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Are Essex Escorts just like the women on T.O.W.I.E?

Are Essex Escorts just like the women on T.O.W.I.E?

The short answer is no, although in this article I will be talking about the escorts found in Essex and why you will want to get to know them. I will also be talking about the Essex escorts at Sparkles and how you can find more than just your stereotypical Essex girl.

Firstly its good to note that you can find a woman of all ages and sizes at Sparkles as it is an agency of variety. From warm chocolate brunettes to vibrant redheads you really are spoilt for choice although each and every escort has character with many of them originating from overseas. Romanian, Russian, Eastern European the list can go on.

This is only a bonus when it comes to booking these Essex escorts because you’re not just getting local Essex babes. Below I will recommend 3 gorgeous escorts that are all unique in their own erotic way.


Lola from Sparkles Escorts

Here we have a gorgeous golden blonde escort that is your classic Essex girl which is something many of us are into and I thought it would be a great place to start when recommending escorts from this agency. Lola has everything you would want, from long curly hair to a curvaceous figure and she even has a hint of Spanish in her which is a trait that can make things perfect for you.

At size 12 she certainly has the curves to keep your hands entertained, just long enough until you notice her gorgeous 36E breasts that are 100% natural. If you would like to experience a true Essex girl then make sure you book Lola.


Alice from Sparkles Escorts

This stunning escort has the ability to make your eyes widen and jaw drop and there is nothing hiding her amazing beauty. Many clients have commented on her looks and why wouldn’t they Alice is a real model in the making, slim yet athletic figure with chocolate brown hair long enough to cover her delightful 34B breasts she is definitely a treat for any man. More importantly, she is Romanian and brings hints from her culture which can turn your evening from fun to unforgeable.

Alice offers an array of services and is available to both Incall & Outcall, so if this is something you’re interested in them to make sure you visit her profile for more on how to book.


Hannah from Sparkles Escorts

A Russian with beauty like no other, and that’s a tagline she can use anywhere. Hannah has a lot of things going for her but by far the most noticeable is her English rose skin and her dreamy red hair. A beauty that echo’s through each and every curve. At just the age of 22, she has the beauty of youth with her and she uses it in a way to ensure you have an amazing experience while at the hands of her.

To conclude you can find escorts of all sorts at Sparkles which is a great thing, just make sure you find the right companions and you will have the best experience, one you will never want to forget. This is me talking from experience so take my advice and book Essex escorts from Sparkles, as they’re not all the stereotypical Essex girl.

How to Impress High Class Escort Girls

How to Impress High Class Escort Girls

Mr Smith’s London works with some of the very best escorts in the business. High-class professional escort companions are generally extremely well educated and culturally aware, so rather than arranging a brief in call experience, you could consider something a little more refined and sophisticated. Some of the most popular high-class London escorts are often only available for longer bookings or out calls, so if you want to experience the very best kind of encounter and appreciate a touch of class, this type of escort could be a good option for you. Many punters who regularly book the highest calibre of escorts enjoy taking them out on dates at fine restaurants, theatres or exhibitions. This guide outlines a few potential dating ideas that could help you to impress your escort companion.

London is one of the best places in the world for live entertainment and the glittering West End features some of the most popular live theatre shows in the country. If you want to impress your escort companion you could consider taking her to one of all singing, all dancing performances that run throughout the year in this area of the city. Some of the most popular shows are the infamous and well-loved tragedy Les Miserables, the controversial but hilarious Book of Mormon and the long-running and incredibly successful Phantom of the Opera. If musicals aren’t really for you, you could consider a more traditional theatre performance. The Royal Shakespeare Company frequently put on productions of the bard’s classics such as Macbeth, Coriolanus and Othello. The Reconditioned Globe Theatre is an impressive venue that captures all of the history and heritage associated with the noble art of treading the boards and they also work in other venues across London. If that sounds a little too serious for you, there are a number of brilliant comedy clubs across the city and larger venue’s like the Apollo Theatre often play host to famous performers from well-known TV shows. An evening out seeing a show with one of London’s many high-class escorts is a great way to spend your time and making that little bit of extra effort may well impress companion.

