model escort must possess if they are to be successful.

As you may imagine standing out from the crowd for sexy model escorts can be difficult because there is very little to separate the girls when they are inside an extensive gallery of beautiful models. If you take a look through some of the reliable providers you will notice they offer a wide variety of models of all shapes and sizes. This can make coming to your final decision for who to book a difficult one. Our advice is that you take your time, explore each girl profile fully and perhaps even ask the agency who they recommend if you are unsure.

Finding a Reliable Model Escorts Provider

Now that you have a good amount of information about model escorts, the next step can be a challenge for most gentlemen and that is finding a reliable provider. Now finding a provider who you can trust is essential and once you have found them I highly recommend that you stick with them to avoid bad booking experiences from agency’s who are pretending to be someone they are not.

To save you the trouble of searching for model escort websites we have selected a couple of examples below who we feel provide the best model London escort service and why.

Megan’s Models

Megans Models Website

  • Megan’s Models –
  • Friendly & Reliable Service
  • Small & Tidy selection of model London escorts
  • Wide Variety of Rates
  • 24/7 Service

Casino London Models

Casnino London Models Website

  • Casino London Models –
  • Over 200 Model London Escorts from around the world
  • Covers Many London Locations
  • Type Search allows users to find models down to their preference
  • Sign up to become a member and gain access to members only pictures and videos

Now that you are aware of a couple of trustworthy model London escort providers the next step is to familiarize yourself with their services. Browse through their websites take in all the information they have to offer so that you can go into your booking confident with an idea of what to expect.

Plan your encounter with a Model Escort

As mentioned earlier it is important you take your time when choosing a model escort, take in the information on her profile such as the location, rates and whether she is available for incall, outcall or both. With this information accounted for you can begin to plan your booking with one of the sexy model London escorts.

Once you have gotten in touch with the agency it may be worth reading further information to get you prepared for your encounter with a model escort. This is most important if it is your first time booking an escort, you may not have a full understanding of how to treat an escort but don’t worry there is plenty of information online to help you.

Creating the best first impression with a Model Escort

The best way to create a good long lasting first impression when you meet your chosen model escort for the first time is to prepare yourself for the booking. Whether your booking is incall or outcall this will affect how you should prepare yourself for the booking.

Your chosen escort will arrive looking fabulous to say the very least therefore you should also put the effort in to look smart and well dressed. You can even go a further step and get a small gift for a model escort such as some lovely flowers or perhaps some posh chocolates.

There are many benefits to creating a great first impression, model escorts adore a true gentlemen so we highly recommend this is how you should present yourself. This will lead to the escort feeling more comfortable with your company allowing the booking to run smoothly as it should with any of the professional model escorts. If you are looking for further escort advice you can find many useful resources online that are well worth a read.

We hope this guide to booking model escorts has given you a greater understanding of what model escorts are, where you can find them and how you should conduct yourself when booking their unforgettable company.

An Overview of the Benefits of Tantric Massage

An Overview of the Benefits of Tantric Massage

Experience a Tantric Massage and Get Your Head in the Game

One of the most difficult things we have to face in today’s society is the need to work or not be able to do much. As someone who works from home it can be hard for me to not get up at noon and do nothing until my deadline is upon me and I always feel like those days my head simply isn’t in the game.

Even when I worked in an office environment I found that there came a time in the week where I was simply fumbling through my tasks and unable to concentrate. When I would get home I kept hoping a reparative sleep would take care of my scattered mind but I would wake up the next day feeling the exact same way.

What I would do before was just wait it out and eventually my drive would come back and I’d be able to get it together. My reasoning was that these were just a couple of rough weeks… What I didn’t realize was that during those weeks I was completely miserable.

Being completely miserable is simply not going to cut it. We only have a limited time in this world and I wanted to make the best of my time. That’s Tantric Massage Londonthe reason I started attending tantric massage London sessions.

When I was having a hard time I’d simply call up my masseuse and book an appointment which meant I had something to look forward to. When the massage finally happened and I could feel the closeness of my masseuse’s body against mine I would just release so much negativity in the most pleasurable way possible. When I went to work the next day it was as if I had put new batteries in.

Thanks to feeling like I could release my negativity in a sensual way I suddenly realized that I could concentrate better, work longer and also say no when the time came to say no. I just learned to love myself enough and love taking care of myself and giving myself pleasure.

It’s been an amazing experience to work with Chiara and I recommend anyone in London looking for a pick me up to book a massage and get their heads back in the game.

Of course, when recommending this, it’s important to answer a few questions about tantric massages.

Can I enjoy a Tantric Massage Without any Prior Sexual Experience?

There is a semi-valid association with being sexually experienced and having tantric massages. It’s common that men and women become aware of tantric massages due to wanting to be more impressive in bed, so people think that everyone having tantric massages are having a ton of sex after. This might be true but it’s also true that people who are sexually inexperienced can benefit so much from starting tantric massages early on.

An amazing thing about having little to no sexual experience and starting tantric massages is that you can start off ‘right’ and learn what you want and what you should be doing in order to be confident during sexual intercourse.

