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An Overview of the Benefits of Tantric Massage

An Overview of the Benefits of Tantric Massage

Experience a Tantric Massage and Get Your Head in the Game

One of the most difficult things we have to face in today’s society is the need to work or not be able to do much. As someone who works from home it can be hard for me to not get up at noon and do nothing until my deadline is upon me and I always feel like those days my head simply isn’t in the game.

Even when I worked in an office environment I found that there came a time in the week where I was simply fumbling through my tasks and unable to concentrate. When I would get home I kept hoping a reparative sleep would take care of my scattered mind but I would wake up the next day feeling the exact same way.

What I would do before was just wait it out and eventually my drive would come back and I’d be able to get it together. My reasoning was that these were just a couple of rough weeks… What I didn’t realize was that during those weeks I was completely miserable.

Being completely miserable is simply not going to cut it. We only have a limited time in this world and I wanted to make the best of my time. That’s Tantric Massage Londonthe reason I started attending tantric massage London sessions.

When I was having a hard time I’d simply call up my masseuse and book an appointment which meant I had something to look forward to. When the massage finally happened and I could feel the closeness of my masseuse’s body against mine I would just release so much negativity in the most pleasurable way possible. When I went to work the next day it was as if I had put new batteries in.

Thanks to feeling like I could release my negativity in a sensual way I suddenly realized that I could concentrate better, work longer and also say no when the time came to say no. I just learned to love myself enough and love taking care of myself and giving myself pleasure.

It’s been an amazing experience to work with Chiara and I recommend anyone in London looking for a pick me up to book a massage and get their heads back in the game.

Of course, when recommending this, it’s important to answer a few questions about tantric massages.

Can I enjoy a Tantric Massage Without any Prior Sexual Experience?

There is a semi-valid association with being sexually experienced and having tantric massages. It’s common that men and women become aware of tantric massages due to wanting to be more impressive in bed, so people think that everyone having tantric massages are having a ton of sex after. This might be true but it’s also true that people who are sexually inexperienced can benefit so much from starting tantric massages early on.

An amazing thing about having little to no sexual experience and starting tantric massages is that you can start off ‘right’ and learn what you want and what you should be doing in order to be confident during sexual intercourse.

Emily from Tantric Dolls
Emily from Tantric Dolls

Since tantric massages are, as they’re called, a massage and not intercourse if you’re worried about having sex that’s not what is happening here. Here you’re learning, you’re enjoying and you’re skipping a ton of years of sexual frustration simply because you went the road less travelled.

For anyone thinking of having a massage and being scared that the masseuse will notice that they aren’t sexually active or haven’t had a lot of sex just let all those fears go because masseuses don’t care about your sexual history unless there’s something specific about it you want to fix. All kinds of people come to tantric massages and the fact you’ve had little or no experience doesn’t mean you’re somehow disqualified from a tantric massage.

If anything it means you came at the right time. You’ll be able to learn and grow in a way that most people only dream they could have done themselves and don’t worry about how far you’re going to go or what your masseuse is going to do.

One of the most important aspects of tantric massages is that you feel comfortable at all times because otherwise you’re not going to enjoy it and the whole point of tantric massages is to enjoy them! So, if your lack of sexual experience is stopping you from making a booking don’t let that be your excuse anymore and if you want to have a tantric massage book one regardless of your previous experience.

Can I Really Experience a Full Body Orgasm Through Tantra?

One of the most sought after experiences of a tantric massage is the full body orgasm. This ‘orgasm’ isn’t something that you get in just one area of your body but more of a complete body experience that also involves your mind.

Before you think this is completely holistic and not at all scientific there are actual scientific studies touching on how this form of orgasm is achieved and also how much more beneficial it is than simple ejaculation.

So, when people arrive ready to have a tantric full body orgasm they’re expecting nothing short of fireworks. However a couple of people that go into tantric massages realize that they might have had these full body orgasms before without a masseuse. So, why and how does this happen?

First of all it’s important to note that nothing a tantric masseuse does is rocket science, all the knowledge they share with you is basic human instincts that we have sort of forgotten over the years of repressing our sensuality into what is ‘acceptable’ by society.

Of course tantric masseuses have learned how to effectively use this knowledge in order to help you get the most out of your natural stimuli.

That’s why some people have had full body orgasms without having a tantric massage before, they were somehow able to tap into that part of themselves and also waited out on their pleasure long enough to have it. This is not common but completely possible.

The difference between this and having a tantric massage London is that tantric massages are a learning experience and not a simple fluke here and there. Through having a tantric massage regime you will not only learn how a full body orgasm feels but how to achieve it on your own (with the help of a sexual partner) whenever you please.

It’s this knowledge that makes masseuses so valuable and they spend years of practice and formation in order to be able to teach you the knowledge they hold in a way that is both enjoyable and effective.

Can Tantric Massages Really Cure Premature Ejaculation?

One of the most common reasons younger men come to tantric masseuses is for help with their premature ejaculation. Just to make it clear there is no set time for someone to consider that they have premature ejaculation.

