No Face Game With London Escorts

No Face Game With London Escorts

I have been booking from Carmen’s Secrets for quite some time now and I have never enjoyed it more than in this year so far, why you ask? This year I have tried something a little different. The no face game. If you have been booking escorts with the lads then you will surely know of the no face game. In this article I will talk about it and why you should give it a go with your friends.

Many agencies throughout the worlds offer escorts with photos, and some of those photos full-blown images of the escort face and all. This is great for those who want the full package but let’s be honest we know these London escorts are going to be amazingly beautiful. So why bother so much if you can’t see their face.

No Face Game was born and it’s been a hit since there is nothing more enjoyable than booking an amazing escort based on her figure only to be blown away by the gorgeous face. It has made booking London escorts that tiny bit more exciting. Below I would like to recommend 3 no face escorts for you to book, they were great when I booked them and I’m sure you will be able to experience exactly what I did.


Top 2 Recommendation for London escorts from Carmen’s Secrets


Name: Adele

Adele has many reasons to why you would enjoy her company as her figure offers plenty of curves and features that can make any man smile also her slim and athletic figure is nothing compared to her gorgeous smile and jawline. Although you can see most of her face, her eyes are no doubt the very best feature of them all.

Staring this escort in the eyes is like meeting a completely different woman to the profile and makes you wonder why you have never booked before. Make sure you visit her profile if you would like more information on this delight on legs.

Name: Lisa

Lisa is one of the gorgeous escorts I have ever booked and it’s all because of this stupid game I made up. I booked her because she had an amazing figure, curves and hair, although nothing was going to save me from the erotic yet devilish stare she can give you. It really does put it into perspective on how much the face can make you feel.

I’m glad to say that it’s not just her figure that shares this beauty because it’s her personality as well that can make you warm and cosy in a bed full of bliss.

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