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A Guide to Booking Model Escorts

A Guide to Booking Model Escorts

So you have managed to pluck up the courage and have decided that you want to go out and meet an absolutely stunning lady. With the sheer amount of gentlemen looking to spend an evening being charmed by an attentive and attractive young lady many turn towards escort agency’s to help them find the perfect companion.

Inside our guide to booking model escorts you will find some of the best ways to find reliable providers and the best girls who are available for affordable rates. This is because although you may find a reliable provider of model escorts the girls they have available may not be what you are looking for due to the location they are in or the rates which they charge.

In this guide to booking model escorts you will notice that you don’t need to break the bank to be accompanied by an incredibly beautiful companion, you just need to be looking in the right places. It is important that you have an understanding of what a model escort is and how they differ from a regular escort.

What is a Model Escort?

A model escort is a lady with a gorgeous model like appearance but that is not all what makes them a model escort is because on top of providing escort services they will often work as a part time model or do some kind of part time modelling. Examples of this could be that there are model escorts who work in part time fashion such as lingerie or perhaps they are featured in glamour magazines showing of their phenomenal physiques!

On the other hand a regular escort will often work full time as an escort dedicating themselves to escorting. When you compare a regular escort to a model escort you will notice that typically the models rates will be higher, this is because modelling for these girls is essential and looking glamourous is a speciality every model escort must possess if they are to be successful.

As you may imagine standing out from the crowd for sexy model escorts can be difficult because there is very little to separate the girls when they are inside an extensive gallery of beautiful models. If you take a look through some of the reliable providers you will notice they offer a wide variety of models of all shapes and sizes. This can make coming to your final decision for who to book a difficult one. Our advice is that you take your time, explore each girl profile fully and perhaps even ask the agency who they recommend if you are unsure.

Finding a Reliable Model Escorts Provider

Now that you have a good amount of information about model escorts, the next step can be a challenge for most gentlemen and that is finding a reliable provider. Now finding a provider who you can trust is essential and once you have found them I highly recommend that you stick with them to avoid bad booking experiences from agency’s who are pretending to be someone they are not.

To save you the trouble of searching for model escort websites we have selected a couple of examples below who we feel provide the best model London escort service and why.

Megan’s Models

Megans Models Website

  • Megan’s Models –
  • Friendly & Reliable Service
  • Small & Tidy selection of model London escorts
  • Wide Variety of Rates
  • 24/7 Service

Casino London Models

Casnino London Models Website

  • Casino London Models –
  • Over 200 Model London Escorts from around the world
  • Covers Many London Locations
  • Type Search allows users to find models down to their preference
  • Sign up to become a member and gain access to members only pictures and videos

Now that you are aware of a couple of trustworthy model London escort providers the next step is to familiarize yourself with their services. Browse through their websites take in all the information they have to offer so that you can go into your booking confident with an idea of what to expect.

Plan your encounter with a Model Escort

As mentioned earlier it is important you take your time when choosing a model escort, take in the information on her profile such as the location, rates and whether she is available for incall, outcall or both. With this information accounted for you can begin to plan your booking with one of the sexy model London escorts.

Once you have gotten in touch with the agency it may be worth reading further information to get you prepared for your encounter with a model escort. This is most important if it is your first time booking an escort, you may not have a full understanding of how to treat an escort but don’t worry there is plenty of information online to help you.

Creating the best first impression with a Model Escort

The best way to create a good long lasting first impression when you meet your chosen model escort for the first time is to prepare yourself for the booking. Whether your booking is incall or outcall this will affect how you should prepare yourself for the booking.

Your chosen escort will arrive looking fabulous to say the very least therefore you should also put the effort in to look smart and well dressed. You can even go a further step and get a small gift for a model escort such as some lovely flowers or perhaps some posh chocolates.

There are many benefits to creating a great first impression, model escorts adore a true gentlemen so we highly recommend this is how you should present yourself. This will lead to the escort feeling more comfortable with your company allowing the booking to run smoothly as it should with any of the professional model escorts. If you are looking for further escort advice you can find many useful resources online that are well worth a read.

We hope this guide to booking model escorts has given you a greater understanding of what model escorts are, where you can find them and how you should conduct yourself when booking their unforgettable company.