Emily from Tantric Dolls
Emily from Tantric Dolls

Since tantric massages are, as they’re called, a massage and not intercourse if you’re worried about having sex that’s not what is happening here. Here you’re learning, you’re enjoying and you’re skipping a ton of years of sexual frustration simply because you went the road less travelled.

For anyone thinking of having a massage and being scared that the masseuse will notice that they aren’t sexually active or haven’t had a lot of sex just let all those fears go because masseuses don’t care about your sexual history unless there’s something specific about it you want to fix. All kinds of people come to tantric massages and the fact you’ve had little or no experience doesn’t mean you’re somehow disqualified from a tantric massage.

If anything it means you came at the right time. You’ll be able to learn and grow in a way that most people only dream they could have done themselves and don’t worry about how far you’re going to go or what your masseuse is going to do.

One of the most important aspects of tantric massages is that you feel comfortable at all times because otherwise you’re not going to enjoy it and the whole point of tantric massages is to enjoy them! So, if your lack of sexual experience is stopping you from making a booking don’t let that be your excuse anymore and if you want to have a tantric massage book one regardless of your previous experience.

Can I Really Experience a Full Body Orgasm Through Tantra?

One of the most sought after experiences of a tantric massage is the full body orgasm. This ‘orgasm’ isn’t something that you get in just one area of your body but more of a complete body experience that also involves your mind.

Before you think this is completely holistic and not at all scientific there are actual scientific studies touching on how this form of orgasm is achieved and also how much more beneficial it is than simple ejaculation.

So, when people arrive ready to have a tantric full body orgasm they’re expecting nothing short of fireworks. However a couple of people that go into tantric massages realize that they might have had these full body orgasms before without a masseuse. So, why and how does this happen?

First of all it’s important to note that nothing a tantric masseuse does is rocket science, all the knowledge they share with you is basic human instincts that we have sort of forgotten over the years of repressing our sensuality into what is ‘acceptable’ by society.

Of course tantric masseuses have learned how to effectively use this knowledge in order to help you get the most out of your natural stimuli.

That’s why some people have had full body orgasms without having a tantric massage before, they were somehow able to tap into that part of themselves and also waited out on their pleasure long enough to have it. This is not common but completely possible.

The difference between this and having a tantric massage London is that tantric massages are a learning experience and not a simple fluke here and there. Through having a tantric massage regime you will not only learn how a full body orgasm feels but how to achieve it on your own (with the help of a sexual partner) whenever you please.

It’s this knowledge that makes masseuses so valuable and they spend years of practice and formation in order to be able to teach you the knowledge they hold in a way that is both enjoyable and effective.

Can Tantric Massages Really Cure Premature Ejaculation?

One of the most common reasons younger men come to tantric masseuses is for help with their premature ejaculation. Just to make it clear there is no set time for someone to consider that they have premature ejaculation.

Usually, however, men that ejaculate before a minute or two are considered to be suffering from premature ejaculation but it’s important to note that this might happen at some point in every man’s life and not be considered as suffering from PE. However of you experience any of the following then you are considered to have PE:

  • You continuously (always or nearly all the time) ejaculate within one minute of penetration.
  • You can’t to delay ejaculation during intercourse at all (so your body seems to control you and not the other way around.
  • Avoid intimacy due to your lack of control of your orgasms. This comes accompanied with frustration and anger.

So say you’re in one of these categories and would like a tantric masseuse to help you with that. Well the first thing you need to do is relax, you’ve come to the right place. Tantric masseuses deal with this often and there’s not one that will be judgmental of your ailments and she will definitely not look down on you.

What you need to know is one tantric massage won’t solve your issues but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one. Having a tantric massage will help you realize that your problem is there but it can be taken care of.

With more massages you will learn how to not have your body run away with you and how sometimes even if you were to ejaculate prematurely it doesn’t mean that sex can’t be satisfying for you. There are many ways your masseuse will try to get to the bottom of your problem and with patience and a good outlook you will begin to deal with your problem with breathing and relaxing techniques.

Premature ejaculation is not the end of your sex life and if you begin a tantric journey with Tantric Dolls it can actually be the beginning of great and wonderful sex.

Tantric Massages can Help Manage Erectile Dysfunction

One of the many issues that plague young men today is actually Erectile Dysfunction. That seems pretty crazy because this is something most men don’t complain about until they’re well into their silver fox years, however studies have shown that in the U.K. (London in particular) many men under the age of 45 already are unhappy with their sex lives and cite the main reason as being that they simply cannot perform due to problems pertaining to erectile dysfunction.

In case you’re unfamiliar erectile dysfunction is the term used for when a man cannot maintain or even get a full erection. This is not to be confused with our previous point on premature ejaculation, which, as we highlighted, is when a man ejaculates within 2 minutes of initiating sex.

So how can tantric massages help men fight erectile dysfunction?

Well for a start it’s important to figure out the exact cause of the problem. There are actually many causes but the main three are physical, psychological and relationship based. If it’s a physical problem then the therapies will be based on getting to know exactly what needs to be done to take care of said physical problem.

If this is not possible tantric massages can also help you by reminding you that the penis is only part of a whole and that you as a whole can both have and offer pleasure without the use of that singular body part.

