Things to Think About When Booking With Mayfair Models

Things to Think About When Booking With Mayfair Models

If you are planning to book one of Mayfair Models’ escort girls, you might have a few questions about what you will need to do in order to get best out of your experience. This guide aims to give you a few pointers that will help you enjoy your booking and also avoid any potential issues or problems.

First Impressions
Although you don’t have to try so hard that you make yourself feel uncomfortable, escort girls always appreciate it when clients make an effort. Simple things like paying attention to the way you dress can make a big difference in terms of how you feel during your booking. Treating a booking with an escort as if you are going on a date can be good practice as it allows you to look and feel your best, which is great for confidence and also shows your companion that you have taken care of things like personal grooming and hygiene. Always make sure your clothes are clean and presentable. You don’t necessarily have to wear a suit or a shirt and tie, but dressing up a little can make you both feel a little more comfortable. London escorts always spend time making sure they look the best for the clients, so it’s really just common courtesy that you do the same.

Manners are everything
This will be obvious to almost every punter, but being polite and courteous to your escort partner is essential. Little things like offering compliments on the way she looks or perhaps asking if she would like a drink before you get down to some intimate time together will set you both at ease and make the whole experience far more enjoyable. When both the punter and the escort feel relaxed and happy, its far more likely that you will enjoy a great booking. Being rude, abusive or unkind will simply cause problems and potentially jeopardise your chances of being allowed to see the girl or use the agency again in the future. A please and thank you here and there takes no effort at all.

What kind of bookings are available?
The two most common types of booking in the escort industry are in calls and out calls. In calls essentially involve you travelling to a massage parlour or other, designated venue to meet the girl. This is usually the cheapest option and will involve a few minutes of conversation while you both get settled, followed by between half an hour to ninety minutes of intimate fun that you can negotiate with the girl. Anything you want to do together will be agreed at the start of the booking so there are no surprises for either you or your escort companion.

Out call bookings involve your chosen escort companion coming to meet you in your home or hotel and usually cost a little more than in calls, mainly due to expenses incurred by things like transport costs. The length of out-call bookings can vary and depending on what sort of thing you would like to do, they can be between one hour and a full day. Quicker out call bookings will be very similar to in calls, the main difference being that the action will take place at your home or hotel, rather than another designated venue.

Special Requests and Experiences
Some escorts provide longer out call bookings that last for 2, 3 or 4 hours. This can all be spent together in private if you wish, but many clients enjoy taking escorts for dinner, coffee or a couple of drinks so they can get to know them a little better. This type of out-call is usually more expensive but also a very popular option as it can feel a lot more relaxed than a shorter booking and more like an actual date experience. Many clients who work in high profile business roles or other well paid jobs enjoy outcalls that include things like dinner parties, restaurants, theatre visits and other activities that would be incorporated in to a date. When you check out our girls’ profiles, you will be able to see the kind of services they offer but if you have any questions, do feel free to contact us directly and we will be happy to help.

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