Natural Antibiotics

Natural Antibiotics

Our immune systems are the wonderful and, to most of us, mysterious internal defenses against illness and infection – like little soldiers concealed within the human body, helping us to thrive. We don’t have to guide them with our thoughts – we’re not even necessarily aware that there they are, toiling night and day to keep us as safe as possible. Of course, we all go through times when nature is not enough and we need to turn to the GP or the medicine cabinet or both to get us through a particularly galling bug or virus. It’s also worth bearing in mind that we can find a lot of the help we need through our diets – yes, there are natural antibiotics lurking within some of the ingredients with which we prepare lunches and dinners. Added to that is the benefit we can accrue with regular gay massage in London, which provides a soothing balm both to the mind and the body but let’s look first at the different ingredients we can add to our diets in order to benefit from health-giving effects.

An Image of Ground Turmeric.
Ground Turmeric


This is the brightly-hued yellow spice so often used in curries, adding colour and a rich, sensual flavour. Astonishingly, it has anti-MRSA properties whether ingested conventionally through the mouth or applied topically. Don’t take our word for it – you’ll find an abundance of information about turmeric’s benefits online.

An image of Honey


This is the lovely gift to the world from Bees, it has antibacterial properties and can assist with the healing of  physical wounds, whether eaten or used directly on skin.

An image of a bottle of Collodial Silver
A bottle of Colloidal Silver.

Colloidal Silver

This here is a more controversial one because you’ll find as much stuff online celebrating colloidal silver as you will debunking it and thoroughly trashing it. It’s left to us to make up our own mind. Those in favour of it talk of how, before 1938, it was used by doctors to deal with bacteria. They point to the fact that it has a far less harsh effect on the Liver and Kidneys than conventional antibiotics And they recall how it was used by the Ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks to combat illness.

An image of the packaging of the herb Echinacea in tablet form.
Vitabiotics Echinacea Tablets


This is a more well-known herb that lots of people turn to when a cold or cough or sore throat attacks their poor bodies. It’s been shown to boost t-cells, which help maintain the number of anti-bodies in your system. It also assists white blood cells to withstand viruses. If you’ve never tried it, give it a go the next time you’re fighting a cold. Since the autumn is under way, this could be sooner than you think.

And don’t forget to enhance the benefits of these four ingredients/supplements with gay massage in London, so that you’re in fantastic form all year long.

Having a Great Night Out with a London Escort

Having a Great Night Out with a London Escort

London is one of the most amazing cities in the world and to drink here is an experience that everyone should try, because it’s not like anywhere else it is truly an experience. The stunning London escorts are said to be the most reputable and best people to go out drinking with to. So here is a short list of a great night out with a London escort;

A professional photograph of one of the London escorts
A London escort

Starting off

If you’re new to London and don’t have really an idea about the best bars and clubs that’s fine, because your chosen London escort will know the city like the back of her gracious hand, not only that but you can ask one of our helpful receptionists as they can also guide you in the direction of the best in London. You’ll realise soon enough that your London escort will also come across as one of the most genuine girls dressed to impress you, as you’re here only desire for the night.

An image of one of the London escorts from Rachaels London escorts
London escort

Having a great night

So by now you’ve been to an exquisite restaurant and you’re now in a bar with your gorgeous London escort enjoying some cocktails or something a bit more alcoholic. You’ll soon realise that your chosen London escort won’t be able to keep her eyes off you as she’ll be throwing compliments at you left right and centre, stroking your ego so much until you absolutely fall for her. By this stage we will be able to tell that you and her will be dancing like mad and getting to know each other on a more intimate level.

A professional image of one of the gorgeous London escorts
Another London escort

Finishing off your night

We know you won’t want it to end but all great things must come to an end, however we say the best way to end such a fantastic experience is by getting you and your London escort into a hotel for the night and having a lot of seductively kinky fun. All of our girls however are the best of the best in London and are easily relatable and stunningly gorgeous, so we understand that it’s quite hard to pick out of all of them.

Booking Carmens Secrets London Escorts

Booking Carmens Secrets London Escorts

When you book London escorts there are some things that are needed to remember especially when you booking with an agency like ourselves Carmens Secrets. When you have picked your dream companion out from our gallery page the first thing you need to remember is that all the escorts that an agency like ourselves chooses to work alongside are the highest class and most glamorous escorts you will find anywhere in the city of London. What does that mean? Well when these London escorts enjoy a booking with a client they are used to being treated like a princess whether that means treating to them to high class cuisine or maybe some of London’s incredible nightlife that the city is renowned for.

