Discover Yourself With a Tantric Massage In Marylebone

Discover Yourself With a Tantric Massage In Marylebone

Welcome back! Today is a rather special blog as we’re giving the spotlight to someone looking to take you through how tantric massages have changed their life, and how it helped them explore who they really are.

As ever, before we jump in, we’d like to give a shoutout to our erotic massage agency of choice London Tantric. With by far, the best tantric massage Marylebone has to offer there’s no one else we can recommend more than the services of this incredible agency. Check out their website for more info.

Now, as promised, we’ll hand things over to James:

It’s surprising how easy it is to lose yourself as an adult. When I was younger I remember thinking I had it all figured out and that nothing was going to get in my way of me achieving everything I wanted to achieve. However, I found myself looking at my comfortable life in Marylebone as an adult and I found that I had suddenly become both complacent and was yearning for adventure again.

It seems cliché to think that a man of 40 would suddenly go stir crazy and want something new in his life. Call it a midlife crisis if you will but it was what happened to me.

Instead of buying a sports car or dating a woman half my age I decided what I needed was a real way to reconnect with the person I used to be. I remember being 20 and carefree and simply able to enjoy being in the moment. I didn’t worry about what others thought and I knew that if I worked hard at something I would achieve it. To get my vitality back I decided to do the craziest thing I could think of.

Discovering tantric massages

Yes, an erotic massage was my first step toward finding myself and I’m here to tell you that it not only worked to have a great no-strings-attached good time (and in my Marylebone home no less) but also it helped to remind me what I loved about life. Not sex, although that’s pretty good too, but actually the idea that at any minute things could be exciting. It reminded me that I didn’t have everything figured out, that the world still had ways of dazzling me and I didn’t even have to step a foot outside of Marylebone to feel it.

Maybe you’re bored with your sex life, maybe you’ve lost that zest for life you used to have or simply you have nothing better to do… whatever brings you to tantric massages let me assure you of this: you will have not only a great time but a time that will change the way you view life, sex and relationships.

I’ve been a self-made man since I was very young. Working from home just kind of came as second nature to me. I remember being very young and in the Marylebone flat I had rented and thinking this was it, I was going to make it. Except I had no idea how! So here is one of the less conventional things that helped me make it as my own boss and keep my sanity while I was at it. Spoiler alert: tantric massages and erotic massages are a must, keep reading to find out why.

The golden rule of working from home is NEVER work in your bedroom and specifically, don’t work in bed. Seriously, this sounds like such a no-brainer and yet so many people do it. Where you sleep should be sacred, it should be the place you disconnect—your man cave. At first, if you can only afford a one bedroom shared with other people then find a place to work that is not your bed.

This is where tantric massages come in. Not only were they important to keeping the mood I wanted in my bedroom but also helping me stay focused. You might be thinking when I say I wanted a certain mood in the bedroom I mean a sexy mood but actually what I was looking for was a peaceful mood and a revitalizing mood. Sure, erotic massages are plenty sexy but the truth is that they’re also calming and focus driving. The added blood flow to your brain makes it easier for you to think clearly but also the hormones make it so that you find sleep easier.

Outcall services available throughout London

Another amazing thing about tantric massages is that you can have them anywhere in London so you can pick any room and make it your tantric room.

All in all when people ask me the secret to my success as a freelancer I smile and talk about ambition and dedication but honestly my best-kept secret is the tantric massages that helped me achieve all that I wanted… including an amazing sex life, of course.

Extra Info

If you yourself would like to learn more about the sacred & sensual art of tantra to help improve your sex life then here’s a book I recommend to anyone:

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