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Musicians Born in London

Musicians Born in London

London has and had a lot of famous faces born from within it and the most famous are its musicians so here is a short list of the most famous musicians born in London;

David Bowie

David Bowie has been said to been one of the biggest heroes to thousands of people across the planet, he was born in London and started his career in London quickly rising as one of the biggest pop and abstract hits of his time, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame in 1996 and made his final album just two days before his death shocking millions all over the world.

Pete Townshend

Famous guitarist of The Who was born in London in 1945, Pete began his solo career in 1972 with his first album Who Came First, eventually he met his group at college and soon evolved into The Who, who we all know has had a giant effect on rock and roll and he like David Bowie is now in the Rock and Roll hall of fame, he was known in The Who for his infamous antics as a guitarist and at the end of most shows and concerts he would destroy his guitar.

John LydonJohn Lydon - 2010.jpg

Best known for his influence as lead singer in the sex pistols and being awarded a number of awards to which some he personally turned down, John Lydon to many in the UK is a hero and has made a huge contribution to the music industry and with his old band the Sex Pistols they’ve gained much notoriety and have all been nominated for many awards.

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