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An exciting alternative to booking escorts – VR Porn!

An exciting alternative to booking escorts – VR Porn!

Warning: This post is NSFW. I know most of our posts aren’t suited for work, but this article in particular contains some fairly raunchy images from the Virtual Porn Website. User discretion is advised!

A recent discovery by the Devbuild escorts team has set the office reeling. Virtual Reality Porn. You may have heard about the Oculus Rift and other Virtual Reality (VR) products popularity soaring in recent years; can you guess why? Porn! That’s right. In fact, according to sources, the premise of VR technology was sold to Japan on Porn potential alone.

Now, at Devbuild we’re big on real, authentic & tangible women. That’s why we throw around our paychecks at cute agency girls instead of masturbating like a regular dude. There’s just no comparison of real promiscuity to watching a smutty sex video scene, wouldn’t you agree? It is undisputable, if not a little expensive.

Well, with the Virtual Porn industry the lines just got a whole lot more mixed up. Slap on a Google Cardboard or HTC Vive and boot up some raunchy stuff from a Virtual Porn Video Website, you will see exactly what we mean.

VR Porn gallery

Take a look at VR Porn for yourself

We’d recommend visiting the Virtual Porn Website if you want to get your hands on a few trailer videos and check out VR Porn for yourself. If you like what you see, you can always buy a couple of videos and try them for yourself, it isn’t that pricey.

Why do we recommend this website? The Virtual Porn Website is the only VR Porn company in the UK, which is where we are based, and where you guys all book your escorts. They still seem to be getting off the ground, but they are already putting out exceptional Virtual Reality porn, groundbreaking stuff that matches and even beats companies like Naughty America. Plus, they are also cheaper!

If you have already beat us to the punch and dived headfirst into the VR Porn industry ages ago, do you have any sites to recommend us? The best site we have so far is the Virtual Porn Website, and we can’t find one better than these guys yet. Leave us a comment if you have suggestions!

Machine VR Porn Scene

Why does Devbuild like VR Porn videos?

Not all of us do, in fact putting on a VR headset makes one particularly old & frisky colleague violently sick. It honestly isn’t for everyone. You may find yourself more confused, sick, or overwhelmed than aroused.

However, as a website claiming to be adult industry experts, we wouldn’t consider ourselves a credible source of information if we hadn’t got to grips with Porn’s latest advancements. Thus, we made it a goal to get everyone in the office to give adult VR a try. It turns out grabbing a couple of videos or a subscription from ANY site will last longer and is significantly cheaper than booking ANY escort. Our money supply is not endless, only our libido!

After a few laughs and conversations with the newest and greatest authorities in the industry, we managed to obtain a couple of headsets to give VR Porn a whirl. See what we found below.

The upsides and downsides of using Virtual Reality Porn

The Devbuild Escorts team has had VR headsets in the office for several weeks now, and almost everyone has ordered Google Cardboard (The boss bought a HTC Vive because he is rich!), and while we have not bought it specifically to watch porn, our eyes have been opened to the wonders & potential of Virtual Reality technology.

NSFW VR Porn image

We have compiled a fairly encompassing list of advantages and disadvantages to using Virtual Reality Porn based on our experience. If this article is piquing your interest so far this is our favorite bit.

Here’s a general overview of what we think are advantages of VR Porn:

  • Far cheaper than booking an escort. It’s £3.99 for a video from the Virtual Porn Website. It is £600 to book from our favorite London escort agency. You can get Google Cardboard for next to nothing too, all you need is a smartphone.
  • Instant gratification. How many times have you had to wait longer than you wanted to meet and enjoy your escort? VR Porn can be accessed wherever you have an internet connection.
  • Completely safe, there’s no need to travel outside of your home or put yourself in harm’s way. The worst thing that could happen is you accidentally buy the wrong video or get overcharged.
  • For some people, it is very immersive and feels very real. While it still doesn’t compare to actually having sex, a good VR Porn video is significantly more arousing than a typical porn vid.
  • With an Oculus Rift or any other top of the line Virtual Reality headset, the porn quality in HD is immense! You need to see it for yourself to believe it.


However, it can’t all be awesome. VR Porn has a few downsides when compared to booking an escort:

  • A decent VR Headset is very expensive (£500 minimum for a decent piece of tech).
  • Some Virtual Porn Websites are trying to cash in, instead of making high quality videos.
  • There’s a chance the whole Virtual Reality Scene won’t work or immerse you (like my poor colleague).
  • You can get fairly cheap but extremely professional (and beautiful!) escorts for £100 an hour from Boss London Escorts, which is less expensive than buying a decent piece of VR tech.


So what does this mean for the escorting industry?

Absolutely nothing really. Escorts will always be popular, and the joke about prostitution being the oldest profession in the world still applies. I’m sure as a connoisseur of gorgeous courtesans, you will heartily agree on us with this.

The early development stages of VR make full immersion in a digital sex scene pretty impossible, if not potentially steamy and arousing at the same time. Until they manage to implement a more interactive version of Virtual Porn (Getting closer every day), the divide between booking an escort and immersing yourself in some X-rated scene on your VR headset is still very large. While a couple of members at Devbuild Escorts now spend one night a month in a locked room with a bunch of lube and their headset, we can only see a few escort booking customers leaving for more virtual pastures.

With big name companies like Sony latching on to VR & making it as accessible as possible on Playstation (see Playstation VR headsets), Virtual Reality becoming the pinnacle of technology advancement seems a certainty. Do we have porn to thank for this? Yes. Tell that to your Grandma the first time she tries out VR.

However, the Virtual Porn Website has taken a step in the right direction: while they aren’t as popular as big industry names like Badoink or Naughty America, the videos produced are at the same standard, if not better.