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The Best Music Venues in Northampton

The Best Music Venues in Northampton

Northampton has a lot on the table in the way of amazing entertainment, there are so many music venues in Northampton that you will find a venue for just about any style and genre of music that takes your fancy. There are also many stunning Northampton escorts that visit these music venues that are known for their truly exceptional vibes, so here is a short blog on the best music venues in Northampton and where you can find what you’re interested in!

The Roadmender

A Photograph of the exterior to roadmender
The Roadmender

The Roadmender is your one stop in Northampton for DJ’s, bands and just about anything that these guys can get their hands on. This venue is a favourite of just about anyone in Northampton, as it plays multiple genres and is also a nightclub after the big bands have cooled down. You’ll find that there have been many famous faces and groups in this venue such as Enter Shikari, and much more that we know will blow your socks off. 1 Lady’s Ln, Northampton NN1 3AH

The Deco

A photograph of the interior of The Deco
The Deco

This venue was once an old cinema that has now been restored and is a dedicated theatre to all sorts of the arts, including of course the live music! You’ll find it to be quite spacious and full of the most interesting architecture that will ultimately lighten your mood as well, the Northampton escorts are avid visitors to this gorgeous venue known as the deco as there is always something truly impeccable going on in here and can always provide you with the lasting entertainment you’ve been looking for. Abington Square, Northampton NN1 4AE

The Picturedrome

A photograph of the exterior to The Picturedrome
The Picturedrome

As you can suffice this is yet another restored and remastered picture house known as the Picturedrome, however this was the first and was built in 1912 which has retained much of its original architecture, this truly accommodating theatre has had a lot of past with it as well as lot of famous faces move within its halls like Frank Bruno. You can tell that this luxurious building is visited by the Northampton escorts and their clientele regularly as they cannot truly get enough of the architecture and just the feeling that this building emanates. 222 Kettering Rd, Northampton NN1 4BN

Introducing London Hotties, a new London escort directory

Introducing London Hotties, a new London escort directory

The Devbuild team has become quite popular as of late. With a few of our team members going big on social media and some of our escort side projects going well, we have actually got followers! Now, that might not confound or astound you as much as it does us, but we never thought our escorting development blog would actually garner favor or audience with anyone. We’re glad to be wrong.

Because today, we have been asked very kindly by the London Hotties to publish a press release for their brand spanking new London Escort Directory. That means we are popular, right?

Having spoken to the owner personally about the development and publication of this new website, we’ve pulled together what we think is a pretty decent introductory post. Unfortunately he does wish to remain anonymous at this current time – which is entirely professional and fair in our business.

Whether you are a client browsing Devbuild Escorts for the latest adult entertainment news, or involved in the escort industry yourself like us: we think you can take away something positive from this article.

Screenshot of the London Hotties escort directory
Above: See the homepage of London Hotties, already filled with a few elegant ladies.

About the London Hotties

If you are one of those gentlemen who books escorts and has scoured the internet in search of the very best; you might have seen similar looking escort directories to London Hotties before. In fact, we have used this very same brand of site when booking our adult entertainment abroad in other countries! We have been told that this London edition of that selfsame website build is completely unaffiliated with the other websites, and therefore while the London Hotties shares that selfsame aesthetic – it is not being run by the same people.

The owners of London Hotties have promised to focus on one core goal whilst bringing their website to fruition and to the forefront of London’s adult industry, and that is connecting professional and reliable escorts with customers in the smoothest way possible. That is what the site promises; and exactly what we’re looking forward to seeing in the near future.


What does the London Hotties Directory offer?

London Hotties Gallery image

Since a fairly formal request was sent to us regarding this London Hotties press release, we wanted to do our due diligence in this post. Therefore, we asked the owner of London Hotties: what can your website offer anyone over the competition? We’ve broken down his response into a bullet point list for

  • Verified & unverified escorts – Why roll the dice on a new provider when you can pick one of the verified London Hotties which guarantees a pleasurable punt?
  • Escort Categories – Looking for a particular type of companion? Search for the ladies who provide the exact London escort service you want.
  • Independent and Agencies – At Devbuild we like our agencies but there is always a market for the independent girls!
  • Regular updates & trimming – To keep the site filled with actively escorting ladies, London Hotties will be consistently maintained.
  • Free listings & adverts – People wanting to post their escort services will have no hassle, it’s easy unless you want to be verified.
  • Mobile Friendly – Shopping for London escorts on the fly on your phone? Not a problem.


How can you benefit from using London Hotties today?

