Creating my First Escort Website

Creating my First Escort Website

My friends and I recently decided to capitalise on the adult entertainment market, we started by making an escort agency and realized that in order for us to receive bookings we were going to have to create a website. Neither of us were capable of doing this ourselves, however, I noticed an escort and adult web design company (Adult Creative) had made most of the websites on the market, so of course, I called them up!

Designing my Website

I’m no stranger to the world of business, however, this industry was new to me. Upon contacting Adult Creative I was given the choice between a template website or a bespoke design. As my family and friends will know, I like to be original, especially when it comes to business; this meant that there really was no alternative, I was going to purchase a bespoke website.

A Bespoke Theme

When asked what I’d like my website to look like, I had to have a long think about the colours, theme and design. I had to consider what users would enjoy, as well as what represents our agency best. I was planning on setting up a high-class London escort agency, tailored towards high-class gentlemen with plenty of cash to splash. With this in mind, it was imperative that my website would look sleek, stylish and high-end, perfect for my audience.

Creating a Highly Functional Website

I was next asked about functionality, I had a feeling that this would be my demise. As stated above, I had never been a webmaster before and knew little about what was involved from the functional side of things, however, I had used websites before and with a little market research I noticed that most escort agencies in the UK had websites with locations drop-downs, a blog section, a list of categories, sliders here and there, as well as girls profiles with semantic data such as statistics and images.

It was also important that I had a gallery which really stood out to the users of my website, as well as the branding, favicon, HTML Titles and Meta Descriptions. It was important that those elements were optimal so that users who visited my website would soon convert into bookings; how I would do this?

A Lesson in Traffic Conversion

My next step was to think about how I could encompass conversion rates into my concept for the theme and functionality. What exactly would make people click through? What would make people stay on my website? What would make people book?

We started by using the following techniques:

  • Ensuring that the images we use are high-quality, original and authentic:

From previous experience, we know that original content and media is always preferred over copied images. With this in mind, we also knew that visitors would much prefer some sort of signal to show that our ladies were real and not in fact just images of other agencies models.

  • Using Appropriate Terminology throughout the website:

Through the use of persuasive writing and calls-to-action, we were able to design content that was compelling, unique and able to convert readers into customers.

  • User-Friendly Website Architecture:

We aimed to design the website so that it tempted users to click through to the next page. It was also important that users were able to call or book from any page, this way they would never get lost.

  • Crafting Dedicated Landing Pages:

It was also important to us that users would land on the appropriate pages in order to make finding and meeting their perfect companion as simple as possible. Through this, we hoped to make the user-flow much more direct and would hopefully make it so that people would instantly find the right page.

  • Ensuring that load-speeds were on-point:

We’ve all been to a website that takes 10 hours to load and what did you do? Click back I assume! We wanted our users to have no trouble loading our website so we opted for a more sleek design, reduced image size, minified CSS and used GZIP compression to ensure that all resources were of an optimal size.

  • Fewer Distractions is Less Distracting (duh!):

We’ve all been there when we walk into a shop and suddenly get overwhelmed by choices. You spend 20 minutes walking around only to pick up a chocolate bar because by the time you have finished your appetite is gone. The same is true for any business, by dividing the attention of your visitors, you are also reducing the odds of them converting.

Fewer options are better and the same holds true for distractions. We designed our website in a way that simply gives the user what they want straight away with no questions asked and no need to read every page.

Setting up our website

When setting up our website, we went for a brand name in our URL instead of a keyword; this is because we figured that we would rather have visitors remember our brand and come straight back, than have to google the keyword every time to find us (and risk losing traffic to competitors on the search engine.)

Another thing that was important to me was that our website was HTTPS. As well as looking more professional, it also seperates the spam adult websites from those who truly work hard to ensure that their website is crisp and malware-free. By purchasing an SSL certificate I was able to display to my visitors that my website was free of viruses and safe to use.

My Website was Finally Built!

Finally, my website was built and ready to go. I hope that this blog helped you to set up your very own adult website and if you should have any trouble, I would highly recommend the services of Adult Creative who worked very hard to ensure that my bespoke website built was perfect!

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