The Rugby world cup

The Rugby world cup

The Rugby World Cup has arrived and for a few weeks the oval ball distracts a nation usually obsessed with football.

Here at many of the high class escort ladies we represent are interested in both sports and discovered new experiences and they have been enjoying the spectacle and the atmosphere around London’s pubs and bars. Some have even gone along to cheer on their favourite team, home or adopted nation.

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With the host nation out early now is the chance for home fans to relax and enjoy the spectacle of the world’s best teams going for glory. You might consider taking time out to be consoled by a true professional masseuse. A lady to whom you can unburden your soul of all its worldy troubles as she gently eases the stress from your muscles with her highly trained hands. Enjoying a glass or two of champagne and gaze into her sparkling eyes you might find yourself wondering if an evening could be more indulgent.

Perhaps you prefer to watch the game at home, relaxing in the presence of a beautiful lady, go out celebrate the big win with a brace of elite escort models on your arm? or perhaps console yourself at home in the presence of an uplifting and kind hearted lady who will help you forget all about that TMO decision that surely robbed your team of victory. Whatever your desire at Very High class escorts we know our individually screened beauties personally and can recommend the ideal model companion that will

guarantee your 2015 RWC experience is a memorable victory.

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