Usually, however, men that ejaculate before a minute or two are considered to be suffering from premature ejaculation but it’s important to note that this might happen at some point in every man’s life and not be considered as suffering from PE. However of you experience any of the following then you are considered to have PE:

  • You continuously (always or nearly all the time) ejaculate within one minute of penetration.
  • You can’t to delay ejaculation during intercourse at all (so your body seems to control you and not the other way around.
  • Avoid intimacy due to your lack of control of your orgasms. This comes accompanied with frustration and anger.

So say you’re in one of these categories and would like a tantric masseuse to help you with that. Well the first thing you need to do is relax, you’ve come to the right place. Tantric masseuses deal with this often and there’s not one that will be judgmental of your ailments and she will definitely not look down on you.

What you need to know is one tantric massage won’t solve your issues but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one. Having a tantric massage will help you realize that your problem is there but it can be taken care of.

With more massages you will learn how to not have your body run away with you and how sometimes even if you were to ejaculate prematurely it doesn’t mean that sex can’t be satisfying for you. There are many ways your masseuse will try to get to the bottom of your problem and with patience and a good outlook you will begin to deal with your problem with breathing and relaxing techniques.

Premature ejaculation is not the end of your sex life and if you begin a tantric journey with Tantric Dolls it can actually be the beginning of great and wonderful sex.

Tantric Massages can Help Manage Erectile Dysfunction

One of the many issues that plague young men today is actually Erectile Dysfunction. That seems pretty crazy because this is something most men don’t complain about until they’re well into their silver fox years, however studies have shown that in the U.K. (London in particular) many men under the age of 45 already are unhappy with their sex lives and cite the main reason as being that they simply cannot perform due to problems pertaining to erectile dysfunction.

In case you’re unfamiliar erectile dysfunction is the term used for when a man cannot maintain or even get a full erection. This is not to be confused with our previous point on premature ejaculation, which, as we highlighted, is when a man ejaculates within 2 minutes of initiating sex.

So how can tantric massages help men fight erectile dysfunction?

Well for a start it’s important to figure out the exact cause of the problem. There are actually many causes but the main three are physical, psychological and relationship based. If it’s a physical problem then the therapies will be based on getting to know exactly what needs to be done to take care of said physical problem.

If this is not possible tantric massages can also help you by reminding you that the penis is only part of a whole and that you as a whole can both have and offer pleasure without the use of that singular body part.

With the other two options (relationship and psychological) it’s more a question of figuring out how to counter the effects these things have on you. It might be teaching you how to relax, how to understand your body and how to be able to control yourself through breathing and being present.

Relationships are tricky but a lot of the times what’s going on is that there are a lot of suppressed emotions about the relationship that might make it impossible to be intimate. Through tantric massages you’ll be able to break down the walls you’ve put in place in order to keep your partner out and deal with the emotions healthily so you can both go back to enjoying each other physically.

Beware Though: Tantric Massages Aren’t a Miracle Cure!

There are many articles out there and even in this very website about how tantric massages have incredible healing properties. All of these claims (or at least the ones we’ve read and post here) are real and should never be overlooked but sometimes we forget to mention how long will it take for the massages to truly show their full potential.

Many people seem to think that with one massage or two they can be cured of whatever they come to us with and sometimes even think they’ll be able to hold off orgasms for hours and become the ultimate intimate partner. Sadly, they are wrong.

Chiara from London Tantric
My Masseuse from London Tantric, Chiara

Tantric massages are not a miracle cure and you will not be able to fully get the scope of them in a couple of massages. It takes time to build up endurance and time to let your body heal of whatever ailment you might come to us with.

One tantric massage is good to dip your feet in the waters of pleasure and you will have an experience unlike any other because these tantric masseuses are truly experts, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll experience all there is during that one session.

Time and time again people say tantric massages aren’t a touch-and-go experience and that is so true especially if you go back and truly take your tantric journey seriously. This is like starting any exercise regime or any other activity to better yourself.

You can’t be a master at meditating in one session or even ten, you can’t run a marathon after never having ran in your life.

You need to keep in mind that Tantra is just like any other form of therapy which takes time to completely work but also remember that the process to getting where you want to be is also extremely enjoyable.

Don’t let your first tantric experience be marred with ideas of miracle cures and unreachable goals, instead enjoy it for what it truly is: a first step into a path that can lead you to many great things and much more pleasure than you ever dreamed of.

Now that we’ve gained a basic understanding of Tantric massages and what they have to offer, it’s time to call it a day. Have a good read over the points outlined above and think about whether or not you would really benefit from a tantric encounter.

As I’ve just pointed out, this is no miracle cure, you won’t just suddenly get better in bed, you won’t just suddenly be cured of your premature ejaculation, but rather you will begin a journey to a more sensual sex life and understand more about what you want and what other people want, learning exactly how important these things are to an enjoyable evening.