With the other two options (relationship and psychological) it’s more a question of figuring out how to counter the effects these things have on you. It might be teaching you how to relax, how to understand your body and how to be able to control yourself through breathing and being present.

Relationships are tricky but a lot of the times what’s going on is that there are a lot of suppressed emotions about the relationship that might make it impossible to be intimate. Through tantric massages you’ll be able to break down the walls you’ve put in place in order to keep your partner out and deal with the emotions healthily so you can both go back to enjoying each other physically.

Beware Though: Tantric Massages Aren’t a Miracle Cure!

There are many articles out there and even in this very website about how tantric massages have incredible healing properties. All of these claims (or at least the ones we’ve read and post here) are real and should never be overlooked but sometimes we forget to mention how long will it take for the massages to truly show their full potential.

Many people seem to think that with one massage or two they can be cured of whatever they come to us with and sometimes even think they’ll be able to hold off orgasms for hours and become the ultimate intimate partner. Sadly, they are wrong.

Chiara from London Tantric
My Masseuse from London Tantric, Chiara

Tantric massages are not a miracle cure and you will not be able to fully get the scope of them in a couple of massages. It takes time to build up endurance and time to let your body heal of whatever ailment you might come to us with.

One tantric massage is good to dip your feet in the waters of pleasure and you will have an experience unlike any other because these tantric masseuses are truly experts, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll experience all there is during that one session.

Time and time again people say tantric massages aren’t a touch-and-go experience and that is so true especially if you go back and truly take your tantric journey seriously. This is like starting any exercise regime or any other activity to better yourself.

You can’t be a master at meditating in one session or even ten, you can’t run a marathon after never having ran in your life.

You need to keep in mind that Tantra is just like any other form of therapy which takes time to completely work but also remember that the process to getting where you want to be is also extremely enjoyable.

Don’t let your first tantric experience be marred with ideas of miracle cures and unreachable goals, instead enjoy it for what it truly is: a first step into a path that can lead you to many great things and much more pleasure than you ever dreamed of.

Now that we’ve gained a basic understanding of Tantric massages and what they have to offer, it’s time to call it a day. Have a good read over the points outlined above and think about whether or not you would really benefit from a tantric encounter.

As I’ve just pointed out, this is no miracle cure, you won’t just suddenly get better in bed, you won’t just suddenly be cured of your premature ejaculation, but rather you will begin a journey to a more sensual sex life and understand more about what you want and what other people want, learning exactly how important these things are to an enjoyable evening.

Blood Clots

Blood Clots

Another perfect guy from Tantric Soul

Blood clots. Just seeing the words is frightening. We think of these things as silent killers that could be forming within us at any given moment. It feeds into primal fears, and the fears are exacerbated by tabloid health stories that leave us in a near-hypochondriac state. But, as with any fears, getting clued up is the answer. Just as building relaxing treats into your life, such as gay massage in London, is important for overall health, so is knowledge.

First, let’s grasp the fact that our blood’s ability to clot is a good thing. When we’re injured, it’s vital that our blood clots at the site of the injury, forming a dam to prevent excessive bleeding. Just think of those poor haemophiliacs who lack the ability to clot properly – it’s incredibly dangerous. But when does clotting blood stop being a help and became a menace? That’s when clots show up in our systems when and where they’re not needed. Particularly grave is the blood clot that forms in the deep veins near our muscles. These spell not only pain but also danger. You may have heard of this under the name Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and it’s no laughing matter. These clots cause jams in our circulation, meaning that our blood cannot flow around our bodies properly and get where it’s needed. And if these clots break from their moorings and travel into our lungs, it gets nastier still because this is when we’re in danger of a pulmonary embolism (PE) – a clot which prevents our internal organs from getting the oxygen and blood they so dearly need. It’s a sorry state of affairs, to be sure, because now we’re talking fatalities and there’s no coming back from that. And if we do survive, it may be that we’ve incurred terrible damage to our lungs and other organs. Keeping in shape can help reduce our risk of these nasties, but it also pays to know the warning signs. These are:

A swollen limb. One typical sign of DVT is a puffed-up arm or leg. Blood can start pooling behind the clot, leading to a swollen limb. So if you have a limb that bloats up quite suddenly (and is painful) take action.

Pain. This can occur on its own or in tandem with swelling and/or redness. It’s a kind of pain that can be confused for muscle cramp/strain, leading to mis-diagnosis. The pain associated with DVT will often strike when you’re strolling or when you flex your foot upwards. Have your doctor take a closer inspection.

Red skin. DVT causes the affected limb to go red – redder than a normal bruise-colour. You will also find that the limb (arm or leg) is warm to the touch.

Chest pains. You may think, ‘Heart attack!’ when in fact it’s a sign of pulmonary embolism. The pain will be like a sharp stab, and what distinguishes it from heart attack pain is that there’ll be a worsening on the intake of breath. And the pain will continue getting more intense with each additional breath.

We wouldn’t blame you if you needed gay massage in London after taking in this rather worrying information. Just before we conclude, the other symptoms to look out for include shortness of breath, racing heart and unexplained cough. When in doubt, go straight to Accident and Emergency.