London has some of the world’s very best restaurants and taking a high-class escort girl out to enjoy a fine dining tasting menu can be a real treat for both of you. Impress your companion by treating her to some of the best food in the capital, accompanied by some of the finest wines known to humanity. You will have no shortage of options when it comes to finding great places to eat. Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester, Bubbledogs in Fitzrovia and Picture in Marylebone are 3 of the absolute best the capital has to offer. If you are feeling particularly flush, one of the best ways to impress a high-class escort London companion is to combine both of these options. Seeing a great showed followed by a world-class meal could be the perfect way to start an evening of passion and pleasure.

My Experience with Newcastle Escorts from Geordie Girls Newcastle

My Experience with Newcastle Escorts from Geordie Girls Newcastle

One of my favourite memories when visiting Newcastle is by far the gorgeous Newcastle escorts that I booked. I was looking for an experience like no other and that’s exactly what I found, although I’m no rookie, I booked three Newcastle escorts and each one brought something new to the table, and one even brought a new table.

There are an array of services that you can receive when booking escorts and one that really put a smile on my face was, of course, the groups. Although there are many other services that can be tailored to ensure you have one of the best experiences you will never want to forget. In this article, I will be talking about the escorts I booked and why you will want to book them as well.


This escort was one of my favourites as I am a big fan of curves and this gorgeous lady has them flowing throughout her and that’s not all, as she has plenty of assets to ensure your eyes widen which is exactly what happened with me. Charlie made me feel comfortable and was well acquainted with the other ladies which made my time with even better.


A hot and saucy mix of elegance and charm with is something I am now definitely into, Lacey has it all from the gorgeous breasts to a slim yet curvaceous figure but it’s nothing compared to her amazing top-notch banter that made my night one to remember. She made me feel very comfortable and would be happy booking her again.


This one made the night for me as she was nothing less than magical, it’s hard to describe just how she made me feel, but the mess that was made speaks a thousand words. Her attention to detail made the difference leading to me feeling nothing less than bliss while on the hotel bed. Her personality is also one to match her assets, loving her was easy although this is escorting and my hour was up.

To conclude, I have had one of the best nights I have ever had when booking with Geordie Girls Newcastle. I highly recommend these escort ladies to escort you on your erotic journey and with plenty more on offer you will struggle for choice, make sure you visit the website for more information on the Newcastle escorts they provide.

Why Book London Escorts From Crush Escorts?

Why Book London Escorts From Crush Escorts?

London is a city full of the hustle and bustle that comes with the busy lives of the worlds elite. With the capital generating over 20 percent of the United Kingdoms GDP and rivaling New York for the most important location for international finance, you can see how the 8.8 million residents that live in the city can become stressed. However, stress is no good for anyone and is one of the biggest causes of depression, which is why you need to find your stress release method today.

Are you one of these businessmen going home after a busy day at work to a wife and children who demand all of your time and grind you down into the floor? Well, the London escorts who represent Crush escorts can release all of your stresses and strains within seconds of being in their company.

The best London escorts are found at Crush Escorts

Crush Escorts is a professional agency based in London who has earned a reputation over a number of years from providing exclusive services performed by breathtaking companions. With an unrivaled selection of ladies that range from petite teens to bust mature ladies, if you are looking to escape, there is no better place to run, than into the arms of a gorgeous girl whose  sole aim is to fulfill your wildest fantasies.

Each girl has a personality which sets them apart from the crowd. When you are looking to release stress a bubbly, fun-loving, friendly lady is essential. With the ability to hold a conversation, listen to your problems and make you laugh, the high-quality companionship levels extend to much more than just staring at the stunning girl who is in front of you.

Book Adventurous Escorts in London

If you are bored of the same old routine you have fallen into which consists of work and pleasuring other people and you want to escape the stresses that weigh you down, call 07478770704 today. Crush escorts want to be the companions who put you first. No matter what your deepest and darkest secrets may be, you will have an experience you will not forget in a long time whenever you are in the company of a London escort who will make you feel like the only person in the world who matters

Put yourself first and book a Crush London escort today! Have your eyes opened to the world of possibilities that await?

Why are Reading Escorts so Popular

Why are Reading Escorts so Popular

Reading is one of the best places in the South of England and is famous for its amazing music festival, among other things. Located close enough to London for many of its residents to commute to the capital, this small but thriving town is also a great place to meet incredible escort girls. Reading escorts are some of the most accommodating, beautiful and open-minded girls you will find in the UK. This blog explains just some of the reasons why escorts in Reading are so popular. The list is certainly not exhaustive, but it might give you an idea why so many punters like to spend time with the city’s tantalising professional female companions.

