Places to visit around Manchester

Places to visit around Manchester

If you’ve spent a day in Manchester you will know it’s a pretty big place to explore. However, if you’ve spent more than a day in the Northwest city, you will also know this huge place can get small very quickly. So if you’re looking for some new towns and villages to explore, here is a list of some close by.


Macclesfield Town Hall

While notorious for many questionable things, Macclesfield is actually a great town to visit. The town centre has many great shops dotted around it, independent and chains. The most interesting part of the town is the inside market, which has a plethora of amazing stalls which are truly a pleasure to browse.


WIlmslow Sign

Wilmslow is one of the most affluent areas located near Manchester, and the only evidence you will need to confirm that is a short walk down the high street. This is the kind of area that Porsches and Ferraris are commonplace. If you’re going to Wilmslow it’s not much for a day out, but it is definitely worth going if you want to find some high class Manchester escorts.



Out of all the towns and villages around Manchester, Stockport is one of the best. Although the locals might not be great friend material, Stockport has a fantastic selection of shops and interesting monuments. Moreover, a movement has begun in recent years to revamp the area- so watch this space.

Alderley Edge

Candy Shop Escorts

In respect to affluent locations around Manchester, Alderley Edge is like Wilmslow’s snobby older brother. Think Bentleys and Rolls Royce. The main street in the village of Alderley is filled with expensive bars and generally useless shops like chemists. Moreover, I wouldn’t recommend visiting Alderley unless you feel like hanging out with fortune 500 types and escorts more expensive than your rent.

Top Pick- Oldham

Oldham Sign

Oldham is a very big town and actually a relatively nice place to visit. See this tourism website for more. Culturally, Oldham has a lot to offer. With interesting festivals all year round and a nice selection of shops and clubs, if you are hunting for something to do near Manchester, Oldham can probably provide for you.

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