The benefits of using a London escort directory are pretty self explanatory for customers, it is a great third party place to look for escort entertainment in the capital of the United Kingdom. You cannot trust anything on an escort agency or independent escort website, it is designed to draw you in to arrange a booking and spend your money. Escort directories are a little more useful than that; because they generally don’t get anything no matter who you book. This means they tend to be more scrupulous, which is the same impression we are getting with London Hotties (They asked us to do a press release, no scam artist bothers to do that).

On the other hand if you are an escort, you can hop onto London Hotties and sign up pretty easily. No muss, no fuss. As we aren’t escorts ourselves we couldn’t say how it compares to other directories, we don’t spend all day signing up to escort directories.

What London Hotties promises to do is become one of the top London Escort Directory services for both clients and escorts. Easier said than done, but if you wanted an answer to how London Hotties can benefit you; this is how. Get in on the ground floor and take advantage of this website before everybody else does. Because if it does turn out to be one of the major London Escort Directories, you will wish you had used it earlier!


Other Escort Directories in the London Niche

We feel a little horrible linking to some of London Hotties competitors in the same article, but it’s important for you to see the current competition. We would also never sacrifice the integrity of our website for a simple press release, paid or not. Here are some of the currently popular London Escort Directories that we use at Devbuild, we’re putting them at the end as so not to be rude:

  • London Punt – We have always liked London Punt and we are glad to see it is finally gaining traction for bookings in London.
  • Escort Genie – Always happy to see the array of beautiful women on Genie, they never fail to impress.
  • London UK Escorts – This directory has been around for years, and while it isn’t the best it certainly does the trick if you need a companion.

If London Hotties doesn’t sound like your cup of tea (yet), maybe one of these already established London escort directories can fulfill your needs. However, we think London Hotties is quickly going to become the new contender on the London escort scene.

The Undisputable Truth of an Adult Performance in Cambridge

The Undisputable Truth of an Adult Performance in Cambridge

At a first impression Cambridge isn’t the sort of place you would expect to encounter a roving society of gorgeous adult entertainers, but it turns out the area itself is quite the regular haunt for ladies of the night. It isn’t like University students are top escort booking clients; aren’t they supposed to be partying and frolicking with nary a penny to spend? Besides, you don’t tend to pay or conduct a transaction for promiscuous activity whilst in education, it tends to come to you!

On a recent photograph shoot for a personal friend in Cambridge, I found myself alone in the city, without evening entertainment and absolutely nothing to do. As an individual who hasn’t personally booked many escorts before (I work in the industry Developing for Devbuild Escorts, but don’t really sample the merchandise), I thought this the perfect opportunity to book an evening dinner date, followed by a steamy session back at my hotel room.

I have been asked kindly by the Devbuild team to document and write about the evening I spent in Cambridge with one of the adult performers from Bee’s Angels, a new escort service wanting us to give their agency a chance and opportunity to shine. For ladies & gentlemen in Cambridge who engage in nefarious encounters with the fairer sex, this is the perfect read.


The escorts

Delivered by the Bee’s Angels agency in Cambridge

Having no prior notion of which local escort services and agencies were worth checking out in Nottingham, I received a text from a colleague who works on Devbuild recommended I try out the Bee’s Angels escort agency, the owner has contacted our team before requesting some help with promoting their site & improving the experience they provide. Having nothing to lose but some expendable income, I called up Bee’s to check availability and see if they had any ladies around for an evening dinner date. It was a Saturday, so I couldn’t expect any guarantees on the same day short notice.

Fortunately, there were a couple of ladies still available for a booking in Cambridge, more fortunately still I chose the astounding Lucy. Check out the image below to see her profile as it is on the Bee’s Angels site. Pretty, right?

Image of Lucy's escort profile and stats
Granted, the statistics aren’t 100% correct on Lucy’s profile above. Something Bee’s Angels has promised to look at in future.

Now personally, I’m not one for kissing and telling and feel fairly uncomfortable disclosing crude & lewd information – so I don’t feel it is appropriate to talk about the extracurricular activities we got up to, but I can say Lucy made me feel more than comfortable throughout the whole experience. She was perfectly friendly on the date and there was little to no language barrier, and by the time we had finished our meal we could barely wait to get back up to the hotel. Satisfied on all fronts. Good job Bee’s Angels, Lucy I might just have to call you again!

Want to try one of the Cambridge escorts from Bee’s Angels yourself? Visit the site or give them a call today on 07804309116 and they will be happy to introduce you to your favorite companion out of the gallery.