When you are looking in London for a location to enjoy the company of your London escort then it can be a quite stressful experience with how many luxurious locations this city has situated in it, knowing the difference between all the these locations and knowing which one is for you isn’t easy that’s for sure. Depending on what you are looking for in the venue you wish to host you and your London escorts you can never go wrong with enjoying some quality cuisine with your companion a place like the Amaya Restaurant Grill & Bar which serves brilliant Indian food and the atmosphere in this venue is a lovely place to enjoy a romantic meal with your companion.

If you like to think of yourself of a real party animal then you will adore the city of London that’s for sure with the amount of high class nightclubs that are based here. Taking your London escorts to the nightclubs Heaven will be an experience that neither you or your companion will forget any time soon the atmosphere is something anyone who loves to enjoy a good night out will appreciate that’s for sure.

Top 4 London Escorts

Top 4 London Escorts

London is one of the most affluent cities in the world and is the capital of the United Kingdom, it has a lot of pleasurable interests and the ladies are some of the most desirable in the world. As you may already know, the team at Devbuild are hedonistic heathens, and therefore spend large amounts of time browsing & booking local London working girls. Because of this, we’ve become quite the experts in the adult industry and very knowledgeable of which escorts are the best!

Today we’re going to flaunt that knowledge and inform you of our top 4 picks for London escorts (List last updated on: 14/12/2016). This guide is absolutely ideal for gentlemen who are looking to book the ultimate encounter. Beware, some of these escorts may be quite busy because they are considered the best escorts in London. However, we can inform you that booking one of the London escorts on this page is probably going to be one of the best punting encounters you’ve ever experienced.

How did we find and choose the top 4 escorts in London?

There are lots of variables we factored into choosing our top 4 girls. For starters, a background check on popular escort websites like TER and a little searching of their Adult Work history helped. We also took recommendations and advice from the local community from escort genie. After a hearty discussion and a lot of debate, we narrowed our list down to less than 15 London escorts. Following this, we proceeded to book each and every companion on the list and take notes (just kidding, but we did meet each lady).

Using this information, the Devbuild team has narrowed down a handy list of our top 4 escorts, truly the most sensational courtesans working in the city.


Want to see who we chose? Let’s go.

Here are our top 4 London Escorts, courtesans Devbuild recommends

4. Raissa – London Deluxe

London Deluxe escort Raissa
Above: One of the images from Raissa’s escort gallery

Incalls & Outcalls: Both

Location: London

Escort profile:

While I desperately wanted to spend more than a few hours with Raissa, unfortunately the budget for one of our articles doesn’t extend that far. This Blonde London escort offers dates at the typical high class rates, starting at £600 per hour. Whether you have booked from the high class range of ladies before or not, you will find Raissa very eager to please and entertain, and for the full hour you spend together you will have her full attention.

Should you book Raissa?

As number 4 on our list we can certainly say bookings with Raissa are definitely going to be enjoyable. Do you like the company of elite and luxurious escort ladies? Get a date in with Raissa and see if she leaves a lasting impression. But not before you check out the other four London escorts on our list!


3. Flavia – Casino London Models

Escort Flavia from Casino London Models
Above: Glamorous escorting image of the stunning Flavia

Incalls & Outcalls: Both

Location: Lancaster Gate

Escort profile:

First off, we’d suggest you take a quick look at Flavia’s London escort profile at the Casino London Models. Why? Because there you can see her full gallery and truly appreciate her beauty. Flavia is from Brazil and in London offering high class encounters at that popular £600 price tag per hour. Flavia boasts a modest 34C-24-34, the perfect figure. However, what makes her number 3 on our list of top London escorts is the exciting uniforms and costumes Flavia keeps at the ready.

Should you book Flavia?

We know you can’t find much information online about Flavia, we got most of our recommendations through word of mouth. Curious about this, upon spending an hour with Flavia we can understand the hype. Curvy, flirtatious, and an enticing personality that could seduce the most bold of men. Can’t knock it until you’ve tried it, and we’ve tried it and won’t knock it.


2. Caprise – London Escort Models

Top London escort Caprise
Above: Escort photograph of Caprise

Incalls & Outcalls: Both

Location: Queensway

Escort profile:

The lovely Caprise can only be found at the London Escort Models UK. As one of their exclusive escort babes, Caprise charges extremely moderate rates (£150 for an hour) for high class encounters. Blonde, thin & Eastern European, you will find nothing mediocre when it comes to a booking with Caprise. Caprise offers all the typical high class naughty services and is also onboard with parties and events, you can’t ask for much more from a professional escort than what can deliver.