  • Variety

The South of England is a very diverse and multicultural area with girls from all four corners of the world available for you to spend quality time with. Asian babes, Japanese hotties, Latin lovelies or British beauties, the choice really is endless. If you enjoy the thrill of meeting and spending time with hot girls, Reading is one of the best places in the UK to find incredible escort companions.

  • Kinky and unusual

If you have some unusual tastes when it comes to getting intimate, you may find it difficult to find partners who share your proclivity towards the kinkier side of life. Reading escorts are not very easily shocked, so if you want to explore your fetish or kink in a safe environment with somebody who won’t judge you or make you feel uncomfortable, this could be a really good option for you.

  • Stunningly attractive

Escorts in Reading are some of the most beautiful women in the world. Booking a session with one of the many gorgeous girls who work around the city will always be a satisfying experience and one that you will treasure for a long time to come. Many men don’t get the chance to party with pretty girls who are young and attractive, so arranging an appointment with a professional female companion can be a great way to treat yourself.

  • Practice makes perfect

If you have been going through something of a dry spell when it comes to dating or relationships, you may feel like you are a little out of practice. Taking to pretty girls can sometimes be a little daunting, especially for men who don’t often come in to contact with them on a regular basis. A booking with a reading escort will allow you to get comfortable while spending time in the company of a gorgeous girl, so if you do feel like getting back in the game, it may be a little easier for you.

  • A smoking hot date

If you need a date for your next social function, booking a beautiful escort from Reading to accompany you can be a good choice. You will find that escorts are polite, charming and great company, no matter what the situation, so don’t turn up to your next party alone, consider booking a delicious Reading escort to accompany you.

3 Manchester Escorts Recommendations from CI Manchester

3 Manchester Escorts Recommendations from CI Manchester

As many of you will know there are escorts of all age ranges, and one many of us always love are the youthful escorts of Manchester. Here I will recommend 3 of the most gorgeous Manchester escorts from CI Manchester and why their youthful beauty will be enough to widen your eyes in amazement.

CI Manchester has a real range of escorts that can accompany many different clients no matter what kind of escorts they’re into. From 18 – 46+ you will certainly have a chance at finding your dream escort in Manchester right here, although in this article I will be recommending 3 Manchester escorts at the age of 20 and talking about why they can take you on a journey like no other.


Jess is without a doubt one of Manchester’s sexiest escorts as each and every asset compliments each other to produce a curvaceous figure any man would enjoy exploring. Jess has long black hair that flows down to cover her incredible 34DD breasts which are 100% natural, this for a start is the perfect package for many punter out there although that’s not all.

Jess has a gorgeous exterior although it’s the same story on the inside too, her personality is calm, down to earth and very caring. This ensures you will have an experience you will never want to forget and is highly recommended to the new comers who have never booked an escort before.

If you would like more information about the services this escort can provide then make sure you visit the website for more than just words, as there you will find rates, statistics and more photos. Enough to make you wonder why you have never booked before.


Lauren has an amazingly slim yet athletic figure which appeal to many guys throughout the area, although this escort has gorgeous golden blonde hair that shines in the light. This Is almost enough to keep you occupied, until you notice her amazing 36C breasts which of course are natural. Although she is slim and slender she also has curves echoing throughout her figure which make her very appealing.

Her personalty can break the ice and ensure you are feeling comfortable, as there is nothing this escort loves more than to make you smile, and will not stop until you are. This makes Lauren one of the best escorts to book for your first time as she will certainly look after you and ensure you have the experience you desire.


Our last recommendation from CI Manchester is the lovely Scarlett, and erotic journey just waiting to find you, and many punters have found her and commented on the experience that was ahead of them when at the hands of the gorgeous Scarlett. An experience they will never want to forget as Scarlett has an array of assets that will make you want to book her over and over again.

Once you have met her you will sink into a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will certainly get you in the mood and release some stress. She just so happens to be perfect for those who are new to the industry and will care about nothing less than providing yo with an escort experience you will want forever.

What can you gain by booking Essex Escorts

What can you gain by booking Essex Escorts

As we all know by now booking an escort is an experience like no other and with such an array of escorts throughout the globe, you will surely wonder why you have never experienced it before. For those of us who have booked escorts we know too well how uplifting it can be when sharing an erotic moment of pure bliss.