The venue

The Atrium Brasserie & Bar

Having never spent any stretch of time in Cambridge before, I initially wanted to try out one of the area’s top restaurants (Cotto or Midsummer House!), the tables around Cambridge were generally much less available than the ladies from Bee’s Angels! So I settled on some moderately upscale dining in the Atrium Brasserie & Bar, the restaurant in the hotel I was staying at (The Gonville Hotel, mentioned later).

Photograph of the Bar in the Atrium Brasserie
The Atrium interior is actually very pleasant. The food is above average too, not bad for a last minute choice!

What I would like to mention about the Atrium at this point is it was nothing too extravagant. Humble staff, an extensive menu of simple yet appetizing sounding meals, I felt quite relaxed there and Lucy herself also attested to the comfortable atmosphere. The staff were friendly & helpful enough and not invasive, I don’t have any complaints.

How this fairly enjoyable dinner date with Cambridge escort Lucy would compare up to one of the finer restaurant establishments in Cambridge I could not say, but the treatment at Atrium was more than adequate to set off sparks between me and Lucy.


The hotel

The Gonville Hotel

The Gonville is a 4 Star Hotel and actually one of the most popular places to stay in Cambridge. It adopts a somewhat rustic character from the outside whilst the interior has been refurbished to present all the modern amenities. Overall, I couldn’t say the Gonville Hotel stands out from the many others I end up staying at throughout the UK – but it did not let me down and there seemed to be absolutely no issues with me & Lucy getting back to our room.

Promotional image for the Gonville Hotel
The Gonville Hotel website isn’t completely helpful, I do suggest you call them up if you are considering booking a room.

The room I rented for the evening at the Gonville was a classic double, it had a nice bed and was well prepared for our entry. I did consider splashing out on a superior double considering I had an adult performer joining me for the night, but the in room valet system sounded like it would be intrusive and a mood breaker to me.

Phone: 01223 366611

Address: CB1 1LY

Want to learn more about the Gonville Hotel or the Atrium Brasserie & Bar? Additional information can be found on Gonville’s website.


Until next time?

This has been one of the most enjoyable articles I have had the pleasure of wrapping up. The only disappointment I encountered during 24 hours in Cambridge was not getting the table I wanted at Cotto! Usually far more goes wrong than that. Thank you Bee’s Angels, and especially thank Lucy, once again. In conclusion, the indisputable truth of an adult performer in Cambridge is yes, yes & yes.


shemale escorts

shemale escorts

Shemales worldwide will bring you the most sophisticated and elegant shemale in greater London, most of them will be Asian but this directory is open to the generic public so everyone that want to listed in this directory please feel free and to do so, in each profile we bring you the most detail information and with a rich content, full of images and details about the escort, is also a very easy profile to fill so is very accessible to everyone either for the provider and for the client looking for entertainment.

This will be launched to satisfy every client from all over uk and therefore bring you the most exotic escort companion closer to the clients, also the clients will get in touch directly to the provider so both parts can communicate freely without any interruption, all this are very essential aspect that will make part of this shemale worldwide directory but also one of the best directories for such niche market.

We thought in the clients point of view and create this directory in such way that will be very easy to navigate and eye catching plus with the best display of accurate  information this will be one of the first uk shemale escorts dedicated directory.

In the provider point of view it will be perfect because in this directory you will be easy to manage you own business, plus the great rankings the provide will be able to shoowed areas and categories that wants to be posted so it will bring together the right clients to  the best provider for each specific category.

Have a look at our directory and enjoy the many independent girls and agencies that will be featured in the directory, plus have a look at the many different advertisement option so you will maximize your chances of having some great business.

how to choose a Escort agency web design

how to choose a Escort agency web design

There are many web design and independent designers that will bring you great designs about a very bad coding that will make the very hard for the client to use the website so that’s another things that you need to check and be careful when you go for a company to make your website. In this blog I will give you some tips that you should see and be careful.

The first tip is to check for previous world and portfolio A web design company of even an independent web designer should be able to show you some world even is that is a portfolio or a show case that he been develop so that way you will be able to see a king of capabilities and what he’s be able to do.

Second tip is if he had previous clients that are willing to talk then you should do so, talk to people and ask around and see is the costumers are satisfied with his world, this also could give you some insides in if that person or company is the right for the job.

The third is you have to be very linear about the project, know what you want and be very specific so this way you will be able to transmit your ideas clearly. Last one be in touch as much as you can with the your web designer so you can track the progress of you project and make sure that everything is in time and is exactly what you want.

These are some of the aspect that you have to take in attention so your project will go as you want and you will be a satisfy client and one of the web design companies that provide the best escort agency web design is AdultCreative, they have a great web design department that will bring you a professional service, check out their portfolio.