Benefits of Red Wine

Benefits of Red Wine

It’s been doing the rounds of the magazine and newspaper health pages for decades now. In fact, it’s written about so often that sometimes our eyes glaze over when we see yet another piece about how red wine is good for you. But it’s the story that won’t go away for a reason; there’s increasingly proper research and substance to it, so it’s more than just filler for lazy editors looking to fill pages. In fact, there’s so much going for it that you could do worse than to have a glass the next time you’re enjoying male massage London.

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So what is it exactly that makes this grownup beverage so good for the body? Well, researchers based at Washington University, St. Louis, in Missouri, have now discovered that for women looking to get pregnant, a daily glass of red wine boosts fertility. This information may be of little use for single men or men in same-gender relationships, but it’s a breakthrough all the same. Prior to this, we already knew that there was something special about the drink and that it mainly came down to one ingredient – resveratrol. This is an antioxidant that occurs naturally in cocoa, blueberries and, you guessed it, red grapes. This wonder-substance has a neat trick up its sleeve; it acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, getting to work on the inflammation-causing molecules in the body and suppressing them. And that’s not all – resveratrol also tinkers with the parts of the blood that can play havoc with the production of insulin, helping to keep them in check. It’s also thought to increase life-expectancy. No small feat.

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Additional research by the NWRI (National Wine Research Institute) advises that a little red wine – an amount roughly equivalent to a glass or two a day – can do absolute wonders for cardiovascular health. This translates to a thirty per cent reduction in the likelihood of heart disease. It’s all about moderation; if you find yourself knocking back two bottles a day or drinking it in the morning, then it’s time to look for help. But if, like most people, you use red wine as a pleasurable companion to meals and socialising, rather than as a crutch or an escape, then it’ll do you lots of good. Perhaps you can complement the benefits by drinking it in along with regular male massage London.

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The list of this magic drink’s benefits goes on and on. Did you know, for example, that it sets to work on the bacteria in your mouth, helping to keep your teeth in good health? Even more surprisingly, it helps maintain motor health in the elderly, so that they’re less likely to develop problems with balancing and mobility. So if you’re booking male massage London, why not pour yourself a glass of this miracle drink at the same time, kick back and let the healing begin? 

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