Why High Class Escorts Make Some Of The Best Companions

Why High Class Escorts Make Some Of The Best Companions

The rumours are true: toffs are the least evolved of individuals when it comes to intimacy and expressing their emotions. Demonstrating your feelings towards a woman – in the physical idiom – has been discouraged by the previous generation; all that matters is maintaining strict composure, even in the presence of one of the most beautiful VIP escorts London has to offer. Due to the general stiff approach to love amongst male toffs, their female counterparts have grown to be some of the most licentious of creatures – I say!

That’s right, posh (that irritating word) totties need an outlet which is why there are so many university students in escorting. Many of these elite escorts are from the upper echelons of society. Other young women may have even skipped university to attend a prestigious finishing school in Geneva before indulging in escorting. Whatever the reason, Octavia, for name’s sake, wants to have fun and when she steps through the door as an escort, you will be astounded…

This elite VIP escort has long Sloaney blonde hair, flawless skin and ruddy cheeks that developed from weekend getaways at her country estate – she’s the ultimate English Rose. She is dressed in a luxe blouse, opulent heels and flattering trousers. Makeup? She doesn’t need, or like, it.

This London elite escort is finishing her final year at Imperial, where she studies Spanish and Politics. Dumas and Eliot are her favourite authors and she is also fascinated by musical ontology and ‘other things like that’. She likes to hunt and play piano and is hoping to pursue a career in art valuations. Nevertheless, she’s here to have fun and her penchant for luxury travelling as well as her own expansive interests build her as a true – part-time – elite escort in London.

The irony is that the more you dress a particular subject – in this instance, love – as controversial, hyperbolic and even perilous, the more desirable it will be to explore. Women need attention and if they don’t get it, they will seek it elsewhere. The difference is that some require different levels of adulation than others. This leads me onto the ‘posh’ escort who has spent most her years hushed at the dinner table or told that she cannot associate with that rugged Romeo who lives in that dangerous country which has a Sainsbury’s instead of a Waitrose. She has had to accept invitations from that Etonian boy with egg stains on his collar who courts her for marriage, even though he still hasn’t developed the ping pongs to hold her hand in public [clutches pearls]. It’s no wonder she seeks respite from her predictable routine, carved out by authoritarian figures.

Elite escorts from a particular breeding are the most fun and naughty of individuals. As my friend once said in a cut glass British accent: “I need to make up for lost time darling.”

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