Here I will be writing an article on exactly what you can gain when booking these delightful Essex escorts from Sparkles, as it’s not just love charm and care that you will receive because these moments can change you forever, in a way you will never want to forget.

Of course everyone knows exactly what you two will be getting up to, although many punters have commented on the erotic evening that was ahead of then and despite initial nerves they found the confidence that was buried inside them. They simply needed an Essex escort to help them feel more comfortable around women and this is a common occurrence especially when you consider many punters are young adults at the age of 21.

Although confidence isn’t all you can gain from sharing an evening with one of Sparkles gorgeous girls, and it’s one thing many punters forget about when it comes to booking escorts, and that’s having a great time. Essex is a city with plenty of reputation and there are certainly an array of attracts that can support you and your escort while out on a date. Many punters forget that these escorts are here to ensure you have a good time, whether that be a movie, a meal, or a night under the covers you can feel comfortable with the escorts Essex has to offer.

As well as having a great time you can also get to know each other which can always lead to a journey you will never want to forget. There is nothing more enjoyable than having a fun conversation with someone where you’re left wanting to know more and more, and that’s exactly what you can receive when booking Essex escorts.

As many punters nowadays are young new comers, here I will recommend an escort from Sparkles that will certainly be suitable for new punters and those who take my advice will thank me greatly. Hannah has an array of assets that leaves her with outstanding beauty, although that’s not all she has to offer because Hannah is very down to earth and has a personality to ensure you are relaxed and calm.

Hannah has everything she needs to make you feel at home and have one of the best escort experiences. Whether it’s your first or your fifty first, she can hold your hand to an evening of bliss no matter what, make sure you find out how to book Hannah by visiting their website.


Hannah from Sparkles EscortsHannah from Sparkles EscortsHannah from Sparkles Escorts

Why Are Manchester Escorts So Popular?

Why Are Manchester Escorts So Popular?

Manchester is a vibrant cosmopolitan city in the North West of England and arguably the second largest conurbation in the country. One of the many things that makes Manchester escorts so popular is the diversity and choice of ladies you get in Manchester. Escorts in Manchester come from a range of ethnic and cultural background from all over the globe. As there is a lot of competition from other adult industries in the region, then you will find that the average Manchester escort will try that extra bit harder to carve themselves out an enviable reputation. The escorts in Manchester collectively have a good reputation and there is a huge client base in the region.

If you like ebony ladies then there is a fabulous selection of exotic beauties who take care of their appearances to ensure that they are popular Manchester escorts. There are quite a few retail outlets that have cosmetics that cater for their skin colouring as well as specialist hairdressers . This enables a black girl to always look immaculate, increasing her popularity. There are obviously a lot of White British escorts in Manchester who were either born in the city or are from other parts of the region and again these ladies know the importance of looking their best to gain popularity. There is no excuse for a Manchester escort not the look chic and stylish. Manchester has some of the best designer shops in the country and unlike London they are in two concentrated areas, being the city centre and the Trafford centre. So any girl from any ethnicity can look their best, apart from the designer shops there are all of the chain stores and some market stalls specialising in fancy dress and authentic wear for some of the Asian escorts in Manchester, of which there are many.

The sheer choice of escorts in Manchester makes it a popular city for gentlemen from surrounding areas come to find the girl of their dreams, someone to fulfil his wildest fantasies. Perhaps another reason Manchester is a popular destination for ladies from all over the world to come to is, including Salford it has three large universities and many more colleges . A few of these girls either take up escorting to supplement their income whilst studying or they stay behind in the area after their studies are finished and continue escorting till something more permanent comes along. Some of the most popular escorts are the sexy blonde bombshells who are either indigenous British girls or Scandinavian as well as women from the Baltic states of which Poland can be classified as one. You can also find Latina or Hispanic Manchester escorts who are warm and passionate making them especially popular. You also discover that owing to the competition from other escorts and other industries in the sector an escort in Manchester works hard at providing an incomparable service, look after their clients. Because of the high standard of service provided there have establish themselves a large and varied client base.

Come and see for yourself why the escort babes at Eternity Manchester are so popular for yourself… http://www.eternitymanchesterescorts.com/, give us a call or arrange your booking online.