Natural Antibiotics

Natural Antibiotics

Our immune systems are the wonderful and, to most of us, mysterious internal defenses against illness and infection – like little soldiers concealed within the human body, helping us to thrive. We don’t have to guide them with our thoughts – we’re not even necessarily aware that there they are, toiling night and day to keep us as safe as possible. Of course, we all go through times when nature is not enough and we need to turn to the GP or the medicine cabinet or both to get us through a particularly galling bug or virus. It’s also worth bearing in mind that we can find a lot of the help we need through our diets – yes, there are natural antibiotics lurking within some of the ingredients with which we prepare lunches and dinners. Added to that is the benefit we can accrue with regular gay massage in London, which provides a soothing balm both to the mind and the body but let’s look first at the different ingredients we can add to our diets in order to benefit from health-giving effects.

An Image of Ground Turmeric.
Ground Turmeric


This is the brightly-hued yellow spice so often used in curries, adding colour and a rich, sensual flavour. Astonishingly, it has anti-MRSA properties whether ingested conventionally through the mouth or applied topically. Don’t take our word for it – you’ll find an abundance of information about turmeric’s benefits online.

An image of Honey


This is the lovely gift to the world from Bees, it has antibacterial properties and can assist with the healing of  physical wounds, whether eaten or used directly on skin.

An image of a bottle of Collodial Silver
A bottle of Colloidal Silver.

Colloidal Silver

This here is a more controversial one because you’ll find as much stuff online celebrating colloidal silver as you will debunking it and thoroughly trashing it. It’s left to us to make up our own mind. Those in favour of it talk of how, before 1938, it was used by doctors to deal with bacteria. They point to the fact that it has a far less harsh effect on the Liver and Kidneys than conventional antibiotics And they recall how it was used by the Ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks to combat illness.

An image of the packaging of the herb Echinacea in tablet form.
Vitabiotics Echinacea Tablets


This is a more well-known herb that lots of people turn to when a cold or cough or sore throat attacks their poor bodies. It’s been shown to boost t-cells, which help maintain the number of anti-bodies in your system. It also assists white blood cells to withstand viruses. If you’ve never tried it, give it a go the next time you’re fighting a cold. Since the autumn is under way, this could be sooner than you think.

And don’t forget to enhance the benefits of these four ingredients/supplements with gay massage in London, so that you’re in fantastic form all year long.

Prime Places In London To Enjoy Your Tantric Massage

Prime Places In London To Enjoy Your Tantric Massage

If you are looking to book a tantric massage from one of the most trusted providers like Love Tantric London then there are many locations that are suitable for you to enjoy the experience of a lifetime. Choosing a location to enjoy your massage is one of the hardest decisions besides choosing your perfect masseuse, luckily enough in the capital city you have a wide variety of locations that are suitable. London is the home of some of the most beautiful tantric masseuses in the whole of the country and they aren’t just beautiful they are also some of the skilled masseuses available in our country.


When looking to book a tantric massage London you should put some serious thought into where you are going to enjoy this massage, a lot of people choose to go with hotels and London is home to some of the most luxurious that’s for sure. If a hotel room with a gorgeous tantric masseuse sounds like the sort of venue you would enjoy then you should try one of London’s most luxurious hotels that is known by the name of the Shangri La Hotel At The Shard, this hotel gives you the chance to experience one of the best views you can get of the capital city one like no other hotel can provide.

shang ri la

The Shangri La Hotel At The Shard isn’t the only high class hotel that you can enjoy your incredible tantric massage London can provide with many companies offering beautiful and skilled masseuses. London has a wide variety of hotels that are all incredibly luxurious in their own way another hotel that is ideal for you and your masseuse is The Goring Hotel, this is one of the finest hotels that you will find anywhere in the city of London. This hotel gives off an extremely elegant vibe as well having a homely relaxing feel which makes it perfect for your tantric massage London

the goring hotel


Booking in Advance Vs Spur of the Moment

Booking in Advance Vs Spur of the Moment

Booking in Advance Versus Booking on the Spur of the Moment!
Should you Call Tantric Massage London on the Spur of the Moment?
Do You Feel Like Indulging in a Tantric Massage London Right Now?!

Guilty Pleasures Tantric Massage take bookings between 10.00 and 1.00am. Clients that wish to see a specific girl on a particular day are advised to book in advance. Which means of course that when you know the booking is made, you are free to get on with making other plans safe in the knowledge that a deliciously sensual massage with your favourite lady awaits you, at your convenience. And just imagine how the anticipation will build as you think about the feeling of a glorious toned body stroking against yours!

We are happy to take advanced bookings as we understand that you may have a particularly good bond with someone you have seen before, with someone you trust and knows just how to touch you to really take you to where you want to go! If you would like a four handed massage, it is also a good idea to book in advance so that we can provide two tantric beauties that work well together, and are sensitive to one another’s energies so they can work on your hidden energies and provide the ultimate erotic experience.

On the other hand however, we understand that plans change, and so do feelings. Since we have girls located throughout central London, we can easily arrange for you to be with a masseuse in your area in 20 minutes or less, or for a tantric goddess to visit you at your hotel within about 30 minutes. We have a fantastic variety of girls and as well as having different looks and techniques, they work different hours, meaning we can nearly always fulfil your request at short notice. Call or email our reception to arrange a tantric massage London at your convenience – whether you desire the touch of a tantric masseuse later today or later next week!