How Tantra Can Improve Your Relationships With Yourself and Others Around You

How Tantra Can Improve Your Relationships With Yourself and Others Around You

When re-watching one of my favorite TV shows I saw a grown man completely have an emotional meltdown over being told repeatedly to be open.

He simply had no idea what that meant and when he was asked to do it more than a couple of times he yelled at the producers “What does that even mean? What do I have to do to be emotionally open?” before completely walking off the set in order to ‘calm down.’

While many people might see this as reality television being scripted the fact that many adults don’t know how to be emotionally open is quite troubling.

So what can you do to be emotionally open? It’s something that’s highly important in order to be able to have successful relationships with people so it’s important to know how to get there. In lieu of that we’ve come up with a list of simple exercises and activities you can do to achieve this emotional openness:

  • Write your feelings down: For some people talking is the problem because when we verbalize our feelings we feel we’re given them power over us. Instead take your time to write down how you feel and show someone you trust.
  • Have a tantric massage session: Tantric massages use physical contact to bring out the feelings from within. Sometimes a hug, a pat or even a glance can be the first steps to being emotionally open. Through Tantra you also learn how to take that openness and turn it into pleasure and not pain.It’s also quite fun and doing something that’s so out there will take your mind off the fact you’re actually stepping outside your comfort zone and learning something new.

    There are many tantric massage agencies out there such as Bespoke Tantric which are well suited to helping you open your emotions. One of our favourite agencies out there is London Tantric, which you can find on their website at We’ll cover a couple more of these in a later article though, so don’t worry about this for now.

  • Meditate together: tantric massages often offer a meditation beforehand so be sure to ask your masseuse but you can also simply meditate at home.Just take a couple of minutes to hold someone’s hand and sit in silence together. You might feel this is contrary to communicating but just being able to share a space with someone and hold their hand is a good way to start the process.

Now That We’ve Covered Being More Open, Let’s Discuss how You Can Make More Time for Yourself

As we all know, it’s easy to get a little out of touch after the Christmas period after having so much free time to do whatever you like, but now that the holidays are over for most it’s time for us to settle back down into our daily routines.

Work comes first usually but considering the fact that this is a new year, perhaps it’s time to start factoring in some time for ourselves where the most important person is no one else but you. Yes, this sounds rather selfish but sometimes we need to be selfish if we want to be healthy.

Saying no for a couple of hours while you lose yourself in a guided path of seduction is not going to make anyone love you any less or make your work thumbnailany less important. What it does is make you the number one character in your life for the time being.

Tantric massages are wonderful that way, in just a couple of hours a week you can have the relaxation you’ve been waiting for your entire life. It’s a wonderful way to get close to someone and have your time be focused on nothing other than you and your needs.

When you start to feel the masseuse’s hands and body simply glide all over you and take you with them on a journey of satisfaction and sexual discovery you’ll be able to shut off everything else in your life for long enough to remember what the important things are.

Who is the most important person in your life? Well, for the duration of your massage you will stand tall and be able to proclaim that you and no one else is the king of your time for now.

This activity should be factored into your time as not only will it help you wind down and relax during it but thanks to the teachings you will get from it you’ll begin to see changed both in your work and in your personal life.

You’ll begin to open up, to connect and to accept and give more pleasure, joy and tranquility than you’ve ever had before. This is all possible if you just set aside a couple of hours in your busy schedule for yourself and for someone to come and teach you the ways of tantric massages.

So How Can a Tantric Massage Help You?

So after reading all that, you’re thinking about getting a tantric massage, awesome. However you might be wondering what a tantric massage can do for you- other than the obvious seventh heaven of pleasure you’re going to be feeling.

Well of course there are benefits but it’s important to remember just one tantric massage will not be enough to get all the scope of benefits described here, that’s like eating a kale salad once and thinking you’re going to lose 5 pounds and have glowing skin. Thankfully, unlike kale salads, tantric massages are completely enjoyable and will often keep you coming back for more. So here are a couple of ways in which tantric massages can help you other than sexually.

For your health

It’s not a secret that people who have more satisfying sex lives also have better health and there are plenty of studies to back this up. The reasons for this are highly scientific and not sexy at all but in short when you feel good your body knows it and starts producing chemicals that signal your organs to work better and your immune system to get a little boost. So feel good on the outside will mean feeling good on the inside too.

For your mind

Along with your health being improved your mind will also be getting a cocktail of good chemicals and also oxygenation and relaxation. You know what it’s like being at work and being completely overwhelmed to the point of not doing anything?

Or being so stressed that the idea of reading yet another email from your kids’ school makes you want to hurl or the fact you have yet another assignment due and can’t even start it? Well once you’re relaxed those things stop being such a hassle and you can find creative ways to solve problems. It’s just another reason people who have great relationships take less time off of work.

For your self esteem

Finally, your self-esteem will get quite the rim job… Oh yes, it seems that having a beautiful woman completely devote her time and energy to make you feel the best you can feel can have quite the positive effect on you.

Not to mention that the release of energy you get from tantric massages just feels amazing. When you see what your body can do and the effects it has in every other area of your life you will be hooked right away and want to always keep coming back for more.

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