Female Asian Escorts From Naughty Shemales

Female Asian Escorts From Naughty Shemales

Many of us have experienced the thrill and excitement received when sharing an evening with desirable Asian escorts London has to offer, and of course this is down to an array of reasons but one is with no doubt down to the beauty and passion these escorts have at Naughty Shemales.

Here I will be talking about the range of escorts that are available and which ones will be perfect for you, as many of you will know that not all of us are into our London Ladyboys although that’s not all Naughty Shemales can offer. From elegant females to firm sturdy males, you will certainly find an escort that will suit you at this agency and they may just become your favourite female Asian Escorts London has to offer.

Top 3 Female Escorts


Dini from Naughty ShemalesDini from Naughty ShemalesDini from Naughty Shemales

Dini is one of Naughty Shemales Female escorts and certainly has the assets to prove it, although that’s not all she offer to her clients. Dini is a gorgeous individual inside and out, with a passion to ensure you have one of the best escort experience in London, which is enough to make you wonder why you have never booked her before.

She has a delightful figure which is slim yet athletic her curly brown hair is long enough to cover her perky 36D breasts , which can be enough to leave you drooling if you’re not careful. She offers an range of services from Thai massages, Parties, Kissing and much more, if you would like more information about Dini then visit her profile found on their website.


Amy from Naughty ShemalesAmy from Naughty ShemalesAmy from Naughty Shemales

Amy is super sexy and has no trouble getting guys attention where ever she may be, although she may be gorgeous, she also happens to have an amazing heart and always looks forward towards making your night one you will never want to forget. This makes Amy a popular choice as she will no doubt take care of you in the best way which will definitely lead to a night of pure bliss.

Her figure is one you will struggle to forget which each and every curve echoing throughout her, you will want nothing less than a chance for your hands to explore each one. Her long hazel hair covers her sexy 34D breasts which will certainly make you smile as they’re 100% natural, and completely yours to play with. If you would like more information on this Asian escort then make sure you visit the website where you can find rates, statistics and more photos.


Lucy from Naughty ShemalesLucy from Naughty ShemalesLucy from Naughty Shemales

Lucy has everything you could ask for when it comes to a gorgeous date in London, and there is more than just good looks on offer. Lucy has exactly what it take to make you wonder why you have never booked her before, ad any punters have comments on the magical evening that was laid out in front of them when at the hands of Lucy. She can easily become your new favourite Asian escort in London.

Her assets flow through her like a river resulting in a an elegant array of curves that can really get you hot under the collar and if you’re not careful you can find yourself want her over and over again. Her hair isn’t long enough to cover her breasts but why would you want that? Her breasts are 100% natural and complement her wonderfully. Make sure you find out more on the website and for the chance to start an erotic journey with Lucy.

Booking an Adventure with Geordie Girls Newcastle

Booking an Adventure with Geordie Girls Newcastle

On Saturday it was ladies day at the Newcastle racecourse and most of Newcastle was dressed up to the nines attending the prestigious event at one of Newcastle’s most popular attractions. So where better to take your elegant Newcastle escorts when it comes to an elegant night out in the heart of Newcastle?

The girls from the directory love to dress up in there designer clothes whenever they get the opportunity, so taking along our high class Newcastle escorts would add more than a touch of class to your day of looking your best and betting on horses. Your companion may even give you some luck, while betting.

Jade from Geordie Girls Newcastle

An Elite Escort to Accompany you

Pictured above is gorgeous Newcastle escort Jade, she was one of the escorts from Dusk till Dawn who accompanied a gentlemen to the races on Saturday, obviously wearing a few more clothes but still looking equally as sexy and alluring. She told us that she and her man had a great time and she could see people giving her man the look of congratulations that he had managed to bring along such an attractive women.

Jade loves to dress up in her expensive designer clothes, so you know that she would have looked absolutely stunning! Jade told us that she met her date in Newcastle before driving with him to the races, after enjoying enjoying the day in the VIP section, they then headed back into the city for a romantic meal at the gentlemen’s hotel before heading up to his room for some more intimate fun.

But if you were to take an escort back to a hotel for a meal, a drink or to head straight to the room, would you know which hotel was best in Newcastle? My favourite hotel at the minute in the city is Hotel Indigo, located on Fenkle street it is right in the city centre and with a really modern contemporary look it is the perfect place for a romantic evening with Newcastle escorts.