Should you book Caprise?

As the second choice for our top London escorts list, we can honestly assure you that while bookings are more affordable with Caprise you will find she offers the same exceptional service as the other high class girls on this list! We enjoyed our time with Caprise so much we even used some of the leftover change to grab a meal together!


1. Karoline – Bubbles Escorts

Bubbles escort Karoline
Above: Photo of the beautiful blonde Karoline

Incalls & Outcalls: Outcalls

Location: Central London

Escort profile:

It feels a little anticlimactic to be at number one so soon, but our top London escort as of this date (14/12/2016) is Karoline! Please give a round of applause or bang your mouse loudly on the table. Karoline is from Bubbles escorts which is appropriate as it’s also one of the top escort agencies currently in the city.

Why have we chosen Karoline?

It’s a simple combination of the most important things. Beauty, service, rates, a good agency, attitude, and once again: beauty! Karoline is easily one of the most astoundingly pretty ladies we’ve ever seen, in her escort gallery and in person too. Wrap it all off with a kinky set of lingerie, and you’ll want to book Karoline to yourself for a couple of days!

Should you book Karoline?

Well, considering we’ve picked her as the official BEST escort in London, yes! All jokes aside, you will find our decision to choose Karoline the right one, because at £120 for the first hour and £750 for overnights, you’re not only getting a great deal on rates but also one of the most beautiful blonde ladies

Musicians Born in London

Musicians Born in London

London has and had a lot of famous faces born from within it and the most famous are its musicians so here is a short list of the most famous musicians born in London;

David Bowie 

David Bowie has been said to been one of the biggest heroes to thousands of people across the planet, he was born in London and started his career in London quickly rising as one of the biggest pop and abstract hits of his time, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame in 1996 and made his final album just two days before his death shocking millions all over the world.

Pete Townshend 

Famous guitarist of The Who was born in London in 1945, Pete began his solo career in 1972 with his first album Who Came First, eventually he met his group at college and soon evolved into The Who, who we all know has had a giant effect on rock and roll and he like David Bowie is now in the Rock and Roll hall of fame, he was known in The Who for his infamous antics as a guitarist and at the end of most shows and concerts he would destroy his guitar.

John Lydon John Lydon - 2010.jpg

Best known for his influence as lead singer in the sex pistols and being awarded a number of awards to which some he personally turned down, John Lydon to many in the UK is a hero and has made a huge contribution to the music industry and with his old band the Sex Pistols they’ve gained much notoriety and have all been nominated for many awards.

Not as Famous but Quite Close RAISA London Escort photo 2

The London escorts are known throughout London for being the most beautiful escorts around and have the most perfect figures and beautiful busts, these girls are available 24/7 in and around the London area, these girls are the best of the best at their profession proving time and time again with their many returning clientele that these girls can out perform anyone In this profession.

St. James’s Park

St. James’s Park

London is a wonderful city however this being said like any city it is very busy and is packed with many things for you to do or places to visit. Places to visit in London may mean visiting any of London’s venues but the issue with this is most good venues are often busy and quite often have a high price tag. This being said there are many incredible free things that you can be doing in the city of London. If you are looking to escape from your hectic busy London lifestyle there are plenty of activities and places to visit one of the best examples is visiting some of the nature in the city.


When people think off London you think off huge skyscrapers, tourists attractions, hotels and other venues and establishments but did you know London is home to some amazing nature reserves and parks which are incredible if you are looking for a peaceful walk, or just are looking to escape the busy London lifestyle even if it is for just a couple of hours. St. James’s Park is one of the most wonderful parks in the city and is a fabulous place to spend your day when you are in London. An excellent place for a peaceful walk where you can see lots of wildlife such as ducks, geese and swans and much more when you visit this wonderful park. This park does not get as much recognition as it deserves because strolling through this beautiful park will make you forget that you are in the biggest city in the country!


St. James’s Park is an excellent visit, especially with some quality company whether it be a family day out, friends or even you and the company of a gorgeous International Bunnies escort who are home to the highest class escorts in the city which can be found here

The Rugby world cup

The Rugby world cup

The Rugby World Cup has arrived and for a few weeks the oval ball distracts a nation usually obsessed with football.

