Getting down and dirty with cheap Liverpool escorts

Getting down and dirty with cheap Liverpool escorts

2017 update: Added in a link and information about the Cheshire Companions (Top Liverpool escort service), and improved the article formatting and design, making it easier to read. Enjoy! I have also added in a couple of my favorite places to enjoy in the company of an escort in Liverpool.

a bird eye view of Liverpool City skyline at night

About my last visits to Liverpool

This article is about some of my escapades with escorts back in January 2016. Since then, a lot has changed, but I still book girls from the Cheshire Companions, a fantastic agency that still operate and provide escorts in Liverpool this 2017. I would recommend you use this service if you find yourself in Liverpool needing an outcall girl. It’s hard to find an agency as genuine as the Cheshire Companions, visit their site and you will see for yourself.

I have added a gallery below featuring a few of the marvelous ladies available on their site – all of which are real, believe it or not! If you want to see more of the ladies available in Liverpool, take this link to the Cheshire Companions Liverpool escorts page.

Cheshire Companions escort gallery

Top tier evening activities around the Liverpool area

An image of people celebrating in Liverpool

As I have now spent several thousand pounds on trips to Liverpool throughout the last year, I feel like quite the aficionado. Having arranged for companionship through several local escort services and conducted myself admirably on quite a few dinner dates, I know the best spots!

If you have a companion with you (a Cheshire Companion, perhaps?), here’s my top suggestions for a smooth evening of excitement:

  • Veeno Wine Bar on Castle Street – fantastic for drinks, not so wonderful for food. I like to meet my escorts at Veeno for drinks, or just as an icebreaker. Stay away from the food, indulge in some charming conversation, then head back to your hotel.
  • Take a walk near Liverpool one – This great guide depicts some of the top places to eat near the titanic shopping hub Liverpool One. I’d recommend taking an evening stroll, and you and your call girl can take your pick of one of the many fantastic options.
  • Book a room & table at the Hope Street Hotel – With some breathtaking rooms, friendly and non intrusive staff members the Hope Street Hotel is the best upscale hotel to bring your ladies back to (rooms are moderately priced). With the Carriage Works downstairs, you have absolutely no want or need of anything else in Liverpool!

Below you can read the details of my first vacation to Liverpool, the escorts were supplied by the Sex Directory (it’s an alright escort directory, not updated often enough).

The premise of the adult encounter

On a recent hiatus from work I decided to go visit the city of Liverpool and get my party on with a bunch of cheap escorts. Don’t ask me why, I couldn’t tell you. My best guess is sometimes I just need to go wild. If anything can be said of my choice to paint Liverpool red, it was definitely eventful. This article is about some of the bargain prices I received when hiring escorts in Merseyside.

A picture of a Liverpool escort

The slow first day – evening drinks

The first day of my holiday went pretty slowly, but considering it was Thursday that is to be expected. I checked in at the Z hotel, little did they know my preparations for the weekend. It was a nice hotel, the venue was relatively close to the bars and clubs in Liverpool and my room was very clean. Perfect for bringing back escorts. My first evening consisted of a few drinks at the bar with a lovely Liverpool escort I met on the Sex D (She was from the Cheshire Companions agency!), followed by a rigorous few hours in my hotel room.

Another image of a Liverpool escort

Fun with Liverpool escorts day two

The second night went much better. I hired the lovely Lucy to accompany me for Friday, and she quickly introduced me to all the hotspots around town. After drinking and taking far too many depressants and maybe a stimulant or two, Lucy and I drunkenly bumped into a party of her friends. They were all escorts. Thus ensued possibly the most hectic and phenomenal night of my life.

A picture of a bunch of Liverpool escorts escorts

At 7 o’clock in the morning after enough drinks to kill a bear, I returned back to the hotel with no less than five escorts in tow. Things escalated quickly from there, and the saddest part is I can’t remember a lot of it. What I do remember is Liverpool escorts are cheap, inexpensive and just as good as any other- if not more kinky and ravenous.

The concluding wind down evening

Saturday turned out to be less explosive, but more of a wind down. After breakfast two of the lovely escorts accompanying us decided to part ways, leaving four of us to go out for early morning drinks. Although by now we were all feeling the effects of the previous night, a little pick me up or two sorted us right out. Our evening consisted of recruiting more people to have a big party, and that is literally where my memory went blank.

So, that’s how my wild trip of drunken debauchery in Liverpool ended. Anything could have happened on that last evening. Wish I could remember it.

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