Here at many of the high class escort ladies we represent are interested in both sports and discovered new experiences and they have been enjoying the spectacle and the atmosphere around London’s pubs and bars. Some have even gone along to cheer on their favourite team, home or adopted nation.

So if you are looking for stunning escort company for a game or match party who will turn heads faster than Jonny May down the left wing or a slender athletic lady to set your heart fluttering even before that nail biting last ten minutes consider ringing us to book a date with an enchanting and sexy lady.

With the host nation out early now is the chance for home fans to relax and enjoy the spectacle of the world’s best teams going for glory. You might consider taking time out to be consoled by a true professional masseuse. A lady to whom you can unburden your soul of all its worldy troubles as she gently eases the stress from your muscles with her highly trained hands. Enjoying a glass or two of champagne and gaze into her sparkling eyes you might find yourself wondering if an evening could be more indulgent.

Perhaps you prefer to watch the game at home, relaxing in the presence of a beautiful lady, go out celebrate the big win with a brace of elite escort models on your arm? or perhaps console yourself at home in the presence of an uplifting and kind hearted lady who will help you forget all about that TMO decision that surely robbed your team of victory. Whatever your desire at Very High class escorts we know our individually screened beauties personally and can recommend the ideal model companion that will

guarantee your 2015 RWC experience is a memorable victory.

The Best Restaurants in London for your Dinner Date

The Best Restaurants in London for your Dinner Date

So, you’ve got a dinner date booking with a stunning London escort coming up and you don’t know what you are supposed to do? Then you’ve come to the right place, In this article I’m going to be talking about how you can really get the most out of your booking in order to guarantee you’re left feeling satisfied. What it’s important to remember is that if you’re booking for a dinner date, you’re expected to pay for the dinner. For people making their first booking this can sometimes come as a bit of a surprise as it is commonly left out on the escort agency website, however this is because it is considered to be common courtesy, so make sure you’ve brought enough money to pay for both meals. With that clarified, I’m going to give you my opinion as to which are the best restaurants in London for your escort experience.


This is definitely one of my favourite restaurants in London, offering authentic Greek cuisine in a great atmosphere at an almost irrelevant price, you really can’t go wrong. The restaurant is spacious and the staff are fantastic, which is why I would definitely say this is a perfect restaurant for your dinner date booking, especially if you’re a fan of great Greek food. This restaurant has always been my favourite for when I book a high class London escort from Companion Concierge.

Monkey Temple

Fancy something a bit spicier? Then Monkey Temple may be perfect for you, offering Nepalese and Indian cuisine this is one of the best places for you to find a quality curry in all of London. The restaurant is relatively small and cozy which really helps add to the romance of the evening if you’re lucky and the restaurant isn’t overly crowded. I’d definitely recommend going on one of the less busy days.

The Five Fields

This restaurant has been one of my favourites for a long time and I can’t see that changing any time soon, the food they prepare is just spectacular. The world class food and wine available is perfect for any romantic meal which is why this is definitely one of the better options for your dinner date.

London Hotels

London Hotels

When you plan a visit to London one of the most important things you need to think about is your accommodation. There are countless hotels in the city and it can be hard to make a final decision as to which is the perfect one for your visit. In this article I’m going to be talking about my favourite hotels in the capital and the reasons why they’re a great place for you to stay regardless of your reasons for visiting. This is all based off my own opinion and you may have a better or worse experience of the hotels than I have, but I’m fairly sure they all maintain their high standards of service.

Hotel 41

This has definitely been one of my favourite London hotels in recent years as the staff there are just fantastic, they’re always friendly and very efficient which makes for an all-round enjoyable stay. This hotel is also great for the excellent location just across the road from Buckingham Palace. They also offer all day snacks at the restaurant, which serves delicious food and drink. The rooms are always kept clean and they are really comfortable which helps in guaranteeing a great night’s sleep.

Park Grand Hotel

My other suggestion for hotels within London would definitely have to be the Park Grand Hotel, which you can find in Kensington right next to the underground station. The rooms are always spotless and they’re very pleasant to stay in with comfortable luxury furnishings. There is a great selection of local restaurants and bars making this the perfect place to stay for a booking with one of the stunning London escorts over at London Punt: This hotel is definitely one of the finest if you’re looking for value for money. The staff are also great and are always happy to help you wherever they can.